wfmwsmall - Works for Me Wednesday: Writing from Home
Many of us write. We blog; we post comments; we share our thoughts.

The only difference is that I get paid for doing it!

The first thing I ever had published as an adult was a filler for Reader’s Digest. I made $160. Not too bad, I thought! I wondered if there were other magazines that bought fillers, and I went for a search on the internet for fillers + markets + writing. What came up was this gem of a book:

Sally Stuart’s Christian Writer’s Market Guide. It lists every periodical in North America that takes Christian articles & fillers & puzzles and anything else you can think of, as well as every greeting card market, screenplay market, and, of course, book publishers.

And so I started from there. I began with magazine articles, getting them published in Today’s Christian Woman, Christian Parenting Today, and loads more.

HAC+launch+small - Works for Me Wednesday: Writing from HomeThen, once I had several under my belt, I moved on to books. I’ve had four published so far with more on the way, and I’m in two new anthologies. It’s always fun to see your name in print!

I have a whole page on my main website with tips on how to get published. You can find more information there!

But what I love about writing is that I can combine it with being at home. I’ve always been able to be with my kids, and I even homeschool them! It took a lot of discipline in the beginning, because I could only write during naptimes. Now I have to get them settled on some work before taking an hour or two to write, and it is difficult to juggle. But I love doing it.

I’m not getting rich at it, but I’m building a foundation so that when the kids leave home I’ll be able to really write full time. I’m hoping to start on some novels then! It’s also allowed me to develop a big speaking career.

Many women are wondering what they can do from home, and I think writing is wonderful because it gives us a creative outlet. It isn’t always easy to get paid jobs, especially now with the internet offering so much for free. But the upside is that there are more and more places to get published.

So if you want to get started, order Sally Stuart’s book and take it in the bath with you. Read it straight through and just look at all those magazines and websites that will pay you for your words! And then get started. You never know where it might lead.

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