It’s time to look back on the month and see what people were reading here at To Love, Honor and Vacuum–and make sure you didn’t miss anything!

So here are the top 10 posts:

1. Wifey Wednesday: Use it Or Lose It
2.  Wifey Wednesday: When Sex Doesn’t Feel That Great
3. Your Husband Trumps Your Children
4. Wifey Wednesday: When Texting/Facebook Cross the Line
5. Why Do We Think Kids Exist to be Entertained? (a 3-year-old post with lots of traffic in May!)
6. Don’t Make Me Come Up There!
7. 50 Most Important Bible Verses to Memorize (from a while ago; still popular!)
8. Let It Go
9. War on Work
10. Whole New Meaning to Keep Your Pants On

And my top referrers for this month were:

1. Terry at Breathing Grace
2. The Generous Wife
3. True Femininity
4. Women Living Well
5. Homegrown Mom
6. Organizing Junkie
7. Titus 2:3,4,5
8. Hot, Holy Humorous
9. The Generous Husband
10. Wiegolds Words

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