Ignite the Fire is Coming!

Ignite the Fire Christian Marriage Series

Ignite the Fire Christian Marriage Series

I’m so excited to announce that next week we’re launching Ignite the Fire–a 3 week series on Mondays with three awesome Christian marriage bloggers–and me!

Last year the lovely Courtney from Women Living Well got the ball rolling and suggested we do a September series on Revive Your Marriage, and we talked about working on your friendship in marriage, praying with your husband, changing your attitude, and lighting up your sex life.

I loved being a part of it all last year! We’d each write our very different takes on the subject, and then you could jump back and forth between blogs and see what everyone is saying.

This year we’re not talking about getting over major problems as much as we are encouraging everyone to “turn it up a notch”–and really ignite the fire! We’ll be talking passion, vision, and kindness, and I’m really excited.

So I hope you’ll all join me on Mondays, and then visit the other blogs, too, to see what they have to say.

Courtney from Women Living Well (who has an awesome new book coming out!)

Darlene–the Time Warp Wife (who calls us back to our calling. And she’s Canadian, too. Although she’s from Winnipeg, and it’s really, really cold there. And there are lots of mosquitoes.)

Jennifer–The Unveiled Wife (who always helps us focus on Jesus).

One of the benefits of the internet is the ability to build a community of like-minded people, even if we don’t live close together. I talk to these ladies all the time, and I’m so excited to do this series with them. I hope you’ll join us!

965311_10151396886295059_425037452_oAnd now for something completely different…

Today we get in a van with the last of her clothes and we drive to Ottawa.

There we’ll paint her room, hit Ikea to buy a desk, and hit a grocery store to stock her up on some basics.

We’ll pray the internet is set up.

We’ll laugh and clean and organize.

And then, in a few days, my husband and my youngest daughter and I will turn around and drive home, without her.

Rebecca is moving away to university.

I’m so proud of her. She’s ready. But I’m also a little melancholy today.

Here’s her take, which she wrote on her blog last month.

Rebecca loves Jesus, is eager to find some more Christian friends, is eager to find a great church, and is eager to start learning. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter. And now I just pray that God will fill her life with kindred spirits who can bless her, and fill her life with people that she can bless in return, just as she has blessed me.

Want to get all teary with me? I dare you to click through and watch this video without going through a pile of Kleenex. This is just so lovely. A man writes a song for his wife of 75 years, who just passed away, and a radio station records it for him.

A Letter from Fred


  1. Your daughter is amazing! You have so much to be proud of!

    God bless you and your family Sheila!
    Toni recently posted…He Trusts You! How Cool Is That!My Profile

  2. Exciting times! Smart move avoiding the dorms. Are you still going to do the reader question of the week?
    Leanne recently posted…Income splitting: It’s a good thing!My Profile

    • I’m not sure. I may move it to Tuesdays? Or I may just stop it for 3 weeks. I haven’t thought that far ahead yet! :)

  3. Awe, Winnipeg is actually pretty darn hot right now! We’ve been stuck over 30 degrees for over a week. And not so many mosquitoes either. But my city fogs for mosquitoes, so that might be why.

    I met Darlene years ago at a blogger brunch that was put on by another local blogger. It was really neat to meet people that you have only ever read about.
    Stacey recently posted…Where I pour out my heartMy Profile

  4. I go to church in Ottawa- there are lots of great churches here. From what you have shared with your readers, I think you’ve done a great job raising your girl and she is going to soar now. She may be out of your nest but she’s not out of God’s. :)

  5. Oh, these new stages are exciting for our kids but a bit scary for us mums! With three of our kids between 16 and 20, I live a lot of my life *loving* these times, and a lot of it desperately wanting time to stand still … I don’t want to even *think* of an empty nest! (Thankfully, we have a 10 year old ‘baby’ …. Phew!)

    Looking forward to this new series … Here on this Scottish island, our temps have dropped considerably, our winds have risen, and our nights are beginning to draw in, so this kind of ‘heat’ is just what we need 😉

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