Soul Ties: How to Break Them and Live in Freedom

Soul Ties: How to Break Bonds with Past Lovers and Live in Freedom in Marriage

Soul ties–or invisible bonds–wreak havoc on so many marriages. Today guest poster and author Danielle Tate explains what soul ties are, and how we can break them.

When I was 17, I naively thought the sexual behavior I partook in was harmless and momentary. I reconciled in my head that because we had intentions on getting married and because our hearts were “right” toward each other that sexual activity was somehow okay.

Two years later when we split, my heart literally ached. I remember standing in the grocery store parking lot where he worked just wanting him to hug me “one last time.” He was like a drug, a good drug that I needed. I was going through withdrawal over a silly boy but my body ached without him. Friends told me to move on but I could not get past the feeling that part of me had suddenly been ripped away. Recovery was slow and painful – filled with anger, rebellion and a new tattoo.

“The next time it will be different,” I told myself. Boy, was I right. It was all kinds of different. Seven years of hell ended with exposed lies, infidelity and abuse. Way different from my straight-A, Honor Society, college-bound beau. Yet the old familiar feeling of needing my fix still came even after I dumped his clothes in the driveway. I was addicted, but to what?

This time, unlike before, I initiated the break up. I knew he was a loser (though I see him differently now) and I knew it was a very unhealthy relationship. Yet for months, we had “conjugal visits.” It seemed I was the prisoner sentenced to a life of longing fulfilled only by someone I didn’t love and didn’t even want to be around.

Twisted isn’t it?

Yet this is what happens when we have sexual experiences outside the confines of marriage. Actually, it’s what happens when we have sexual experiences regardless of our marital status. Every time we have a sexual experience, we are creating deep-rooted bonds with the other individual. There are a few different terms used to describe these bonds but the most popular, and the one I use in my book is “soul ties.”

The Dynamics of Soul Ties

A soul tie is defined as “A spiritual connection between two people who have been physically intimate with each other or who have had an intense emotional or spiritual association or relationship.”* If you think of sex inside the confines of marriage this is a wonderful thing. God created us to have sexual relations with our spouse that in turn create deep-rooted bonds.

See, He knew that after the honeymoon, there’d be morning breath, bills to pay, kids to raise and dirty socks left on the floor. He knew life would happen and so He created us to be deeply bonded with our spouse so that during the crazy seasons of life when we sometimes don’t really like our spouse, we would still be deeply bonded to them.

Soul Ties, Drugs and Super Glue

When we have a sexual experience, our brains produce dopamine, the same chemical that feeds a gambling addiction, your chocolate cravings and the junkie’s need for another fix. Dopamine is often described as the “feel good” chemical of the brain and it plays a major role in our lives (good and bad). You see, our bodies don’t care if it’s cocaine, a cupcake or a sexual experience – dopamine will be produced and it will bind us. This is why my former boyfriends were like my drug of choice and why I could not see myself without them. I was addicted to the high. I had created soul ties when I had these feel- good, intimate experiences with guys I wasn’t married to. This is also why it literally hurt when I broke up.

Soul ties are like super glue. If you’ve had sexual encounters outside of marriage, consensual or forced, there is most like a lingering soul tie that needs to be dealt with otherwise you’ll forever be plagued with thoughts, feelings and even actions that are unwanted. I mention forced encounters because, although pleasure is not associated with abuse, our brains still produce chemical reactions and our soul can still be tied to someone who has abused us. Some symptoms of lingering soul ties include:

  • Someone whose voice you hear in your head
  • Obsessive day-time thought about someone
  • Dreaming or waking up at night thinking about someone on a regular basis
  • Someone you think of or “see” in your mind when you are intimate with your spouse

A Marriage in Crisis

Speaking of spouses, the hidden soul ties in my life deeply affected the first several years of my marriage. It gto so bad that my husband thought I was having an affair. I was distant, I disliked sex….I really disliked sex and I was not fulfilled. Unbeknownst to him, I would cry almost every.single.time we had sex. The guilt, shame and dirty feelings I had as a sexually active single woman carried right into my marriage. Those feelings didn’t go away just because we said “I do.” Ceremony alone was not enough to make my past sexual sins disappear. I needed healing. I needed forgiveness and I need a clean break.

