I don’t have time to post a bunch this morning because I’m off to our homeschooling track meet, but someone sent me this link and I just have to share it.

I’ve been wondering lately about current fashions and whether they really are modest and proper. I’ve been having a hard time with the low rise pants, because I think they show way too much (plus, on most people they’re not that attractive).

And I always believed that T-shirts shouldn’t be form fitting. Oh, and showing your bra straps? A definite no no. Not quite as bad as showing one’s underwear, including a camisole, but definitely bad. One should never give even a hint of lace.

But in the last year I’ve tossed almost all of those missives out the window because that’s just what fashion is. I’ve started wearing much more form fitting clothing, and I put camisoles under V-neck shirts, and I wear some low-rise pants (though I try to get them as high as possible). And my daughters do, too.

For the current fashions, we’re still pretty modest. Please understand–we never show cleavage or belly buttons, and we wear long shirts. It’s really just the form fitting aspect that bothers me!

Anyway, here’s a link to a modesty survey that was done recently. They asked men and teenage boys what they thought was modest, and it’s interesting. Take a gander. I do think this is a serious subject–because I think we do need to care about our guys, but we also need to be careful that the Christian modesty message doesn’t shame girls.

I’d love to keep talking about this tomorrow. So if there’s anything you see there that’s really outrageous, or really insightful, leave it in the comments! Just go here for the survey.