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 QuickStatsWant to advertise on a Christian women’s blog or a parenting blog? To Love, Honor and Vacuum has great traffic, and offers a highly targeted audience for your ads. My readers tend to be between 25-45, are married, have children at home, and are Christian. Along with the women’s blog, I have a large Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest following and an active newsletter community.  I provide very targeted and effective traffic for your campaign. 

My blog is ranked around 30,000 by Alexa in the U.S., so I’m one of the larger parenting/women’s blogs, and I get a lot of traffic from women looking specifically for marriage advice.

Small advertiser? Make sure to scroll down to #7 for a really inexpensive option for trying out some ads!

All of the opportunities listed below can be combined with targeted Tweets or Facebook posts. Campaigns can also be arranged, incorporating a variety of these opportunities, and targeted for maximum effect.

1. Blog Sidebar Advertising

  • I offer one 300×250 slot, and up to 4 125×125 slots on my sidebar.
  • 300×250: $100/month. 125×125: $25/month

2. Sponsored Posts

  • Two available per month
  • Must relate in some way to marriage, parenting, or the Christian life
  • I like to write these myself, because then it gives the feel of the blog and seems less like an ad. I’ve written them for eHarmony, auto credit companies, banks, and ticket sites, and they’ve done well! You just tell me what specific phrase you want linked to your site, and what you want to rate with SEO, and I’ll make it work for you!
  • $150 (links stay live for one year)

3. Text Links

  • If you would like to link keywords from my site to your site, I’d be happy to find a relevant post for you that is highly trafficked.
  • Will edit the post to include your keywords as requested.
  • Post must be older than 15 days.
  • $125/year; $200/2 years

4. Text Link on Home Page

Simply looking to boost your SEO ranking? I can provide a text link in my footer to boost your keyword ranking.

  • $50/quarter, $175/year, $300/2 years

Advertisingrates5. Newsletter Advertising

I send out 4 different newsletters a month:

  • Reality Check column (weekly, goes out to 5,700 Christian women)
  • Marriage newsletter (monthly, readership 16,400 Christian wives)
  • Parenting newsletter (monthly, readership 8,700 Christian moms)
  • Homeschooling newsletter (monthly, readership 2500 homeschooling moms)
  • $2/1000 subscribers (two slots available in each newsletter, 200×200 ad, or 600×150 banner ad. Can include some text, too)

6. Newsletter Sponsorship

If you would like to sponsor one of my newsletters for a year, contact me for a quote. I also am looking for a sponsor for my daily blog email, which goes out to 6,300 subscribers.

7. Ads on Very Targeted Posts

I currently have several posts that get thousands of hits every month, mostly from a combination of search traffic and Pinterest. You can purchase a banner ad to run across the bottom of the post (approximately 728×90). Price is $1.00/1000 unique visitors. Ad space is currently available on key posts relating to Christian parenting, Christian marriage, Christian sex, and more.

Here’s how it works: I put your ad up, and the computer keeps track of how many people see it. If you want to put a limit of just $10, for instance, the computer will stop showing it once 10,000 people have seen it. That way you know exactly how many people you’ll reach–but you’ll never pay more than your budget! I can even target it to specific countries if you’d like.

This is a really inexpensive advertising opportunity, and one of my most popular! It can cost as little as you’d like to just try it. Just contact me and tell me what you’re advertising, and I’ll find a highly trafficked post where it would fit best.

Want more information on how to make this campaign work for you? I’ve got a “tips” post up for small advertising campaigns here.

This can be a really inexpensive way of trying a targeted campaign. Each of these posts has people deliberately arriving, often primarily through Google and Pinterest, looking for answers to specific questions. An ad in front of 6,000 very targeted people is only $6.00, for instance. So try it!

  • $1/1000 visitors

8. Put Your Downloadable Product in My Store

Finally, if you have a downloadable product (like an ebook, charts, workbook, etc.), you can apply to have me carry it in my store. It must relate to Christian marriage in some way. I’m more likely to accept it if it relates specifically to Christian, married sex. (I don’t accept generic Christian marriage ebooks at this time). I’m looking to expand the things I offer in my store, though! I want to become the “Christian sex store” on the internet, for things that are clean, encouraging, and fun. Send me a sample here.

Contact Sheila to discuss any of these options further, or to plan a targeted blog advertising campaign combining multiple elements that works best for you!

Stats as of January 6, 2014.