At our house we’re really into Bible memorization. My kids do “Bible quizzing” with the Alliance church, and that involves knowing parts of Scripture inside out to quiz on each year. This year we’re doing 1 & 2 Corinthians, and my youngest basically has the whole thing memorized. They’re both doing well, and will likely make it to internationals this year in Calgary.

It’s amazing how much she still remembers. It’s geeky, but it’s fun. And she gets to meet about 200 other teens in our region who are all excited about the same thing!

I learned a ton of verses as a child & a teen, and they’ve stuck with me. It’s harder to memorize as an adult. My mother, who is now in her late 60s, has just about given up trying, though she could do it when she was younger.

But hiding the Word in your heart is so useful and such a blessing, because no one can take it from you. You’ll be reminded of important truths at important times.

Do you struggle with memorizing Bible verses? When I was in Kenya I was overwhelmed with how much memorizing the kids do. Every evening, after dinner, they have “devotions”, or a program when they all get together and put on skits, or perform in choirs, or do dramas, or do quizzes. And one night a week they all recite Bible verses and learn new ones. They think of it like a game, and even 7-year-olds know so many!

If you want to start memorizing more, Seeds Family Worship puts out CDs with songs where the lyrics are simply the NIV of a particular Bible passage. And since putting something to music always helps you to remember, it’s a brilliant way to memorize! Find out more here.

And here’s a post I wrote on a Bible memory system that works for us!

So tell me: do you remember Bible verses you learned as a child? And how are you helping your children to memorize?