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I’ve found my column fodder for next week! As many of you know, I write a weekly column in a bunch of papers out here in southeastern Ontario, and recently something happened in my hometown that is just so–outrageous–that I have to write about it.

But I thought before I tried I’d ask you all what you think! Maybe some of you can come up with some great lines of selective outrage I can throw in.

So here’s the scenario:

A group of parents hire a bus to transport 13 kids, who are still 18 and under (the legal drinking age in Ontario is 19) to the prom, and then afterwards to a party where they will be drinking alcohol.

The principal announces two days before the prom that kids arriving in group vehicles will not be allowed entry, because group vehicles tend to encourage drinking.

The kids come anyway in the bus, and some are already drinking. The principal denies them entry. Now they threaten to sue.

Our community paper (the OTHER one), is all sob story on behalf of the kids. Seriously.

Students lost their prom and are angry“, is the headline, complete with the kids holding up prom dresses they didn’t get to wear. It quotes one dad (Travers):

Travers said while the parents and students feel they deserve an apology there’s also the financial issue that needs to be considered and the fact these students lost out on an important night.

“Some of these girls spent in excess of $700 but we feel the thing is that they ruined the prom for all these students,” he said. “It’s supposed to be the highlight of the end of their school years and they took that from them.”

The group of 13 students — including the cost for their prom tickets, the rental of the bus and the purchase or rental of suits and gowns — spent approximately $4,500 for their prom.

What do you think? What should I say about this? I’m rubbing my hands together in glee with the ripe pickings already, although I’m also feeling a little guilty about being so excited because I should really feel a little more sympathy for these kids–they’ve obviously been raised poorly. I need to remind myself of this post on gentleness daily!

Let me know your take! (And bonus marks if you throw in how you feel about the way the paper slanted the story).