More on Perimenopause, Where I’m Speaking, and Other Cool Stuff!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in Canada. And I had something amazing to be thankful for–I got to hug my oldest daughter after six weeks of not seeing her! That’s the longest we’ve ever been apart. She went off to university last month, and I’ve been pining away for her, though I’m exceedingly proud. Picked her up  yesterday and I actually started crying. Wasn’t expecting that! But we’re together for the next week, so I’m really excited.

Pink Pad App

A bunch of you were asking after my post on Perimenopause yesterday what was the app that my daughter and her friends use to track their cycles? So when I saw her I asked her. It’s Pink Pad. You can take a look! And it tracks your mood and other symptoms, too, just so they don’t come as such a shock and you can be prepared.

I’m going to MOMCon–the MOPS Convention!

Now, back to my daughter: she’s coming with me to the MOPS Convention in Kansas City this week! On Thursday I’ll be giving my Girl Talk presentation–twice!–to a whole bunch of moms of preschoolers, and I’m so excited. If any of you readers are going to be there, please make a point of coming and saying hi. I know there will be about 3000 of you, but I’ll be hanging out at my booth with my books and my manager dude (and my daughter!) when I’m not speaking or doing media, and I’d love to take some pictures with some of my regular readers. So do stop by!
Girl Talk with Sheila Wray Gregoire

I’m firming up dates for the Spring and Fall

And one of the big things that I’ll be doing there is firming up dates of WHEN I’m coming to what part of the country. I know a whole bunch of you have asked for packets on Girl Talk to see if I can bring it to your church. It’s a great evening where I use a lot of humor–and practical advice–to talk to women about how sex is supposed to work in marriage. And it’s so much fun! If you haven’t received a package, and you asked for it, just email my manager again and nudge him. But now is the time to book, because I’m really doing a first come, first serve basis. I’m booking a 10 day tour in May and a 7 day tour in April, and then another 10 day one next October. So if you want me in your part of the country for one of those, just email me and pick a date now, and then I’ll work around you.

Another HUGE Bundle Sale is Coming–Don’t Miss It!

So many of you LOVED the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale that ran last May–you got $700 worth of ebooks for $29. Well, there’s another one coming–in just one month! From November 4-November 9, you’ll get:

  • 80 + ebooks focusing on healthy living (including my 31 Days to Great Sex! But if you already have the book, you’ll still find this bundle an amazing deal)
  • Mentorship program/Coffee Table Conversations. This is such a cool feature, and it’s NEW to this bundle. Each week, for 12 weeks, you’ll get a 1-hour podcast from an author expert, and access to a private Facebook group to talk about it.
  • $150+ free bonuses like $26 of eco-friendly laundry detergent, $15 of natural soap and skincare, $15 of herbal remedies.

So you won’t want to miss it! Make sure you’re signed up for at least one of my newsletters to get notified by email–or just check in with the blog during that week!

This Bundle sale is now over, but the awesome people at the Ultimate Bundles website offer about 6 bundles a year on different topics--and it's always about $1000 worth of digital products for $29.97. Sign up to be notified of the next bundle! (They have homemaking, digital photography, healthy living, work at home business, and more!



  1. I will be at MOMcon! I’ve been blessed by your blog and am looking forward to hearing you speak!
    Stephanie recently posted…Tips for Reviving Your Prayer LifeMy Profile

  2. See you in KC! :) So excited!

  3. I’m excited about the ebook bundle and I haven’t even made it through all the books in the first one yet!
    Tessa W recently posted…Quick Tips: Bedsharing, Breastfeeding, Babywearing, BirthMy Profile

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