Become an Affiliate with Me!

I’m in the process of creating some awesome marriage products AND great products to grow your blog and your speaking ministry, and I’m always looking for affiliates!

Right now I don’t offer an affiliate program on the shopping cart on this site. That’s because the products that I sell here tend to be really low in price–$2.99, $4.99–and it’s just not worth it. Besides, I don’t actually sell the physical copies for The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, 31 Days to Great Sex, or 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage here. For those, I’d recommend using the Amazon affiliate program (that’s what I do for the physical copies!).¬†

What I’m looking for affiliates for are for my BIG products–the ones with the good payout.

Those are:

  • Launch Your Speaking Ministry Ecourse (retails for $79)
  • Boost Your Libido Ecourse (coming soon! Retails for $39)

My affiliate payout rate for those is 50%

So if you sell a copy of Boost Your Libido, for instance, you’ll make $19.50.

Those courses are sold through the Thinkific platform, and you can sign up as an affiliate right now.

Yes! I want to be an affiliate!

The Boost Your Libido course will be launching on February 9. The price for the introductory week will be $29, and I expect there to be a lot of interest!

When you sign up, I’ll also send you emails with banners and email templates, though I likely won’t have those ready until early February.

You can start offering the Launch Your Speaking Ministry course right away, though, and I’ll be launching another product call Grow Your Speaking Ministry this spring, as well. I’m also working on How to Build a Platform as a Fiction Author.

So if you have a blog, email list, or large social media following, sign up as an affiliate!