In many ways 2010 was the best year of my life; I got to return to Kenya, which was an amazing experience. I sold a book to a major publisher, which was also amazing. My children both made the international team in Bible quizzing with the Alliance Church, which sounds geeky but really was one of the most fun things we did all year. And I am just having so much fun with my kids as they grow.

But I’m looking forward to 2011, too! I’m hoping to repeat that international Bible quizzing experience, and though it doesn’t look like I’ll get to Kenya again, I’m really expanding my speaking tours, so I may make it to your neck of the woods! I’ll put up more announcements once I know where I’ll be.

Yet I thought it might be fitting, at the beginning of this new year, to look back on the top 10 posts of 2010. I’m choosing the ones that generated the most comments (and thus the most controversy), but also the ones that I liked the best. I know over the last few months my following has grown quite a bit, so many of you may not have read all of these. So, in no particular order, here they are:

1. When You Feel Very Alone in Your Marriage. What do you do when your husband isn’t really a partner? Some real, down to earth advice.

2. What To Do When Friend’s Marriage Falls Apart. An important post for me personally. Do we have a strategy that actually is effective when a friend announces they’re splitting up? Here are my thoughts!

3. Does Modesty Really Matter? Probably the most ardent debate on the blog this year. Many readers accused me of blaming women for rape, which wasn’t my intention at all. I was just simply saying that women should think about what they are wearing. See what you think!

4. On Day Care, Attachment, God’s Will, and More! I don’t know why I’m linking to all the posts that had people the most riled up, because I really don’t feel like stirring up a hornet’s nest again. But this one had a lot of traffic, and if you want to go chime in, go ahead! I can take it.

6. Should a Child’s Room Be a Castle? Should kids have TVs and computers in their rooms? Is their bedroom the most important room in the house? Interesting debate!

7. Wifey Wednesday: Losing the Control Freak Inside of You. Do you have problems trying to control too much of your family–your family life, your husband, your kids? Let’s talk about how to lean on him!

8. Weird Culture Alert: Definitely the strangest interactions I had all last year. I commented on how promoting pole dancing for health reasons is ridiculous, and then a bunch of pole dancers chimed in. A guy’s comment definitely ended the whole thing! Pretty funny.

9. Wifey Wednesday: Learning Not to Dissociate. Usually when we think of porn problems we think of men. But 30% of porn addicts are women, and women have just as much trouble battling images in their heads during sex as men do. Here’s the last in a series of posts I did about porn and women, which generated a ton of email to me. I hope it helps!

10. Just Do It. Finally, a post that I wrote near the launch of the new year last year. How do we really accomplish change? Maybe we should stop thinking about it and planning for it and just do it!

I had a ton of other posts I really liked last year, but these are the ones that seemed to get the most response in their respective months. I hope you enjoy them, if you missed them the first time around! And I hope this year that I can keep writing things that make you think, encourage you, and point you to God!

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