Flickr 3330273027 - Top Posts for NovemberHappy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. I hosted 30 kids down at our church this Saturday for a mini-youth event, and it was hectic and rewarding but tiring.

I’ve also noticed that a number of blogs have linked to me over the weekend, introducing their readers to me, so I thought, given my fatigue and the number of new people heading over here, a “top posts” post might be in order. So, without further adieu, here are the top ten posts in the month of October:

1. Four Things You Need in a Husband. If you’re a Christian, here’s what you need to consider.
2. Christian Birth Control Round Up. If you’ve wondered what method is best, I discuss them all here.
3. Wifey Wednesday: Can Christians Use Sex Toys? Yes, it’s true. I actually dealt with this topic.
4. The Four Things that Make a Man Husband Material. This column ended up being really popular–online and in print. Share it with your single friends! It’s a remake of the #1 blog post, written for a secular audience.
5. Wifey Wednesday: Does Your Husband Want More Variety? If your husband wants to be more adventurous in bed, what do you do?
6. 50 Most Important Bible Verses to Memorize. An old blog post, but still gets a lot of traffic because it’s an important one!
7. Wifey Wednesday: Why He Won’t Meet Your Needs. From back in January, a really important post that was linked to lots last month. I get frank with us women!
8. Wifey Wednesday: Which Birth Control Method is Best. The original birth control post!
9. Wifey Wednesday: Abuse Survivors and Sex. How to grow a fulfilling sex life.
10. Help When You’re Too Loose to Make Love–or Too Tight. A very practical post for those enduring some difficult problems in the bedroom.

And who were my top referrers?

1. Courtney at Women Living Well. Thanks for letting me guest post, Courtney!
2. Intimacy in Marriage. Thanks for linking to my birth control post, Julie!
3. Hot, Holy and Humorous. J, who writes there, is a frequent commenter here, too.
4. Time Warp Wife. Darlene Schachdt’s site. Thanks for letting me guest post last month!
5. Traditional Christianity. Great round up blog of lots of interesting issues.
6. True Femininity. Great blog for younger women, or those aiming to learn how to homemake gracefully!
7. The Generous Wife. Great marriage posts daily, with lots of great links (including to me!).
8. Org Junkie. Thanks for letting me guest post, Laura!
9. We are That Family. Kristen hosts Works for Me Wednesdays!
10. Lori Alexander. Lori writes a lot on marriage, and participates in Wifey Wednesday all the time. Thanks, Lori!

That’s what happened here on To Love, Honor and Vacuum in November. Looking forward to December! I’ve written a long and thoughtful post for tomorrow, so do come back!

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