Me and Diet Pepsi, Some Inspiration, and Some Links

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a lovely day birding in the morning with my husband, then going to church, out to lunch, and then out for a beautiful drive exploring with my mom and my hubby.

My husband and I have recently started bird watching as a hobby so we can spend more time together. And one of the challenges we do is to try to see the number of bird species on your birthday as your age. So I was supposed to see 44 yesterday. We ended up seeing 43. We only went out for 2 hours, so that’s not bad, but I think we didn’t make it all the way to 44 because I’m still only 43 at heart! Anyway, we got up at 6:30 and went out for a while before church. Here we are at a board walk 10 minutes from our house. The boardwalk was under water in places, and I didn’t have boots!

Out bird watching with my husband

Lots of fun, though.

Here’s the biggest discovery I made yesterday. I quit Diet Pepsi on December 20. I had been drinking 2 a day for  years, and I decided I just couldn’t do the aspartame anymore, so I quit cold turkey. It was hard. And the cravings never really went away. I just longed for something fizzy.

I made a deal with my daughter: every year, on my birthday, I could drink as many Diet Pepsis as I wanted! I was so looking forward to my birthday–not for the presents or the fun, but for the drink!

So here we are, out to lunch, and I have my Diet Pepsi:



Seriously. I tried a whole bunch of it yesterday and I hated it. I’ve been craving it for six months, and I don’t even like it anymore. I guess I’m now officially cured. I didn’t finish even one whole Diet Pepsi yesterday.

To my American readers, I hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful Memorial Day weekend!

Since it is a long weekend for the majority of my readers, and since I did just have a birthday, I thought that instead of writing a big post today I’d share some inspiration and a few links that you may enjoy.

Keep your husband as your priority

I shared that on Facebook last week (are you on my Facebook Page? We have great discussions and lots of great inspiration!).

Because it’s a long weekend for many of you, I thought I’d share some ideas on how to spend some time together, and the importance of spending time together. So I just browsed what posts have been pinned from Pinterest lately (follow me here), and here are some of the more popular ones about building your relationship:

25 Funny But True Marriage Tips for a Long and Happy Life TogetherWant a date night? Here are the 50 most romantic movies to watch as a couple (as chosen by my Facebook fans).

10 Cheap Date Night Ideas for parents of young kids. Great ideas here!

25 Marriage Tips. They’re fun! Share them with friends.

2 Player Board Games to play with your hubby. If the weather’s lousy in your neck of the woods today, this may come in handy!

My Husband Never Wants to Spend Time with Me. Finding ways to spend time together that work.

Finally, if you have some one-on-one time today, especially if you can make a picnic and go out in nature to work this through together, what about talking to your husband about your vision and purpose as a family (or a couple)? I’ve got some printables here, and it’s a great exercise to start!

I know some of  you are away from your husbands today because of work, or because he’s deployed and he’s on the other side of the world. I just want to give a big shout out to the military wives who read this blog (or the female military personnel themselves), and who serve their countries well, and yet sacrifice so much. We do appreciate you, and we wish you all the best on this day, too!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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  1. Our taste buds do change as we get away from the chemicals, processed foods, and sugars. I was listening to radio announcers on a baseball game yesterday and they asked each other what their favorite junk food was. One guy responded that it was Oreo cookies. I loved Oreo cookies when I was young. Now, I can’t stand them. I like real food the way God made it! Happy 44th Birthday!
    Lori Alexander recently posted…Sow Life Into Your MarriageMy Profile

    • You know, now that you say that I realize that’s happened with other things, too. I can’t stand Kraft Dinner and Hamburger Helper since I started cooking from scratch, but they used to be staples. I guess I just never thought it would happen with my True Love Diet Pepsi. But I’m glad I’m over it!

  2. Happy birthday Sheila!! Yes that happened to me as well but with Diet Coke. I’ll still have one on a hot day once and awhile but never finish it now. Love not being addicted to it anymore :)
    Laura recently posted…Menu Plan Monday ~ May 26/14My Profile

    • Thanks, Laura! And I love this not being addicted, too. So want to see you again sometime when I’m out west!

  3. I had the same issue with Diet Mt Dew. I used to drink a lot of it, but gave it up the more I learned about the chemicals in it. I had cravings for awhile, but now if I have it, feel a little ill. Now I drink only Zevia. It is sweetened with stevia, and doesn’t have the chemicals that conventional diet soda does.

  4. Sheila, when you gave up Diet Pepsi, what did you drink in its place? I would love to quit drinking diet sodas.

    • I’ve started drinking a LOT of teas. I visited some of those specialty tea shops and bought a ton of varieties of loose leaf teas, and now I’m getting really into them. Didn’t like them at first, but then I figured out how to make some yummy iced teas, and they’re growing on me. I think the key for me is to switch up the variety a lot. But yes, that was my biggest problem, too. What to replace it with!

  5. Sounds like you had a great birthday despite you not enjoying your Diet Pepsi! I agree with Lori Alexander! Our taste buds change as we move away from the processed junk that is considered food here in the U.S. After doing a Whole30 and cutting out all the garbage there are a lot of things I can’t eat anymore including soda pop and Oreos. Gluten and dairy are no longer even tolerated by my digestive system and my eczema is gone. I wish I would have cut out the junk a long time ago!! I’m 44, too, but feel more like 34 since my eating lifestyle change!!

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