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Christian Marriage Blogs for MenI get asked quite frequently if there’s a MALE version of this Christian marriage blog, To Love, Honor and Vacuum. People will write:

I love your advice, and my husband does, too. But he’s looking specifically for blog sites that talk about marriage from the male point of view, and isn’t finding much. Can you help?

Let me give it a try! I write specifically on marriage, and there’s lots of info on this blog for both men and women (here’s my Marriage FAQ). For a big list of Christian marriage blogs, visit the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association page. Lots of great resources there!

For specific suggestions on men’s blogs, though, I asked on my Facebook Page, and got some great ones. So here’s a roundup of what they said, plus some that I know are awesome.

Christian Marriage Blogs for Men

The Generous Husband-Paul Byerly and his wife Lori write the Generous Husband and its counterpart, The Generous Wife. Paul tackles some really heavy subjects and handles them really well. I’ve quoted from him a ton on this blog. He talks about sex a lot, too!

Husband Revolution-A group blog written by some great guys (some of whom I know in real life!), Husband Revolution encourages guys to stand up and lead. And they deal with really tough topics and hold men accountable. It’s great–easy to read, to the point, hard-hitting.

All Pro Dad-With a football twist, here’s a blog with tons of sports and sports analogies, but it also has great advice for men on being good husbands and fathers.

Sex within Marriage-Jay Dee writes this one, focusing on sex in marriage from a younger-married-guy standpoint. He’s very real with the struggles he had earlier on, and how he messed up, and also very real about what works and what God wants us to do now.

Christian Marriage Blogs For Couples Written by a Guy

These blogs aren’t specifically for men, but they are written by guys, so I think men will find them useful!

Journey to Surrender – Scott Means writes a great blog on what it means to be surrendered to God and loving to one another.

Fierce Marriage-Ryan and Selena Frederick write Fierce Marriage, with posts for both women and men. I’d say Ryan writes more, though, so I almost put this under Blogs for Men! They tackle the nitty gritty of marriage.

Matthew Jacobson-A guy writing for guys! He’s an agent in the Christian publishing world, so he knows a lot about

Christian Marriage Blogs for Couples Written by Couples

Tons of blogs are written for couples, but here I tried to include only the ones where the husband updates frequently, or the ones that are really geared quite a bit to men. Quite often “couples” blogs are geared more to women, so I tried to weed it down:

One Flesh Marriage-Kate and Brad Aldrich are behind this site which focuses mostly, though not entirely, on sex in a Christian marriage. They’ve guest posted here before, too!

Stay Married Blog-Tony and Michelle write this one, with frequent updates and lots of articles to keep your marriage fresh.

Marriage Today-Jimmy and Karen Evans write this blog–except it’s more like a huge website with a large database of articles on all different topics.

Do Not Disturb-Written by a couple, this blog focuses a lot on sex, though not exclusively, and targets its articles towards both men and women, not just women.

Christian Marriage Blogs Specifically on  Sex

The Marriage Bed-By Paul and Lori Byerly (of the Generous Husband, see above), the Marriage Bed isn’t a blog as much as it is a repository for lots of articles and information on how sex works and the ethics behind sex. They tackle difficult topics and fully explain everything behind sex.

Hot, Holy and Humorous-Written by a woman who goes by the name of J, a lot of men read her blog, too, and love it! J writes only about sex, and she’s awesome (she guest posts here quite frequently, too.)

Intimacy in Marriage-Julie Sibert writes another blog on sex from a woman’s perspective–but has a lot in there for guys, too!

Stuff by Me for Guys

Hey, I write for guys sometimes, too!

I’m a columnist for PromiseKeepers Canada’s Seven magazine, where I write “What Women Want”. You can read past issues of the magazine here. (my column is always on the back page)

And here are two rants I’ve written in very different ways.

First, here’s What I Wish I Could Say to Men About Sex. I was kind of hard on the guys in this post, but it all is true!

And on a totally different note, I know a lot of men come here because their wives have checked out of sex, and they want to find some way to communicate to their wives how this makes them feel. So here’s a post I wrote specifically for guys to show their wives: Why Your Husband Wants You to Read This Marriage Blog.

And then, of course, there’s 31 Days to Great Sex, which I wrote for couples to work through together!

Okay, those are all my suggestions. Leave yours in the comments, and I may update this later and add other great blogs.

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  1. Thank you for the resources! Some of these I already follow, but I will pass some of the others along to my husband! :)
    Cassie recently posted…3 Ways to Ensure Quality TimeMy Profile

  2. Re: your post “What I Wish I Could Say to Men About Sex”–really good! I obviously have zero experience in marriage, but I’ve been shocked (and bewildered) by how many husbands I’ve been around who clearly make no attempt to listen or understand to what their wives are trying to tell them; even through body language it’s pretty obvious.

  3. Hey there, just wanted to say this is a great list!!# also wanted to add one more incase people make it this far in the comments. But is written by a man and has some really great, honest and Godly advice! I was kinda surprised you didn’t have this one listed.

  4. Thanks so much for the mention! It’s true, we are a blog written by a couple to both men and women. We really couldn’t do it justice with out both of our unique voices.

    Megan@DoNotDisturb recently posted…Five Hindrances of Sexual Freedom: #4 InhibitionsMy Profile

  5. Great resources here Sheila! My husband and I follow Generous Husband (infact that’s how i found your blog some two or so years back , through his “posts that stood out to me this week” links :) ) Thanks for the list, i will be sharing with my readers.
    Ngina Otiende recently posted…Finding Peace in SinglenessMy Profile

  6. Sheila, you are the QUEEN of marriage / sex information and resources and are forever keeping it all updated and fresh. I, for one, am extremely grateful. Lindon and I do couples coaching and we will definitely be checking out and sharing some of your recommendations. Thanks as always! – Sherry

  7. Still trying says:

    I am glad SOME men actually care enough about their marriage to actually read these blogs. I have sent my husband many, many great marriage articles and he never reads them. I keep hoping and praying God will show him WE are important, too, not just work.

  8. Thanks for the mentions!

  9. I also like

  10. Just wanted to offer my writing for the guys. This is what I do. After learning everything the hard way, and almost ruining a twenty year marriage, we figured out how to fix it. My stuff may sound extreme, but it works.
    Glad to see your site, hopefully we can swap some articles. I am always looking for guest bloggers.

  11. Thank you for this post. I made up my mind from the very beginning of my marriage that I will be very committed to my marriage. It doesn’t matter what happens. I am committed to it.
    murphyaik recently posted…How to Locate a Good Marriage TherapistMy Profile

  12. Check out “the manly marriage manual” It is perfect for husbands, truth and a good laugh.
    Heidi recently posted…Get CounselMy Profile

  13. Love your blog and I enjoy sharing some of your great posts to my audience! If you are looking for another marriage blog from the man’s perspective I would like to share mine. It’s at Thanks!
    Troy Stoneking recently posted…What Is Love Anyway?My Profile

  14. Sheila,

    Thank you for this wonderful post! My husband was so glad to see so many blogs devoted to men. We will be using these resources for ourselves and will be sure to pass them on.

    God Bless and Be Encouraged,

    Laci Ortiz

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