Breaking Soul Ties

There are 4 Key steps to breaking soul ties:

  1. Acknowledge
  2. Confess and Repent
  3. Forgive
  4. Break and Remove

First, we need to acknowledge that there is a problem. Ask the Lord to show you who you have ungodly soul ties with. Make a list if you need to. Secondly, we need to confess and repent of our sins. This may involve finding a godly accountability partner that you can confess to and who can help you walk through the process. It maybe be a church counselor, pastor or elder or a family member.

Next, we need to find forgiveness. We need to accept God’s forgiveness, we need to forgive ourselves and lastly, we need to forgive our former partners or abusers. Remember, “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.

Finally, you need to verbalize a prayer to break off the soul ties. You need to speak it out! Life and death are in the power of the tongue so when you speak out you are declaring with your mouth the power of Christ to break the ties to your past. You must also do an inventory and remove any mementoes, gifts or souvenirs from those past relationships.

*Tim Stewart “Soul Ties (and Breaking Soul Ties)”

Restoring the Lost PetalFor more detailed help breaking soul ties and walking through the process of restoration, pick up a copy of Danielle’s book, Restoring the Lost Petal: A Journey Through the Loss and Restoration of Sexual Purity.

meet danielleDanielle Tate, founder of Thrive Ministries, is passionate about sharing her message or restoration with women of all ages. After 13 years in the corporate world, she became a stay at home wife and mother and began making natural beauty products and blogging. She is the author of Restoring the Lost Petal: A Journey Through the Loss and Restoration of Sexual Purity. You can find her blogging at More Than Four Walls where she writes about faith, food, and biblical stewardship. Danielle is married to Brad and they have a son, Wyatt.

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  1. Great article! I wonder how these steps would help with cutting soul ties with a previous husband?
    Interestingly enough, it was only last night that I prayed to God to help me get past thinking of the past and of my previous marriage/husband. Its been 13 yrs since we seperated and although it doesn’t bother me anymore and hasn’t for years, there are times when it creeps back into my mind and I don’t know why. I was deeply hurt when he had an affair with a good friend of mine (supposed) and they broke up two families. But I eventually learned to move on and I forgave them a long time ago (otherwise I was turning into a very angry and bitter person which I didn’t want that kind of life for me or for my son). So it must be that soul tie that is keeping that bond right? How do I break that bond, that vow, that soul tie?
    Thank you & God Bless.

    • Hi Tracy! Good questions!! It could be a soul tie and you can break it using the same steps above. We can actually have soul ties to many different things (best friends, places and even ex-husbands.) You could also be holding ought against him and not even realize it. You’ve verbally forgiven him but perhaps in your hear there is still ought that is hidden even from you. (see Mark 11:25 KJV uses the word ought other versions say grudge or something similar.) That could still be down deep. Perhaps it’s not about him but the “friend” instead.

      Blessings to you and thank you for commenting!
      Danielle @ More Than Four Walls recently posted…What To Do When God Says PauseMy Profile

  2. What a powerful testimony from Danielle, Sheila! I’m so glad you shared this. And I’m also grateful that you shared a link back to a post of mine. :) It’s a great honor! Blessings to you for all you do!

  3. I have a question. A friend of mine was telling me a bit about soul ties, and I wonder; is a soul tie always formed around sexual experiences or can they be formed when no sex or physical intimacy was involved?
    Beth Cranford recently posted…What Grace Means To Me; A Fallible MomMy Profile

    • A good question; but while Scripture never says in what specific way(s), it is clear that sexual sin has unique consequences compared to all other sin:

      1 Corinthians 6:18 (NASB): “Flee immorality. Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the immoral man sins against his own body.”

      One can only assume that soul ties are one of these consequences in sinning against your own body. The others, such as STDs, etc. are clearly part of them as well.

      • Grace Bound says:

        I had an affair and more it seems as if I can’t get him out of my head. It’s an addiction of some sort.

    • Hi Beth,

      Yes, soul ties can be created without sexual contact. They can even be created in out of balance relationships with friends like a women’s best friend.
      Danielle @ More Than Four Walls recently posted…What To Do When God Says PauseMy Profile

  4. I really needed this today. Thank you. Quick question, I’ve noticed my past choices with sex outside of marriage (even sex with my now husband!) are having a negative effect on my marriage. My husband doesn’t really understand. He says it must be different for guys. Is that true? Are women more susceptible to this?

