Special Staples Canada Valentine’s Day Giveaway!–Win a Kindle Fire

Thursdays are ThrowBackThursday on Facebook, and I’m posting this picture in the Facebook Page:

Getting married in the 90s!

Were we ever young! But I wouldn’t do it any other way.

Anyway, after you’ve been married for 20 plus years, it can get hard to come up with new presents for your honey.

If you and your husband exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, Staples has a gift-giving guide of some of the best gadgets and fun things to give each other this Valentine’s Day, and they’ve generously agreed to do a giveaway for your choice of item from either list! Woo hoo! (Canadian entries only though!)

I was looking through the guides and here are some of the things they have:

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him from Staples:

1. HP Slate Tablet | 2. Laptop Briefcase | 3. Kindle eReader | 4. Memory Foam Pillow | 5. SmartWatch | 6. Telescope | 7. Cooler Rack | 8. Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The ones that stand out to me:

HP Slate Tablet

It comes with 8 GB of memory, wifi, and all the features you’d expect from a tablet. I just love these! They’re like a step up from a phone, but they’re great for reading, pictures, video–basically anything media.

HP Slate Tablet


This is seriously cool! I’m always missing calls because I don’t hear my phone. This syncs with your iPhone, alerting you to missed calls, Facebook posts, calendar events, or anything you want. And you can use it to remotely play music off your iPhone or take a picture with your iPhone. If your husband is  a gadget lover, he’d love this!



Does your husband travel for work? How about getting him a Kindle! One thing I hate about traveling is having to eat at restaurants alone. Now with a Kindle, I can at least read books! And it’s handier than having to turn a page while you’re trying to cut chicken with a knife and fork.

This one has a 6″ Paperwhite display and wifi.


Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her from Staples

1. Kindle Fire HD | 2. Keurig Coffee Maker | 3. Bluetooth Mini Cube Speaker | 4. Fresh Cut Roses | 5. Yoga Mat | 6. Samsung Galaxy Tablet | 7. HP Slate Tablet | 8. SmartWatch | 9. Laptop Tote

Okay, to any men reading this, Staples honestly has some good ideas here! Ones that especially stand out to me:

1. Kindle Fire

I’ve wanted one of these for a really long time! It’s got 8 GB of hard drive memory, full colour display, and you can read your email, Facebook, etc. on it. I’m so looking forward to getting this!


2. Keurig Coffee Maker

Staples doesn’t just have electronics; they have lots of things to make your life fun! And I know that many of you would love a Keurig coffee maker. My husband has one in his office and he loves it!


3. Seriously Cute Laptop Tote

Have a laptop that’s 15″ or less? This will fit it! And it’s adorable.

Laptop Tote

And Staples has roses, too!

I often find gifts at Staples because my family loves electronics so much. If your hubby does, head to Staples! Or ask him to check out their Gift Guides for YOU!

So now it’s your turn to enter to win! Staples will give one item from EITHER gift list (not both) to one winner–but CANADIAN entries only. They’re paying shipping, so they have to do it that way. But send this to every Canadian you know, eh?

The contest is open until midnight on February 12, so the winner will hear right before Valentine’s Day!

Tell me in the comments: Does gift giving get EASIER after you’ve been married for a few decades, or harder?

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  1. I have young kids so the Vtech innotab is perfect. It’s basically a kid oriented tablet. Tons of games, apps, books, and videos to download plus an easy to operate video recorder.

  2. My family is very much into their electronics so I have to admit that I would probably buy a tablet for Christmas. Of course, a laptop would also be helpful around here. There never seems to be enough of them when you need them. :) What a great giveaway. Just in time for Valentines day.
    Michelle recently posted…Caffeinated Randomness – Brewed LifeMy Profile

  3. Isabelle L. says:

    We are very picky with the kind of devices we put in the hands of our kids. We don’t believe in them spending so much time on games and such. However, on their 9th birthday we give them an iPod in order for them to listen to podcast (FOTF and such) as well as Christian music.

    Mind you it might or might not be a brand new one depending of the budget we have. Being contractors we can have ups and downs with work.

  4. I bought a kindle for my husband but somehow my daughter has ended up with it.

  5. Carolyn de Blieck says:

    We can ALWAYS use another tablet…since our youngest has taken to using all or ours

  6. This year is our 20th anniversary and I’d have to say that buying my DH gifts has actually gotten easier. We never had much money in our early years and we still don’t (9 children to feed!) so there is quite a list of quality items he wants that I can only give one or two of a year. Plus, I know him better now than I did then – that makes it easier to get him things he likes. He is also great at giving me his wish list with a good variety of items on it for me to pick from.

