Callapidder Days is challenging us to get reading!
That’s not really a stretch for me. I read all the time. So I thought to myself, what have I always wanted to read but never have? And the answer came to me.
C.S. Lewis.
Oh, I’ve read the Narnia series, of course. Out loud. Four times. And by myself about eight. But I’ve never read his other books.
So I will read them all by June (they’re not that long), and post reviews here.
But that’s not my REAL spring reading challenge. Here’s my real challenge:
While I am reading novels (which I will also do, since I do all the time), I will not insist that I finish it in one day. I will put it down occasionally, and look around me, and talk to my children.
I will not get mad if they bug me while I am reading. I will actually cook a meal every now and then. I will not get angry if the phone rings (unless it’s a telemarketer). I will not refuse to tuck them in and send Keith to do it because I’m in the middle of a “good part”. I will try to stick to four or five chapters a day, and then PUT IT DOWN.
Ugh. I’m hating just writing that. But that is my real Spring Challenge: C. S. Lewis and sanity. Think I will do it?