Okay, girls. I have a question this weekend for you to answer! It was sent to me by someone who was responding to my Wifey Wednesday post, saying that she does try to be pretty for her husband, but he doesn’t reciprocate.

He wears dirty clothes (he has a dirty job), he doesn’t always shower after work, and he doesn’t always shave. But he still thinks she should be romantic.

That sounds just gross to me, but I think we’ve all had times when he wants to kiss and hug or maybe something more, but we recoil because he hasn’t brushed his teeth in ages.

So what do you do? How do you break it to him? How do you ask him to have better hygiene? What do you do when he stinks? I only have a few thoughts, but I’d like to hear yours first, and then I’ll write a follow-up. So don’t leave without commenting!

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