I set off quite the firestorm a while back when I wrote about how I don’t approve of government feeding kids. The more government does things parents should do, the less parents will do them.

Well, the story just got worse. Now a school in Chicago has banned brown-bag lunches, requiring the children to eat in the cafeteria, because they don’t trust parents to send healthy things.

Now, I understand the sentiment. I’ve helped out in public schools, and the number of kids who bring nothing but pop and chips for lunch is truly atrocious. But I completely agree with Mona Charen, from National Review Online, about this. She says:

Like any good mother, I hate to see kids eating chips and candy for lunch. But what the liberal coercive humanitarians can never see is that their intrusiveness further diminishes parental responsibility. We want to encourage parents to do the right thing for their kids, not remove the responsibility from their hands and thereby implicitly encourage carelessness.

Exactly right.

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