    • “He says it must be different for guys. Is that true? Are women more susceptible to this?”

      I would also love to hear the author’s view on this question. It does seem that women are affected more than men. Maybe men are just better at hiding/denying it.

  5. I’ve never been physically intimate with any man besides my husband, ever. Yet I have a couple times developed deep attachments to other men since being married, that seen impossible to control! All I can control is my actions. But I hate being married to someone who I DON’T have a soul bond with, while I’n longing to be close to another man. My husband has always had an emotional bond to me that I don’t think I’ve ever fully reciprocated even while dating. What can I do to change things with my heart?

    • I am sorry that no one replied to your question! I am no expert, but I can’t pass it by. The only answer I have for you is to pray. Draw near to Jesus and ask him to help you love like he does. As you look to him, you will begin to see your husband through new eyes. Stormie Omartian has a good book called The Power of a Praying Wife that was life changing for me – her first section is about how the prayer, “Lord change my husband” really needs to be, “Lord, change me”. I will pray for you and your marriage.

  6. I am curious. Is Danielle now healed and close to her husband and enjoying sex with him without external thoughts, or is she still a work in progress?

    Did Danielle really dislike sex and feel unfulfilled with those other guys before marriage?
    “I had these feel- good, intimate experiences with guys I wasn’t married to.” This quote sounds like she enjoyed sex before marriage with other guys but not in marriage with her husband. It kind of sounds like she didn’t really feel guilty until after she was married. I am hoping to get things clarified. I would like to believe that soul-ties are really the cause of sexual problems and not just that she is less sexually attracted to her husband than the men before.

    • Hi J,

      Sorry for such a late reply, please forgive me! I will be honest, I did indeed enjoy sex before I was married. I suppressed the guilt and shame with alcohol, marijuana and more sex. My spirit knew it was wrong but my soul did not know any other way to meet the desires I had (the desire to be loved, wanted, cherished and sexually fulfilled.)

      Once I was married I thought that shame would go away *poof* married, now it’s all better. Not so much.

      Thank you for asking about my healing. I have been restored and healed. I have walked through the process of breaking the soul ties and I am very much “over” my past. It’s not part of my ministry and my message.
      Danielle @ More Than Four Walls recently posted…Shaped By God: You Are More Than What You SeeMy Profile

  7. Lucy Lundi says:

    Oh wow!!! Just today I was complaining for the 100th time about how am obsessing about my exes and how its affecting my 2year old marriage!! Truly God sent and now am singing thank you Jesus all the way to my freedom!!!

  8. I dealt with soul ties in the early years of our marriage. I had had a boyfriend that I had sex with 5 times before we split. It took years of prayer and investing in my husband and marriage to overcome. I recently met the ex boyfriend, over 25 years since we split and about 20 years since we had last seen each other. It is hard to avoid people in small country communities. He recognized me, and had to tell me who he was. We chatted for a while like old friends, but I felt nothing for him. He told me where he works, thankfully not in a place I ever go, so now I never will. Although we do frequent the place next door, so I have decided not to go there on my own. It did scare me that I might run into him again, so I just be honest with my hubby about what is going on in my head.

  9. This is great! I went through deliverance a couple of years ago as well as a refresher session here recently, and breaking soul times was an important part of the process. I had a sexual past that I am definitely not proud of, but thankfully I was able to break those soul ties and find healing and forgiveness before marrying my husband. Our wedding night was out first night together, and we don’t have any problems due to my past. God is great! Be blessed!

  10. Do soul ties form just after you have normal sex, or can it be things like oral sex and that type of stuff that make them as well? Would one soul tie be stronger than another depending on what you had done?

  11. Please tell me how to break my husband’s past numerous soul ties by myself. Cause if I mention it to him, he’d fly into a rage. Now I know this is the reason he’s never fully satisfied with me and our son. God bless you all!

    • Jen,
      Your husband has to want to change himself and deal with his past. You can’t change him.
      He’s in the flesh. Nothing will ever be enough.

