I need to have my final edits for my book, The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, in at the publisher tomorrow.

I don’t actually have to make that many changes, and most of them I’ve done. But there are a few additions to the book that I’ve had to write–not long ones, but things that really need to be addressed.

But here’s the problem. My book was already WRITTEN. It was already FINISHED. Everything flowed beautifully. So it’s no problem to write the additions; I just can’t figure out where to put them because they totally wreck the flow.

So I have a new strategy for doing my edits. It goes something like this:

  1. Write the addition.
  2. Stare at the computer screen.
  3. Check email.
  4. Wander into the girls’ rooms, where they are working, to see if either needs to talk. How do they feel about life?
  5. Get kicked out of the girls’ rooms.
  6. Fold some laundry.
  7. Stare at the computer screen some more.
  8. Read blogs.
  9. Clean my shower. (It really needed it).
  10. Read some more blogs.
  11. Check Facebook.
  12. Repeat.

Unfortunately, this strategy has not been working tremendously well to actually get anything accomplished, and so I may have to mix it up a bit today. In the meantime, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, and I’ve found some interesting things you may like, too.

19 Ways to Beat Clutter Forever
The Definitive Commentary on what Anthony Weiner means to our society (it’s actually quite good, if you’re not sick of the story yet).
Young Children Should Have Chores, Not Desks. Why kindergarten worked better when it was just called “helping mom and dad around the farm”.
Is Higher Education worth it? Another snippet saying that the problem is that too many jobs require BAs that don’t actually need them–they’re just using university as a weeding out system. And that’s too expensive.

See what you think! And if you have a great way to beat procrastination, tell me!