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I’m heading out the door this morning to go teach at a writer’s conference (the last time I have to go anywhere until mid-September! Yay!).

Anyway, in lieu of writing a post, I thought I’d leave with the absolute BEST post I have read on the web in a while.

She starts off by saying,

My son has a superpower.

He is invisible.

Most disabled people are, you know

They are born with it, alongside twisted limbs or broken minds.

My son, he can’t walk, or talk, or eat

He can’t hear and he will never fly. But

He is invisible.

You may not have seen him. But he saw you

He smiled at you. A smile

Bright as a ray of light shining through a cracked window.

He looked at you.

But you must read the whole thing.

It was so beautifully written, and convicted me. I have had a son with Down Syndrome (he passed away). And yet, as I read this, I started to wonder, do I do this? I try so hard not to, but I think I’m guilty of this a bit, too. And it was a wonderful reminder to really LOOK at everybody, for all of us are precious in God’s sight.