  12. Tina Elmakias says:

    I just literally STUMBLED upon this article from browsing on Facebook. I feel like it was destined for me to see this article. My husband of 6 years literally abandoned me without sayinga word and came home a week later to tell me he cheated on me before we got married and had a baby girl this past May. leaving me heartbroken and totally devastated. this happened 8-31-2014. To THIS day I so think about him, I continue to cry over him and I always dream of the 2 of us. Please tell me If this is a soul tie how do I break it? I don’t want to have this pain anymore…

    • Hi Tina,

      That is such a heartbreak! I’m so sorry. You definitely do have a bond with your husband that will need to be broken, but it will take some time and a lot of grace. Again, I’m so sorry. Danielle outlines a great plan in her book Restoring the Lost Petal, but you may also want to get a book just on healing in general. This is a really painful time in your life, but you WILL grow from it and you WILL get through it–just give yourself grace and time. In the hard times we often realize best how big God really is.

  13. Mike Young says:

    Hello everyone. I was searching for answers on the web about soulties. I’m a 27 year old man that’s been in a relationship for about 4 years. The woman I was with suddenly left me for no apparent reason a week before Christmas. She just stop calling me. The type of realationship we had was like any other realationship with its ups and downs and disagreements. Here today marks a new year and I say about 10mins before the clock strikes midnight I got in my car and asked God for forgiveness, acknowledged the fact that our relationship wasn’t meant to be and I asked God to break this soultie I had with the woman I’ve been with for years and that was the only woman I’ve been intimate with throughout those years. Trust me it was hard breaking this soultie because just like the article says this person could get on your nerves and do a lot of things to hurt you but by having a soultie with that person it’s hard to just leave that person or let that person go because of the bond you have with them. Right now the thoughts of us when we were together still lingers but I know Imma have to stay prayerful and take it day by day and have faith in Jesus that one day soon I hope this woman I was with would just be another memory and lesson learned and believe that God will bring another woman in life that is truly for me. Everybody be blessed and have a happy New year.

  14. Tia Davis says:

    Thank you for this post! After leaving an unhealthy relationship I feel absolutely off course, empty, lost and devastated. Tonight after this read, I see the road to recovery! This ungodly soul tie must be renounced and broken!

  15. I’m wondering what detriment there is, being connected to other people? If soul ties can be made without sleeping with someone and if we’re all connected anyway by being God’s children, is this ‘soul tie’ just a new form of Christian guilt?

    • Hi Danielle!

      Unhealthy soul ties are created when there is an unbalanced, unhealthy, relationship. They can be formed when we take a vow or make a pact with someone, when we sexual relations or if we are in an unhealthy, close relationship.

      Not all sou ties are bad. The marriage soul tie is one God intended us to form. Healthy, balanced relationships form soul ties that are good as well. It’s really a matter of guarding our hearts and making sure the bonds we are creating are biblical, healthy ones.
      Danielle @ More Than Four Walls recently posted…Shaped By God: You Are More Than What You SeeMy Profile

  16. Sorry ladies, but I would rethink your opinion on Soul ties.

    The phrase “soul ties” is not in the Bible; rather, the idea of soul ties is a man-made speculation which some teachers superimpose onto Scripture in an attempt to explain certain human behaviors. Soul ties are said to be connections from one person’s soul to (or into) another person’s soul, a concept that has no basis in Scripture.

    The Bible does not allow for the existence of a “soul tie.” Genesis 2:24 says that a married couple become “one flesh,” not one soul. Jesus said that there is no marriage in heaven (Matthew 22:30), which would not be the case if people were joined in their souls.

    What we think of as a “soul tie” actually may have more to do with the sense of smell. The closer two people are, the more they get used to and develop an addiction to the hormones the other naturally emits. Dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, and vasopressin all combine to make us “feel” in love. God allowed this so that married couples develop even closer relationships.

    Another possible source of the feeling of a “soul tie” is a psychological obsession. Romantic obsessions are based on what we think of the other person. This does not necessarily have anything to do with reality; and it’s foolish to expect someone to be what we want them to be rather than who they are.

    A close relationship can feel like a “soul tie.” But even the closest relationship based on personality and mutual love does not mean the two souls are entwined. Sometimes the concept of “soul ties” is used as an excuse to indulge in an ungodly obsession. Feeling like your soul is tied is not an excuse to stay in a relationship that is unbiblical. And it is not some insurmountable force that constrains us to sin. It’s just an excuse to stay in sin. Instead of using “soul ties” as a rationalization, we should deal with the sin (1 John 1:9).

