Introducing: The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex

Because good girls have the most fun!

Do any of these sound familiar?

You’re about to get married, but…

  • You’re new at this and you’re not sure what to expect!
  • You’re getting married soon and you’re wondering if your sexual baggage will impact your marriage.
  • Or you’re just plain nervous that sex won’t be as great as everyone says it is!

Or maybe you’re already married, and…

  • You’re never in the mood
  • Your husband struggles with porn (or you struggle with fantasy)
  • Your husband has low libido
  • You can’t reach orgasm
  • Sex hurts!
  • You have sexual baggage
  • You’re confused about setting boundaries when one of you wants something in bed the other doesn’t like
  • You don’t know how to spice things up!

If that’s you, you’ve found some REAL help at last!

Hi, I’m Sheila. I’ve been married for 25 years, and happily married for 20.

In the first few years of our marriage, sex was a huge issue. He wanted it. I didn’t. I felt used. He felt unloved. But then something happened: I asked myself, “If sex is so great for so many people, and God created it to be part of marriage, what if the problem is actually that I don’t understand sex?” And that started my journey of research that led to this book. And our marriage has never been the same since.

I really struggled in this area of my marriage for years, and I know what it is to be confused, despondent, and wondering what all the fuss is about. But things have really turned around for me, and they can for you, too. And it’s my prayer that this book will be a part of the toolkit God uses to make your marriage thrive!

Sex SHOULD be a fun part of your marriage. If it’s not, please read the book. Your marriage will thank you!

It's time to discover what God meant sex to be!

I'm ready for awesome!

Enter The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex!

Do bad girls really have more fun? Surveys say no. The women who are most likely to enjoy sex are married and religious. In other words, they’re Good Girls!

But good girls know that making sex great isn’t about acting trashy. It’s about recognizing what God really designed sex for, and then learning how to reap all these benefits and joyfully enjoy your husband.

Frank and contemporary, The Good Girls’ Guide to Great Sex will give the newly engaged and new brides—and some veteran wives—a Christian resource to answer their most intimate, and embarrassing, questions. In a conversational style, with lots of humorous anecdotes, the book will show that sex isn’t just physical: it’s also an emotional and spiritual experience. And we’ll learn why commitment in a Christian marriage is the perfect recipe for a sex life which is out of this world!

Filled with lots of information, practical advice, and scriptural backing, this book will help you understand why God make sex the way He did, and how you can experience true fulfillment with your husband.

What are people saying about the book?

I just got done reading this book and I loved it. The entire time I kept thinking, “I wish I had this book to read while growing up.” I was completely clueless for my honeymoon and early marriage years. After reading this book, I was able to use all of the advice to help my sexual relationship with my husband. He was thrilled!

Jennifer Jennings

Amazon Review

What I found so refreshing about this book is that it is direct, honest, and REAL. Gregoire writes in a candid way that gets to the heart of what does (or doesn’t!) happen in the marital bed, and what we as wives can do to promote happy and healthy sex lives with our husbands.

Mrs. HRT

Amazon Review

This book is a must-read for young virginal brides, but it’s even more beneficial for women like me. I’ve been married for 10 years and struggling with the idea that sex is dirty. This book has helped me to reprogram my brain and bring new life to my marriage. $10 for a book is much cheaper than a lifetime of therapy!

Mum of 2

Amazon Review

What to expect from The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex:

You’ll get hope that sex CAN be great–even if kids are hanging off of you all day.

If sex has become blah, or has never been that great (or even if you’re nervous about your upcoming wedding), Sheila will give you hope that you can experience tremendous fun but also tremendous intimacy in the bedroom with your husband.

You’ll feel like you’re chatting with a friend.

While other books on sex from a Christian standpoint are often written by men or by couples, Sheila’s chatty. And she’s a woman. And she GETS you.

You’ll get answers to all those questions you wished you could ask a friend–but were embarrassed to!

Sheila answers all those questions that every woman has, from how things are supposed to work to what to do when they don’t. Nothing is off limits!

What are you waiting for?

Get it now!

But how does the book work?

The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex is the winner of the Grace Irwin Award for 2012 for the best book by a Canadian from a Christian worldview. It’s one of the top literary prizes in North America, and this little sex book walked away with it! The judges said: “it’s such a needed book that all wives will want to read!” Here’s how the book works:

  • First understand the big picture: Why God make sex the way He did–and why He made men and women so differently!
  • Next, a chapter especially for engaged women with questions about the honeymoon & the marriage (whether they’re virgins or not)
  • Then, the three big areas of intimacy: Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional. All go into a great sex life! Sheila spends one chapter telling how to make things go right, and one chapter telling how to fix problems that come up for each of the three areas of sexual intimacy.
  • Answers to your questions on what’s okay to do in the bedroom–and what should be avoided.
  • Everything you wanted to know about what OTHER people think–the complete survey results of the research that Sheila did with 2000 women, rated their sex life, their honeymoon, and more!

Who was this book written for?

Newlyweds Who Want to Start Well

Worried about your honeymoon? Sheila talks about what to expect–in detail. But what if you’re not a virgin? Or you’ve got tons of baggage? Sheila helps you work through that, too, so that you can start your marriage fresh with a ton of excitement! Best of all, Sheila teaches you how to just relax, and not to get too uptight about what should, or shouldn’t, happen right when you get married.

Young Married Women

Things not working as they’re supposed to? Are you wondering what all the fuss is about? Sheila helps you see sex in a new way–as something which is not just physical, but also emotional and spiritual, too. And she helps you figure out how to make things work more like clockwork in the bedroom, too!

Women With Questions

If you grew up thinking sex was dirty or bad, and wonder if you can ever actually anticipate sex, you need this book! Or perhaps you have questions about whether or not God can help you get over the baggage in your past–or your husband’s past. The Good Girl’s Guide has answers.

If you want GREAT in your marriage, The Good Girl’s Guide is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the book?

The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex is available in paperback or ebook versions from a variety of online and physical locations. Here are some places you can order the book from:

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What are people saying about The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex?

The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex has a majority of 5 stars on both Goodreads and Amazon! Here are just a few of the reviews:

This is a wonderful book! …She knows how to talk about such sensitive topics, and add humor, honesty, and most importantly from a Biblical view! – Chris
She describes in detail how to have GREAT SEX. Unfortunately, the churches of the past and present have misguided both men and women about getting knowing their bodies and the functions resulted misinformation. And boring sex lives.


Ms. Gregoire does an extraordinary job of sharing the wonders and joy of sexual pleasure between two people totally committed within the bond of marriage. She explains how to give pleasure and how to receive it. Making love and totally letting with each other is a holy, glorious act to be celebrated. – Maxine Holmes

I’ve been married for nearly 17 years and wish I had this book on Day 1! – Becky
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But what if I'm not a "good girl?"

Being a good girl isn’t about not making mistakes. It’s about accepting God’s grace and love for you! If you’ve got sexual baggage from past relationships or even with your husband, this book is for you. Think of it as a detox from the negative messages you’ve been told or have begun to believe about purity or your value. This book will show you how to become a “good girl” even if you haven’t always been one in the past.

Have cried most my way through this book as I realize how my upbringing, having babies and what the world tells me about sex have deeply influenced how I view my intimate relationship with my husband. I believe this is a must read for every woman.

–Anonymous 5-star Amazon Review

Don’t allow your marriage to be defined by past mistakes God’s already forgiven.

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God wanted more for your marriage.

Stop settling for less than what your marriage was created to be.

It's time!