Received a question from a reader lately: what do you do when you want to tithe, but your husband isn’t on board?

That’s a toughie. Personally, I believe that God blesses you in many ways when you tithe, especially financially. You’re putting your trust in Him, and He rewards that. I also think the Bible very clearly teaches that our money is not our own, it is His. And we need to give at least 10% away.

But if your husband doesn’t agree, you can’t just go and do it on your own. I think marital unity demands more.

What you can do, though, is tithe the money that is in your control. So if you follow my advice and budget for clothes, and groceries, and health & beauty, and gifts, etc., and you have control of that money, you could take that and tithe it. I have a friend, for instance, who has $280 a week to spend on all household expenditures. She gives away $30 of that, because it’s already in her control. Her husband has agreed that as long as she purchases what they need, the money is hers. So she gives away based on that.

$30 a week may not be much, but she’s still trusting God that He will provide, and she’s still honouring Him first. And you can do that.

The other thing you can do is tithe your things. If you have children’s clothes that are too small, or a lot of food in your cupboards, you can be generous with that. You can be generous with your time, or with your ability to bake or make home-cooked meals. You can cook for a single mom who needs a hand, or for an older couple in the neighbourhood.

You may not be able to tithe on your income, but you can share what God has blessed you with. So get creative about it, and don’t get too upset if your husband isn’t on board. It’s not up to you to change him; that’s up to God. So do what you can and focus on that, rather than on what you can’t do. And I do think that when we start trying to be creative about how to share with others, God smiles!