GNONiagara6 - Things I Do Not Understand
I’m packing for a 12-day Girls Night Out tour across Alberta, which I leave for tomorrow! If you happen to live in Alberta, do check us out! It’s a fun evening of faith and fellowship, and I’d love to meet some of my blog readers!

But in the meantime, I’m inundated with laundry and suitcases, and so I can’t really put a profound thought together in my head. And so I thought I’d just post some observations I have about life and things that I don’t understand, and see if you can enlighten me!

1. Why do Catholic schools insist that girls wear kilts?

I asked this on my Facebook Page last night after driving by a Catholic high school yesterday when school let out. I saw at least fifty teenage girls in kilts, and none of them, and I mean none of them, came more than 3 inches below the underwear line. I’m pretty sure I could see some panties there. Now I know this school has a rule that the kilt has to be a certain length, but that rule is obviously not being obeyed. Why not switch to pants? You may want to encourage femininity, but this is going a little far. So I don’t get that. I really don’t. (Plus it’s so COLD in winter!)

2. Why doesn’t America just drill for oil?

Sorry for getting political, but this is something we Canadians don’t understand about you Americans. We extract our oil–in Newfoundland, in the Arctic, in Alberta. We’re your biggest oil supplier, I believe. But instead of drilling for your own, you put your nation at risk because of all the Middle East turmoil. Sorry, but I don’t get it. And we all know American oil would be drilled in a more environmentally friendly manner than Nigeria or Venezuela or even Saudi Arabia drills it, so overall American oil would help the environment, not hurt it, if we stopped relying on these terrible states for oil. So I don’t understand that one.

3. How can parents walk away from their kids?

I guess this one should be its own blog post, but I’ve been watching as formerly completely involved dads (and in one case, a mom) has stepped completely back from parenting after a marriage split. My own dad walked out and barely had anything to do with me (though he did send money). I just don’t understand how a parent could WANT to live without a child. I like to think that if my husband and I split (not that we would), I would fight for every second with them. How come some parents don’t?

4. Why do irresponsible people get so much from the state?

I’m quite close to a number of foster parents, and hearing how much the Children’s Aid Society tries to keep families together–how much money they pay families, how much stuff they buy for families (even hiring maids to clean the house), just so that the kids don’t need to be removed. Why is it that women who have 5 children by 5 different fathers, and don’t feed the kids, and live off of welfare, can get a ton of stuff from the state, while married parents, where one parent stays at home, who survive on one low income by scrimping and saving, don’t get the state paying for maids, or for cribs, or for clothes, or for transportation, let alone medical & dental. There’s something wrong when people who play by the rules are penalized for doing so, so that there is no incentive to do what’s right. I’m a firm believer that smaller government is better government–at least when it comes to incentivizing good parenting.

5. Why can’t I always feel God?

Again, this one should probably be its own blog post, but I’m in one of those crazy periods in my life where I’m busy, and I desperately need His peace and strength, and I’m not feeling it. It’s my own fault; I’ve let busy-ness crowd out too much of my quiet time. But I pray that sometime today I could hear that still, small voice again and feel strengthened, because I’m tired.

Those are some of the things I wonder about, in no particular order. Anyone have any answers for me?