Flickr 466980013 - September in Review
September is over, and I’m sitting in a hotel room in Bremerton, WA, watching the ferries leave for Seattle, and seeing the navy vessels in the distance. I’m on a speaking tour for one more week out west, and it’s been great, but overnight it seems like the weather knew October was here. It’s suddenly gotten grey and chilly.

So it reminded me that it was time to look back over our top posts for September!

1. Wifey Wednesday: 3 Reasons Sex Matters, Especially if you have kids. It was on the list last month, too, and it’s still popular! Thanks to guest poster Julie.

2. Wifey Wednesday: What is Appropriate Sexual Release? A rather controversial post, which I tried to write to reflect what I truly thought over a difficult subject.

3. What I Wish I Could Have Said to the Parents on the Plane. My most controversial post this month, which I guess I should have laboured on more before I hit publish! Some people love it, and some people hate it. See what you think.

4. Wifey Wednesday: Why Sex Matters to Your Husband. Another wonderful guest post.

5. When I’ve Been Married for 62 Years, I want to be like this. Such a cute video!

6. Wifey Wednesday: Beautifully Imperfect. Another video post. this one will make you cry!

7. 25 Marriage Tips. An oldie but a goodie!

8. Wifey Wednesday: 4 Reasons Your Husband Doesn’t Want to Make Love. In many marriages, she has the higher libido. Here are some reasons why.

9. Modesty Should Not Mean Dowdy. Another older post still getting a lot of traffic!

10. My Son is Waiting for me in Heaven. I’m actually speaking about this on my speaking tour right now. I wrote this on the 15th anniversary of his death.

Top Referrers for September:

Many thanks to these websites that sent people over!

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Thanks, everybody! Hope you enjoy the posts.