July is now over, which is making me a little bit sad. The summer’s half gone and I feel like I haven’t had the chance to enjoy it enough yet!

Yet the new month gives me the chance to look back on the last one–and here are our top posts for July!

1. Wifey Wednesday: What Your Husband Wishes You Knew. An amazing guest post by a guy!

2. Wifey Wednesday: What Makes Men Romantic. Published in June, but still getting traffic!

3. 50 Most Important Bible Verses to Memorize. From January, but still popular!

4. The Prom is a Privilege. My column about a prom fiasco here in my hometown. I’m sure you’ll share my outrage!

5. Wifey Wednesday: Talk About the Real Issue. Conflicts often don’t get resolved because we talk about the logistics, rather than the feelings. Here’s how to be more productive in solving disagreements!

6. Curse of Low Expectations for Teens. My personal favourite from last month, it looks into how kids live up to our expectations–whether they’re good or bad.

7. Why I Should Not Have Been Allowed to Cut My Daughter’s Hair. With pictures!

8. Wifey Wednesday: Becoming One Flesh. When you don’t feel connected, here’s how to grow closer.

9. Why I Hate Dick and Jane. My thoughts on reading with kids.

10. Today My First Boyfriend Turns 41. Reflections on dating as a teen–and why I wish I hadn’t so much!

And my top referrers for the month of July–Thank you so much!

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