  7. Kristi Renout says:

    Probably a tablet of some sort. My kids both have the leappad, but they’re starting to grow out of them.

  8. Love your stuff Sheila. Keep it up. Yes, gift giving seems to get harder after 20 years!

  9. I think the Keurig

  10. Love your stuff Sheila. Keep it up. Yes, gift giving seems to get harder after 20 years!

  11. Electronics for teens… Not sure! The kindle fire looks neat. I have a few years before I have a teen!

  12. Jasmyn Wilson says:

    Id buy a tablet. With a soon to be 3 year old and 2 year old, it would make travel a lot easier with them

  13. My husband would totally appreciate one of the tablets for valentines day, and would secretly be extra thrilled if I didn’t pay anything for it! Haha :)

  14. I don’t allow my kids a lot of access to electronics – the oldest is 13 and the youngest is 4.
    But I would totally consider a Kindle, because they are all bookworms. Going on vacation with enough books for a week is crazy! (but they’d probably need one each, so they can all read at the same time!).

  15. I’m hoping that it gets easier as we go along. My husband and I aren’t much into gift giving but this year I was able to find something inexpensive but very meaningful. I bought him calling cards so he could call home to his family in Kenya. He was thrilled!!!

  16. Even though my husband isn’t really into gifts (not his love language), he sure appreciates it when the gifts I give are something that he has mentioned that he really needs. I take notes all the time of things that he needs or that he talks about, and it’s been fairly easy to give him things that he loves and uses frequently (e.g. swimming goggles have been a recent favourite gift). So unless he runs out of needs, it shouldn’t be too hard to keep finding gifts for my practical hubby. Since he’s a bit of a tech nerd, I would get him a tablet to go with all the other electronics he uses regularly.

    • I try to keep a list of everything my husband says he’d need/like, too. Often it’s just in passing and he forgets about it, and then he’s so happy when he gets the gift, even if it’s a little thing.

  17. I would buy them a LeapPad or Nintendo DS

  18. We don’t normally exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day, but I would love to surprise my hubby with a tablet! :-)

  19. And for our kids, it would be eReaders – they’re always asking for them!

  20. Thank you for doing contest they are always so much fun. Always enjoy your thought provoking ideas. Have a wonderful time discussing them with Hubby, so blessed he & I are on the same page!

  21. I find that buying for my husband is easier after 20 some years… but maybe less fun.

  22. Brenda Penton says:

    I’d buy the teens, a cell phone, tablet or a gaming console at Christmas

  23. iPad

  24. Tammy Dalley says:

    I would buy tablets or cell phones!!

  25. Lisa Neutel says:

    I bought my kids ipod touches and hubs and I. Bought ourselves a wireless printer

  26. Would probably get a teen an ipod with nice headphones or a tablet for Christmas

  27. SUMMER PLEWES says:

    My son is all about the electronics. Anything phone or computer or TABLET related. I think I would go tablet this year!

  28. My kids would love an iPod each! My daughter wishes she had an ereader.

  29. My oldest is a total game lover and it would be great to have a tablet of some sort for him to use that we could stock with books and educational games.

    I’m a Staples sucker. I have the catalogue and flip through it circling all the things I’d buy if I had the space. It’s a good thing I don’t live near one because I would spend way to much time and money browsing and buying office supplies. Mmmm something special about new notebooks and pens and planners…. Yup, I’m totally a geek! Not to mention the computer systems in this household with my husband’s love of gaming…. I need to stop thinking about Staples right now… Actually, I’m headed over to the website to dream a bit!
    Tessa W recently posted…R is for Revolutionize Your Parenting by Honoring Your Child’s NatureMy Profile

    • Quick response to gift giving after being married a while: We are basically at a place that, if we really want something, we buy it for no special occasions. Gift Giving is near the bottom of our love languages lists so we don’t really go a lot of gifts. That being said, I’m more likely to encourage my husband to buy things and tell myself I don’t need it. So he spoils me once in a while with something off of my wishlist. We are also very picky about gifts and have this amazing arrangement where no one feels bad about returning or exchanging to the exact one that we want. I would rather he have exactly what he wants than something that I picked out for him and have him wishing he had something different. Total honesty when it comes to gift. And now I’m off to Staples.ca
      Tessa W recently posted…R is for Revolutionize Your Parenting by Honoring Your Child’s NatureMy Profile

  30. DEFINITELY easier … after 18 years I know what he wants 😉

  31. Gift giving isn’t a huge thing between my husband and I but I always feel like he finds the best gifts for me and I usually struggle to find good ones for him. I don’t think it necessarily gets easier, although we haven’t been married that long so who knows!
    jenn0021 recently posted…New Books Make Me HappyMy Profile

  32. I find it very hard to find gifts for my husband, he says he has everything he needs. It doesn’t get any easier over time. He always knows exactly what to buy for me, though! The Keurig would be a good one for me….

