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My brother-in-law was remarried on Saturday, so we had such a fun (and exhausting) weekend. It was a full black tie affair for the family, so my daughters and I were in full length dresses, and the men were in tuxes.

Kurt was divorced a few years ago, and his new wife is a great match for him, and has completely embraced Kurt’s kids (my niece and nephew). My daughters are quite close to my niece, so it was a wonderful wedding of celebration.

Among other gifts we gave to Kurt and Carrie, I knit a blanket for them. These aren’t my colours, but their living room has a lot of browns, so it was meant to coordinate with their decor! Anyway, here’s the blanket:

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And here’s what I wrote for the card:

When I was making this blanket I was thinking of marriage.

We each bring a lot of stuff into marriage, and when you look at it individually it doesn’t look like it matches. But stand back, and look at the whole, and it blends together uniquely and beautifully.

Sometimes you’re going along in life and things unfold as they’re supposed to. Other times something unexpected happens. But in the long run, it’s all part of the pattern.

At one point I made a big mistake with this blanket. Sometimes when mistakes happen, we think we have to unravel, but I just kept going. And the mistake now blends. It forms part of the beauty of the whole.

There are a lot of knots and a lot of stray bits, because life isn’t always smooth. But it’s beautiful, and I pray taht your life together will be full of beauty and adventure, even with the inevitable surprises, knots, mistakes, and stray bits.


I thought you may appreciate seeing some of the other pics from the wedding! Here are my girls:

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Katie, the 14-year-old, did both their hairdos, including her own. They looked gorgeous!

Here’s me and my love:

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And here I am, with my two sisters-in-law. As someone who grew up as an only child, it means a lot to me to have two “sisters”:

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And now it’s time for me to get back to work! But I am so glad I finished that blanket in time…

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