    The only soul we are tied to is that of the Holy Spirit. If He indwells us, He is entwined with our soul. All other relationships, no matter how close, are a combination of physiological response to chemicals, mutual interest, natural affinity, or sinful obsession.

  17. I was talking to a friend who told me to look up soul ties. Very interesting. I find myself in this situation now. My question is how do you break soul ties when you have children with the person you have soul ties with?

  18. Dear Brian,

    What you’re saying is completely out of context with what is being said here. If using the term “soul ties” is just an “excuse to stay in sin”, I don’t think people would be asking how to break soul ties. We are here because we want to be cleansed and move on from our sin. If we wanted to stay in sin, trust me, we would be reading something else.

    Don’t try to discourage us now. Yes the bible does say “one flesh” and not “one soul”, but that doesn’t make what is said here untrue.

  19. Brian,
    It seems your ‘matter of fact’ approach to people hurting with the concept of soul ties needs just a little empathy. When I was in high school , not boasting, I was a sharp looking guy in a lot of bands in the early 70’s. I had a lot of relations with girls( salvation had not came to me yet) and it’s memories , ( a God-given attribute )that has to be dealt with. We have to study Gods Word on casting down strongholds , imaginations( another attribute ) and discipline our mind , replace it with good thoughts and things . Caidy made a good point, people post here to share and be delivered, sounds like you a little uppity and judgemental.

  20. Still love you in Christ brother!!

  21. Thanks for sharing your experience, Danielle. It’s eye-opening and encouraging to many people. People need to know the damaging consequences of shacking up.
    There’s a slight typo in the post I’d like to point out; in “A Marriage in Crisis”—
    It gto (got) so bad that my husband thought I was having an affair.
    Thanks for your testimony of living healed in God’s grace.

  22. danielle,

    thank you very much for sharing this. i was talking to a friend of mine about my current situation and she’s like yeah its like you have a soul tie.I’m like idk what that is but it sounds deep and it sounds dark and what I’m feeling inn the spiritual realm is unexplainable. i looked up the word soul tie and your article came up. omg.. right on the money. this relationship was with a person who was on fire for Christ when we met, we started dating and he fell back in to his life before Christ with drugs and cheating,lying,stealing,he was abusive and everytime he would come back from his little trips, he would lay in bed and i would feel demonic spirits inside of me from him like trying to to enter my body but i physically would feel really really annoyed and aggravated and i wouldn’t be able to sleep.i would song worship songs and pray and while i would do that in the middle of my nights,he would start moaning and groaning,even talking in his sleep. i tried so many times to end the relationship but it was painful and i felt llike he was drug,even though i didn’t want him around me because he was a jerk,i carried him around with him like a weight just so i wouldn’t feel the pain until he would leave again on one of his trips. it wasn’t until i started going to codependency classes at my church that i accepted part of what was happening to me. i find myself waking up at 2 or 4am thinking about him or i dream about him or i feel lost everyday without him and its like I’m having withdrawals. when i overcome this soul tie i will have defeated the enemy and broke what the enemy tried to hold and bind me with. all glory too God.

  23. kanessa says:

    I have been with guy for 20 bad years, abuse, cheating, mind games, no compassion on his part. I am misserable” I now know its a unhealthy soul tie. I am ready to be free from this and I am thinking about getting a divorce’ most likely then not. I can handle this anymore. I disobeyed God because he warned me not to marry this guy & I did anyways. And I am living in hell.. I need to be free. Can u give me some advice on how to go about it.

  24. kanessa says:

    I have been with guy for 20 bad years, abuse, cheating, mind games, no compassion on his part. I am misserable” I now know its a unhealthy soul tie. I am ready to be free from this and I am thinking about getting a divorce’ most likely then not. I can’t handle this anymore. I disobeyed God because he warned me not to marry this guy & I did anyways. And I am living in hell.. I need to be free. Can u give me some advice on how to go about it.

