RoundUp of Christmas Links

Have you been enjoying your family and huddling around drinking hot chocolate? I’ve been knitting some Christmas stockings! The girls decided that we’ve used the same tired ones for too long, and it was time for some new ones.

I’ve finished 2 1/2, which isn’t bad. At least the girls will have new ones! I think I can finish 3 by Christmas, and then I’ll just knit my own before next year.

And we went to see The Desolation of Smaug last night. I just love Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice as Smaug. Can hardly wait for the new Sherlock to come out, too! We rail on the media so often for having so little that’s any good to watch, but honestly–there have been a ton of GREAT movies and great new series to watch on Netflix recently. Stuff that I can share with my teenagers and my husband and we all can enjoy it. I am grateful for that and for family time with my oldest daughter home.

The really exciting thing that’s happening here, though, is that we’ve had the worst ice storm in twenty years. Rebecca blogged about it here, but here’s a picture of her SKATING ON OUR DRIVEWAY.

Skating on Driveway in an ice storm

Yep. That’s how bad it was! She’s got more pictures here.

I’m having a wonderful time with my family, especially with Becca being home from university. But I thought I’d share just a few things with you in the meantime.

1. Tons of Christmas Posts from this Blog

I’ve sent out my marriage newsletter and my parenting newsletter in the last few weeks, and each had a ton of links to various Christmas posts I’ve written over the years.

See my Marriage Newsletter – with tons of stuff on marriage & Christmas

See my Parenting Newsletter – with tons of stuff on kids & Christmas

2. Anniversary Links!

December 21 was also my anniversary. We got married right around Christmas, so we’ve just celebrated together again. Last year I hit the milestone where I had been married for half my life, and this year Keith hit it, too. Pretty cool!

Here’s a post on my twentieth anniversary you may enjoy.

And a wonderful Anniversary Link: This couple has been married for 61 years, and for their anniversary they took “Up” themed pictures. Remember the love story from Up? So precious. And you’ll love these pictures, too!

3. Christmas Conundrums

One reader sent me this newspaper article asking that difficult Christmas question: what do you do when you have relatives coming to stay with you who live together (or date), but aren’t married? Separate bedrooms or the same bedroom?

My quick answer: If it’s your kids, it’s your house, your rules. Separate bedrooms. No doubt about it. If it’s a sister or something, I’d be a little more lenient perhaps. Your children you raised with certain values, and I think it’s okay to still enforce that in your home. Your siblings is a little different, and I can’t give a quick answer. What do you think? Talk about it in the comments!

And that’s all for now! I’m going to go finish up my stocking and do a bit more Christmas shopping. Loving the time off, and may you all be blessed, too!



  1. Oooh I must say I’m jealous of your colorwork skills! I’ve been knitting since 2007, and have done a little intarsia and such, but it never comes out very well….really long floats, or I cut the yarn for each color change. Either way it’s always a nightmare! Self-taught makes it tougher for learn the hard stuff! Jealous of your winter weather too! We’re in Indiana (usually in the 30’s and below around now) and we went from high of 10 to a high of 40-50 last week! All the snow is gone, and now it’s in the 20’s again! I’m missing a white Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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