It’s time for another post on how people wind up on this blog. Some of the searches are really pretty strange.

A whole bunch of you are looking for:

hair in rags, or a combination of those words.

Go here. Glad to oblige! Apparently I am ranked #1 in Google for photo tutorials for hair in rags. Perhaps the rage will catch on soon!

How to forgive a spouse.

That’s a toughy. I think that’s referring to this. And I hope it helps!

Mother’s Day Thoughts.

Oh, yeah. I had those, too! In a nutshell: kids should remember their mothers. And husbands should make sure they remember their mothers. We mothers with kids at home should not have to spend the whole day looking after our mothers and mothers-in-law while everyone forgets about us. Life isn’t fair, and I’m still bitter.

McCain Romney love

That’s just weird.

Don’t let her look into the vacuum

Unless she’s lost her wedding ring.

Boob vacuum

Hey, I need a boob enhancer, not a boob vacuum. Unless it’s a boob who does vacuum!

God made me to love honor and serve him in this world.

Yes, he did. Sounds like you already have it all figured out.

How to make own sanitary pads

Got that one covered, too.

toilet roll fight

I think boxing gloves work better. But you might be referring to this.

Then there’s some unmentionable ones about how to video certain things in one’s shower. I’m really not sure why my blog came up for that, but I don’t think you’re going to find that here.

Anyway, however you ended up here, have fun and look around. And why don’t you tell me in the comments what path led you here?

In the meantime, I’m having a pretty busy weekend entertaining nieces and nephews. But more on that later!