  25. This article is incredible ! Its like the heavens opened up and finally give me an explanation for actions. For years I have been with this person who was verbally abusive, treated me with no respect, and constantly cheated on me, and for some reason I accepted it and couldn’t move on he was like my drugs and had control over me. It so sad and pathetic i know, i am normally a strong person and in the past would never accept someone treating me like this.

    But, now I understand, thank you so much will definitely start with the 4 steps as you have suggested, so that I can finally be free and happy.

  26. Over a year and this is very much relevant. So detailed.
    Oh, and by the way, this very much applies to guys. Same principle to sexual experiences outside of marriage. Same after effects.

    Thank you Ma.

  27. Heal-me-Lord! says:

    Oh :,( what a miracle that I found this article today! Im in chains and I feel no hope of freedom….because though i know its soooo wrong to harbour soulties, im addicted to the “thrill” of sexual fantacies with men i got involved with in my past..a couple were sexual involment, the rest really really deep emotional involvement… I even have constant dreams with the one i got most physically involved with and hes married now with kids :,( :,(
    I have soul ties with hundreds and hundres of men and dont know how to believe anymore that i will one day be set free… Even if i end up getting married.. Which i dont believe will happen due to my age and body image, if i sure those men will still be in my mind… And it would be a nightmare to compare them to my then husband… Can you believe how evil i am ? To have countless fantacies with my exes that are married and wish that i could have affairs with them??!! especially when they give me attention too…..I NEED HELP AND WISH I WANTED IT MORE!!! :,(
    Somebody please help me…. :,(
    I want to be free to love my Saviour, Redeemer and Heavenly Husband Jesus without making Him jealous because my heart and thoughts and soul is tied to countless amount of guys!…

    • First, you are not evil. Christ died for you. You aren’t an after thought or a mistake or a mishap. You aren’t making Jesus jealous but you are breaking His heart. His heart is breaking because He doesn’t want you in this agony. This is Satan’s trap. The cycle, the need for a “high” of sorts with fantasy is not God’s plan, it’s the Devil’s.

      Your soul (mind, will, emotions) and even your physical body might not “want” to be set free yet but obviously your spirit is feeling the tug and pull of Holy Spirit. I would recommend a Healing Pools ministry or a deliverance ministry counselor that can help you weed through wrong thoughts, actions, emotions and spiritual influences.
      Danielle @ More Than Four Walls recently posted…4 Things to Look for In Devotional Book for Children Plus a GiveawayMy Profile

  28. How can we tell the difference if we are in love with someone or have a soul-tie with them?

  29. I thank God for every story I read here, I know how it feels to want to break the walls and have the freedom to love again. I met this guy online, he visited me for 4 days, we had a good time, he promised to come and again and never did. It’s almost 17 months now but my heart aches for him, only Him. Yes we still chat, whereby I initiate the calls. I am good looking, independent woman, I am still lonely, I am a Christian, I pray, fast and I can stay for 3 months without making contact, one day I will just wake up and call him. I am really trying to move on, I am stuck in my circle. I just love him yet I can see he doesn’t care and it seems he moved on. Why is he taking my calls, why does he reply to my sms, may be he still cares..that’s my inner voice. I need to live once again before it’s too late.

  30. After 13 years and dry spot in our marriage for 8 months. I find sexting messages from another man in her phone. Her response last 2 .months we flirted and texted leading to sexting and fantasies that ended with infidility. She says she was sorry never to do again. But admits to a emotional ties been formed. Does this mean the person will always have a part of her she’ll always think of him he can have her under the right circumstances.

  31. I know that you state that we need to get rid of all momentous, gifts, souvenirs etc… But what about a tattoo? Could that still binde you together?

  32. Michelle Govender says:

    I don’t think it needs to be a long lengthy process. If the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin, He has the ability to show you the steps to overcome it. I recently got divorced from a man I’ve known for 2 decades. The break was painful. But God in all His wisdom took me through a process of conviction of past sexual sins and healing. He is helping me shut tight and lock those doors, never to be opened again. That is how you start on a new page. Jesus is gentle and loving and so merciful. Love him back, have a heart completely surrendered and He does the rest. So there is no man in my life currently, but the peace of Jesus is indescribable. My future is in His hands and I will be married again to the man I asked God to bring my way. He is close to the broken hearted, trust Him.

  33. Can we pray our self and break the soul ties which is not letting us to set free. is that possible

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