Pornography is a Cancer on our Society

Pornography is a Cancer on our Society

Not a long post today, but an important one.

Please watch this video. It’s deeply disturbing, but he’s exactly right on. The two key things that had me really scared: porn is almost entirely about violence today; and most porn watchers are between the ages of 13 and 18.

Lord, have mercy on us.


  1. What’s even scarier is the callous, brazen attitude so many people have of “how dare you say porn is wrong!” even when they are made fully aware of the ramifications and sickening consequences of this sin. May we pray non-stop for revival, as only truly repentant hearts before a Holy God can put a stop to this.

  2. Made me cry…so very, very sad.
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    • Lord, have mercy on the next generation growing up. And let’s remember that it’s not only boys watching this stuff. It’s girls in increasing numbers, too. So, so tragic.

      • How can I make a difference! I am married to a man fighting a porn addiction and I have a 13 year old son I am terrified for. I don’t want him to struggle with relationships and intimacy his whole life like his father does.

        • Colleen, I know that’s really rough. I’ve written a post on what to do when you discover your son is watching porn here. The big things: keep open communication always. Don’t view your son through the lens of his father; you need to let him be his own person. Pray hard. Talk about the “why” not just the “don’t”, if that makes sense.

  3. Not too many comments I see. Many are afraid or embarrassed. The prevalence and power of pornography is far greater than most could imagine. Look at some of the findings of the Federal Commission on pornography from several years ago. Read some of the statements made by Ted Bundy concerning pornography. I don’t doubt that the largest age group is 13 to 18 but I assure you it incompasses all ages and both genders. Perhaps the most difficult part of it is that the real issue is not pornography. It is the state of our hearts and minds. Pornography would not be alluring if our hearts and minds were not deficient. Sex is one of God’s most glorious creations. Carnality, sensuality, fleshlyness. Is this all we were meant to be? Lust is simply never addressed. Who will stand up? Thank you Sheila, for addressing such a hidden issue.

  4. Wow! My heart sunk while watching the video. I can not imagine the horror those girls go through!

    And those who watch- what a sacred gift God gave us; one that they may not fully get to experience since they may forever be thinking of the videos they’ve watched. I know from experience, I’ve seen sex scenes that have been engraved in my brain. Scenes that gave me a false sense of what being intimate to my husband should have been like.
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  5. I think the biggest crime is the fact that so many of our adolescent children are getting their sexual education from the ubiquitous internet porn all around them. As parents try to muster up the courage to engage in the birds and the bees convo, these kids are getting a very skewed view of “love” late night on their laptops. It’s a shame and there’s no telling how it will affect the marital relationships of the future.
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  6. I am very grateful for these posts. Girls, women; wives feel the need to please their partners. However, how did it evolve into a competition against love, intimacy, and compassion. I want to change these views of porn being natural and normal. We have all been sensitized to the idea that men and women need something more-before internet and magazine print, men and woman were attracted to loyalty, comfort, and strength. I pray for all, including my own, relationships that has faced these issues and for all those who have been exposed and manipulated by society.

  7. It has been almost 12 long years, that I had struggle with this big giant on my marriage… Sometimes I feel defeated but The Lord empowered me with his incomparable love…. That’s all that I’ve had to fight this battle, escaping from evil ideas of depression in my Mind because I really know who I am in the hands of my master. It is so sad that your partner for live has to deal with this. Praying every day that The Lord keep me from temptation because I can find love and pleasure on the love of my live because he doesn’t know what intimacy means. Living a silent life I have never tell my Pastors why I have that feeling or what is it that consume me deeply… I’m pregnant for the third time and sometimes feel ashamed of my own body even of I know that I’m attractive to other man
    Just keep closer and intimate to my savior but Immm hurting deeply, you don’t even imagine. I will fight this battle until the end … Praying for Strenght and courage

    • Gaby, I see you have a stronghold in your life. A stronghold is a lie you keep telling yourself. It’s negative thoughts that have built a castle one brick at a time. To brake down the castle one brick at a time has to be replace negative thoughts with truth. Truth is the only thing that will set you free.

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