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I write a lot about marriage, and as such I read many marriage posts by other bloggers around the web. I thought I’d share some great ones with you today, to catch you up on your weekend reading!

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point you to some things I wrote this week, which you may have missed because of Thanksgiving. I was quite proud of my Thanksgiving post. It’s not too late to read it; it’s more a social critique. But I haven’t had a lot of comments! So go comment and make me happy.

And my column yesterday has had a ton of traffic–4 Things That Make Someone Husband Material.

What about stuff other people have written? First, CoupleThings blog writes about how we should “Believe the Best” about our spouse.

Here’s a great article on how You Can’t Marry a Hot Vampire. Great take down of the Twilight series, and how it sets up unrealistic romantic expectations among young women. We haven’t let our girls read Twilight–neither of them even wants to anymore, anyway–but these are largely the reasons. If we want kids to have healthy relationships, they have to not consume unhealthy stuff. I’d put Twilight almost on the same level as porn for guys–not quite, but almost.

“Sex was always on my terms. Every. Single. Time.” Julie Siebert from Intimacy in Marriage is guest posting at Gina Parris’ blog. Check it out: Hey, Wives, is Sex Always on Your Terms?.

And here’s one you’ll want to share with your husband. I think many women feel this way, and hubbies don’t always understand: “Okay, but only if I can skip the O“. Sometimes the thought that we have to have an orgasm can be too much pressure.

While we’re talking marriage, one of my favourite movies that guys also love to is on sale at Amazon today!
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Blindside is only $3.99, so if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for yourself (or for a friend), that’s a great deal on a wonderful movie with such a Christian message.

Has anything really stood out to you lately? Let me know in the comments!