A couple of years ago my husband and I took ballroom dancing lessons. It was so much fun. I just love dancing, but jumping around to current hits never struck me as something fun. Actually looking like you know what you’re doing, and moving together, is very, very fun. Ever seen the movie Strictly Ballroom? Hilarious. One of the best movies out there (and almost family friendly; if your child is 11 or over, it’s okay).

Anyway, we’re contemplating taking lessons again this year. The hard point is always finding a night of the week that works, especially since my husband’s a physician and he’s on call a lot at night. And then there’s youth group, and all the other church activities. But for this year, I think we’re going to suspend some of our church activities just so we can have fun as a couple again.

Here’s Keith talking about our ballroom dancing lessons at a marriage conference we gave a while ago. It’s pretty funny.

Have a great Sunday!

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