  33. I think it’s gotten easier because as I get to know him more and more each year the list seems to get longer. The finances may not have always been there to buy what I think he wants but then I’ve gotten creative and made him something or found another way to show my appreciation and love. I love giving gifts!!!

  34. I definitely think it gets easier because you know that person so well that you know what they need and/or would like. I think especially as women, we actually “hear” the hints or comments when our husbands say they would like this or that, or they wish they could do this or that with that tool.

  35. A Keurig is probably something I’d buy for my husband.

  36. We don’t exchange gifts,so can’t say if it gets easier or harder.would like a tablet or kindle fire. we celebrate 25yrs this year!

  37. A tablet. They seem so useful!

  38. We don’t usually give gifts for Valentine’s day, a thoughful card and a nice cuddle works for us both! He’d sure love that cool watch tho!

  39. My niece is almost a teen, and a huge reader so I would get her an ereader. I love mine, and it is just a basic one, so nobody tries to take it from me to play games.

  40. I think my hubby would like that watch :)

  41. Love these ideas…kindle fire would be a great way to read to my hubby in the car. :) Hooray for the winner – thanks Staples.

  42. I think an iPod is always a safe bet for any teenager or older kid. :)

  43. Anything Vtech for my kids. My hubby, who is a kid a heart, I’d buy a tablet or ipad, that way we can sit beside eachother on the couch as I read and he is online!

  44. I’d lean towards either the tablet or iPod :)

  45. Great ideas! Leapfrog LeapPads are great “starter” tablets for little ones. I’m interested in an e-reader but wonder if a tablet is the better way to go…?

  46. I would think that the smart watch would be something interesting, different and something my husband would enjoy. My love language is gift giving, so it’s usually pretty easy to think of gift ideas for my hubby. Usually he gets things that he needs (ie. jeans, socks , luggage etc) and then something that he would like, but really wouldn’t go out and get for himself (electronic gadgets, Bradley Smoker, farm toys).

  47. Would love to win the Kindle Fire, been wanting one of those for a while now. The watch would be nice for hubby too. He loves gadgets. Thanks for the giveaway Sheila & Staples!

  48. I would love to have a tablet. It’s one of those things on my wish list for the family. Thanks.

  49. Hi Sheila. I haven’t been married for even a decade, never mind a couple! but gift-giving has always been tricky for me. I want so badly to get it right! Also I like to get something he wouldn’t otherwise get. For a teen? I think an e-reader or tablet would go over well!

  50. I think the teens would want a tablet, though I think a kindle would be a great addition to our household. I think the gifts after 20+ years of marriage get a bit harder….I’ve already used up my best ideas! :)
    Denna recently posted…Happy New Year with a Gingerbread Snoopy’s DoghouseMy Profile

  51. Hi!
    Thanks for doing this contest – looks fun!
    I would give an iPad so I can Facetime with the kids when I’m not with them (I’m deaf so depend on reading lips) and they can Facetime with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who live across the country.

  52. Bonnie Schnurr says:

    My husband is anti-tech but I would love an e-reader or to introduce him to something he might get hooked on. Gift giving for us has gotten harder. When we were first married, we had very little so you could buy things that were needed now the budget is still tight but it is harder to know what to get.

  53. Andrea Amy says:

    My 16 year old would LOVE a samsung galaxy tablet :) thanks for the chance.

  54. I think I’d buy them ereaders!

  55. Helena Bootsma, says:

    My teens love all electronics! IPods and tablets would go over really well as gifts.
    As we are married longer, gift getting gets more challenging because we tend to buy what our home and family needs. Our current needs would be larger costing items which involves more saving!

  56. A tablet or Ipad….technology is going to be huge when our kids grow up…and I want my kids started young.

  57. I think an ipad mini would be suitable for a teen as a gift.

  58. My daughter loves the I-touch to listen to music and play games, as well as chat with friends. But an e-reader is a great option too. Can never go wrong with something that will encourage them to read. The Kobo is great cuz it’s compatible with our local library.

