Hello, all my wonderful readers! I still feel like I’m “moving in” to this new To Love, Honor and Vacuum blog here on WordPress, although it’s been two months. But I keep adding things and changing things, and I wanted to let you know about some stuff you may find useful!

First, I want this to become a community where we can talk and ask questions and get to know each other a little better. So I’d love it if you all commented! I know some of you do faithfully, but many never leave a comment. And that’s totally fine. But if you want to open up, I’d love to get to know some of you better!

And I’ve just installed something called “CommentLuv”, which you’ll see when you go to comment. If you have your own blog, and then you leave a comment here, CommentLuv will automatically post a link to one of your recent blog posts, so we all can click through and get to know you better. So if you’re looking to build your blog traffic, leave a comment, and then we’ll see your link (and many will likely click through!). Here’s what it looks like:

commentluv1 - A Few Quick Things About To Love, Honor and Vacuum

So all you have to do is leave the CommentLuv box checked when you comment, and your most recent blog post (if you’re a blogger) will show up. So why not leave a comment now? Introduce yourself a bit. I’d love to know more about my readers, and I’m sure you’d like to know more about each other! (But if you don’t have a blog, we still love you! Leave a comment, anyway! The CommentLuv feature is to help out others who blog, not to make those of you who don’t feel inferior 🙂 ).

Another way to build your blog traffic (if you have a blog) is to participate in Wifey Wednesdays! Just write a marriage post and link up every Wednesday, and I know readers will click in to read it.

Here’s something else: if you’re an occasional reader, and you sometimes miss stuff, you can subscribe to my marriage update! It comes out once a month and has a feature marriage article, along with links to other great marriage stuff, both here and around the web. Just enter your email address below:

And I’ve been going over some of my old blog posts and just cleaning up the blog a bit, and I’ve found some things from the last few years that I really like that I had forgotten about. Here are a few:

A series on why parents enroll their kids in too many extracurricular activities–and why that’s actually a bad thing! I’ll point you to the last one and then you can follow the links to the previous ones.

A discussion about day care–it was controversial then, and I’m sure my thoughts are still controversial.

One of my columns on dreaming new dreams for yourself. I like this one, especially as I’m getting older.

Some encouraging thoughts for those of you with really young children. Just a quick read!

There are a bunch more, but I’ve installed something called “related posts”, so at the bottom of each post links to older things will come up that are in some way related to that post. So hopefully you’ll be able to find some of these good posts that have been forgotten.

I’m working on a very long and detailed post for tomorrow on whether women expect too much in terms of endless courtship, so do come back! Have a Happy Monday!