Did you know you can read To Love, Honor and Vacuum with one hand?

Apparently that’s a big plus!

For those of you who don’t know, To Love, Honor and Vacuum is not just the name of this blog; it’s the name of my first book. It’s for all of you out there who feel more like maids than wives and mothers, and want to figure out a way of running your household so that people respect each other, are kind to each other, and help out. It’s about changing the way YOU do things, instead of waiting for others to change. And it helps you focus on God’s priorities, rather than our own.

Anyway, I got this email earlier this week and thought I’d share it with you:

I just bought a couple of your books “To Love, Honor, and Vacuum” and “Honey, I don’t have a Headache Tonight.” Right after I ordered my copies I recommended your blog entry on Doormats or Housewives to a good friend of mine who, after reading it, decided to order “To Love, Honor, and Vacuum” as well. She has a 3 month old baby and a husband who goes to work and comes home to play computer. She had just been telling me how stressed she was about her house and husband (I am actually going to help her out with housework but it’s tough because I live almost 1.5 hours away). My husband isn’t quite as addicted to the computer as hers is is but also spends a lot of time on the computer instead of with our toddler and me (though my hubby has a more relaxed work schedule and tries to help out around the house).

Anyway, I recieved my books last night and started reading the first one this morning (reading about housework when I should actually be doing it lol!). I sent my friend a text to say that I had started reading it and that it was really good so far and I could totally relate to everything you were saying.

She sent me back a text: That’s cool. I’m excited. Hey, how big is the book? Like can you read with one hand or do you need both? Weird question, I know lol!

Me: Not a weird question at all. I am playing trains with Caleb with my other hand, It is most definitely one hand readable.

Her: Very nice, that’s exactly why I was wondering. I have other books I would like to read but you need two hands and how often do you get both of your own at the same time!

So I just wanted to shoot you off an email to thank you for making sure that the book is one hand readable. I’m sure that many moms appreciate it!

There you go. If you need to, you can read it with one hand. Want an autographed copy? Order it from me. Or you can get it at Amazon here