  59. Vicky McPhail says:

    I don’t have teens, but my niece and nephew are ‘pre-teens’ – and we gave them money towards books this Christmas, so an e-reader or a tablet! So they could download them!

  60. For a teen I would buy a tablet or an iphone.

  61. My husband’s a handy guy. He will surely enjoy getting either a tablet or a smartwatch. Tablet so he can check on ideas and other neat stuffs on the Internet amongst other things on the go … or a smartwach so he knows when it’s time to work and time to play :-) … cheers

  62. An e-reader or a tablet would be good.

  63. At the age of my daughter tablets and phones are the go to items

  64. Lori otto says:

    I’d love a tablet for our special needs son, what a great benefit it would be!

    • If you do it, be sure to get a military-spec case. Our adult son with unique needs has broken two tablets (accidentally) this school year and he feels SO badly about it. Both devices had good cases, but I guess we need to go up to the most protective ones we can find. Technology has helped him in that he can record classes and dictate assignments…but it gets *really* hard to spend that kind of money on it, and see it break.

  65. Ipad or kindle is the way to go for sure :)

  66. A laptop is great for homework – but I also like scooters!

  67. Kay Rivers says:

    Kindle is the way to go.

  68. I think it should get easier to buy gifts for hubby over time, I’m struggling lately though! :-/

  69. Amber Link says:

    Love your site! And Staples has so many things we’d love, definitely an e-reader is on wish lists around here.

  70. I got them a Wii before.

  71. Karla Sceviour says:

    I have a 14 yo,and he love all technology,,cell phones,tablets,laptops,video games,etc..lol..although he do not have all of that,he would love it!

  72. harder

  73. A calculator! Hehe, just kidding – I wish they would be excited to receive a calculator though, sigh – but i know my nephew would LOVE a tablet! He doesn’t have a smartphone yet so a tablet would be a good (a very good) compromise.

  74. My wife would love this

  75. A smartphone, tablet or gaming console

  76. Lorraine Wiebe says:

    I would buy for my sons a cell phone, tablet, computer, Television. I have previously done the tablet a couple of times and a television. Technology updates with the tablet so have bought a few times already.

  77. Victoria Ess says:

    I’d definitely let them have an e-reader, like a Kindle.

  78. We don’t have a tablet at all yet, so that would definitely be my choice if we won. It would be one to share throughout the family. We all would like one, but with decent (not great) smart phones, and computers, I haven’t yet been able to justify spending the money on one.
    Karen recently posted…The Simple Woman’s DaybookMy Profile

  79. Forgot to say, I think gift giving to my husband has never been easy. But the few times in nearly 18 years of marriage that I have gotten him a great gift do really stand out in my mind. And every one of those times he was surprised.

    For the kids, it is hard to say. In some ways it is easier as they get older, and in some ways it is harder.
    Karen recently posted…The Simple Woman’s DaybookMy Profile

  80. an ipad for sure!

  81. nicolthepickle says:

    I would say gift giving gets easier. I I would gift a tablet or laptop at Christmas.

  82. I’ve never been married but, judging from my parents, I think gift-giving is more difficult through the middle ages but then becomes easier once you become a senior. I have no idea why it’s like this, but that is how it seems to me.

  83. I think it stays the same. To make it work you have to work at it every day.

  84. I would buy them a Kindle E-reader
    Rebecca recently posted…Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  85. We don’t buy electronics for our kids too easily. Our oldest did receive a MP3 player for Christmas, and they do have the Wii. My husband and I don’t go crazy on gifts for each other. I feel less pressure than when we were dating!

  86. Neither of us are particularly *gifts* oriented people… so it is really hard for both of us, even after 22 yrs. And I just finished trying to find something *perfect* (and affordable) for everyone at Christmas!! Plus, one of our four kids was born on Valentine’s Day, so the celebration of Valentine’s really takes a backseat. I’ll be pretty delighted if DH manages to get the kids thinking about my birthday on the 11th; he can totally skip V-day if he wants. A carefully-selected card goes a long ways. (I hate that I dislike shopping/buying gifts for others so much – I want them to feel loved and cherished on their birthdays – but run out of creative ideas that don’t rely on gifts!)

  87. I think it gets easier because we just let each other know what we want. Although surprises are still exciting!

  88. i would love a tablet!

  89. I think it gets easier the longer we are married!

  90. a new iPod Touch for my daughter – her current one is dying, and it is her lifeline to the outside world!

