When my girls were 2 and 4 we started camping with another family who had boys the same age. Every year we’d head for two weeks to a provincial campground an hour away from home, and we’d have a blast. When the kids were 6 and 8 we added a mid-winter trip to the other family’s hunting cabin. It’s a three-room building with no running water, no central heating, and an antique wood stove. The place smells like a mixture of dead mice, wet dog (from hunting season), not enough showering, and an awful lot of Febreeze.


The outhouses in -20 weather are awfully exciting, especially when one’s 6-year-old daughter is afraid of going by herself because there might be spiders. In -20 weather. Then there was the time said daughter dropped the flashlight down the hole.

The place is so full of memories, and this year we ventured again, for four days between Christmas and New Year’s. The teens are all grown up, and we played board games, knit, read, hiked, and did a lot of eating. A LOT of eating.

I don’t know why I like the time away so much, except I think it’s the time away from being plugged in at all so that I can just concentrate on people. At home I’m always pulled to check my blog, or my Facebook, even when I should be spending time with family or hubby or someone else. I know what I SHOULD do, but it’s harder when there are so many distractions.

At the cabin there aren’t distractions.

This year we gave the kids a choice: a few days in a nice hotel, or the hunting cabin. They chose the place with friends, and outhouses.

I sometimes need that time away just to refocus. I’m proud of the fact that we got rid of our TV, but I often feel like I’ve just replaced it with our reliance on the internet. I need to be unplugged sometimes.

I’m back now, and I’m on the internet too much again. But it’s still fun to renew old friendships and just have fun playing board games and enjoying this beautiful creation. My girls have such a neat relationship with the two boys, too, since they’ve basically grown up together from childhood. So that’s why I did over my holidays, and I hope you had a wonderful holiday, too!