  91. Angela Mitchell says:

    I’ve been married for 11 years and together with my husband for 17 and I find that gift giving gets easier. I can think of some of the silly things I bought him when we were first dating. Lava Lamp? yes I bought him a lava lamp! Well that was 15 years ago and I think I make better choices now:)

  92. I think an ebook – teens need to keep reading real, whole words! My Grade 3er thought “app” was a root word in his L.A. test today, and he doesn’t have any electronics of his own!!

  93. SueSueper says:

    Cell phone or tablet is what are on my kids list.

  94. Belinda McNabb says:

    the samsung galaxy would make the perfect gift

  95. A smartphone or tablet would probably be well-appreciated!

  96. Stephanie says:

    HP tablets

  97. Gift giving does get easier with time because you know what their likes are and what they have!

  98. BobbiJo Pentney says:

    I broke down and bought the kids a 3DS but I limit their use to 1/2 hour a day. Extra chores can earn them extra time.

  99. michelle tremblett says:

    Ipods and tablets are great for kids, so useful for school :)

  100. sarah jackson says:

    I tend to buy my kids each a new mouse and headphones every year , by then they usually need them

  101. A gaming device for sure!

  102. Id get them headphones (noise canceling)

  103. A tablet like the samsyng galaxy or a gaming system like an x box.

  104. for teens a tablet or a gaming system are the gifts to get

  105. i’m not married so i don’t know if gift giving gets easier or harder, but i would think it gets more practical

  106. Amy Heffernan says:

    I bought my teen a ipod! :)

  107. I think gift giving gets easier.. the longer you are together to more in tune you are with your spouses likes.

  108. An ipod or gaming system

  109. cell phone

  110. My boys love their Ninetendo Ds and my husband loves his PS3.Me,I do not have a game yet

  111. Gift giving has become easier over the years. As we have journeyed 18 yrs together we realize that every gift whether big or small is given not because we “have” to, but because we “want” to!!
    Thank goodness too that as times have changed there are electronic stores like Staples to help guide us through the ever changing technology….cause it’s almost as complicated, and yet rewarding as marriage can be :)

  112. I would buy the Kindle Fire to get them into reading.

  113. For a teen, I think a Samsung Galaxy Tablet would be perfect for Christmas!

  114. a tablet:) easier to carry around and fun

  115. I would buy a LeapPad.

  116. Kristine Ewald says:

    ATablet would be amazing to surprise my husband :)

  117. jennifer lucas says:

    laptops for school and an iphone

  118. We are gadget people – everyone has a tablet now. And the last two Christmases those have been the top gifts in the family.

  119. i find gift giving easier. i like taking the year to really pay attention to subtle hints or likes that pop up.

  120. Definitely a tablet for the teens at Christmas time!!

  121. Wonderful gift ideas! Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  122. A tablet or gaming system is always a good bet for a teen, or a cell phone. 😉

  123. The Kindle for Hubby and myself The kids get everything. And we would play nice and share it! I think the kids would love a fitbit or jawbone up (as would their mother) They are into the fitness thing – teens I tell you.

  124. Dayna Wilson says:

    An Xbox One! For sure.

  125. Jane Mehai says:

    I think gift giving for my significant other gets a lot easier over time because we get to know eachother even more! I would love to win my hubby an HP tablet! :)

  126. a tablet is always a good choice

  127. Isabelle L. says:

    Gift giving is not easy when your spouse’s love language is not gifts….. I have learned through the years not to give things to my hubby… However, it is challenging for him because gifts is definitively one of my love language…

  128. Victoria Ess says:

    I think it gets easier… I know my partner better which makes it easier.

  129. Julie Prins says:

    A kindle or laptop- if I had the money!

  130. I would like to try a tablet, or maybe get them an e-reader if they didn’t have one already!

  131. I always have fun figuring out something for my man, but he is great at giving hints throughout the year too, especially if there is something specific that he would prefer. A combined effort!! But, have to say, my husband is the best gift giver in our family, especially at Christmas.
    Karla Meachem recently posted…Decisions, Decisions…My Profile

  132. Karla Meachem says:

    Teens always seem to love the xbox!

  133. Victoria Rutherford says:

    I’ve found its gotten easier after being married 22 years. My husband has so many different interests I can usually find something special for him. I wouldn’t mind getting him a tablet since he’s always sneaking off with my ipad :)

  134. This year we didn’t invest in any electronic devices for the kids.

  135. zahra premji says:

    A gaming system like the new PS4 or a tablet

  136. I’d get my husband the tablet!

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