NEW Edition of To Love, Honor and Vacuum; Fighting Acne; and More Fun Stuff!

Good morning, everyone! I have so much to fill you in on today!

To Love, Honor and Vacuum Will Soon Have a Second Edition!

Probably most of you don’t realize why this blog is called To Love, Honor and Vacuum. I started blogging in 2008, but in 2003 my first book came out. And it was called–you guessed it–To Love, Honor and Vacuum: When you feel more like a maid than a wife and a mother.

I really love that book. It summed up a philosophy of marriage and family that I had come to walking through the early years with my girls (they were 8 & 6 when it was published), and it really helped women get some perspective and focus on what was really important.

This blog was meant to support that book.

But then the blog kind of took on a life of its own. And so we went to back to my publisher and told them we’d like to update it, publishing a second edition. And this time, instead of the blog being based on the book, I want the book based on the blog. So it will have a lot of my themes (which means more about sex! There was a chapter, but it will likely be expanded), and material that you’re used to seeing from me–just so much more in depth.

I’m looking forward to writing it this summer!

And speaking of summer–

Getting Ready for More Speaking Tours–Michigan, Virginia, and Pennsylvania

I just finished my last speaking tour of the year last weekend. Yay! I’m off until early October, and I plan to do a LOT of writing. I’ve got the second edition to write, but also one other ebook and one other book proposal.

But in October I’ll be in Virginia; in November I’ll be in Michigan; and in January I’ll be in Pennsylvania. And I would love to bring my Girl Talk event to your church (where I talk about sex & intimacy). It makes an awesome outreach, and it’s always a lot of fun.

Find out more about it here, and email my booking gal here to inquire about dates, cost, etc.

Fighting Back Against Adult Acne

We’ve been talking about Fighting the Frump a lot on this blog, but I have found that one of the hardest things to deal with, especially as an adult woman, is acne. I’ve had oily skin my whole life, which has turned into a blessing as I age because I just don’t get wrinkles. But it means that I’ve fought acne a ton.

And my girls inherited that gene, and so they’ve been dealing with this throughout their teenage years, too.

acnetenefamily2I was sent an acne kit to try recently (and my 15-year-old tried it and liked it, too!). Acnetene is a kit that helps control and heal acne.  It comes with several products – AcneWash, PimplePads, PimplePaste and ClearCream.

 Each product is designed to target a specific aspect of the skin healing process.    Starting with the AcneWash, it gently cleans pores of infection, dirt and oil.  Many people don’t know that often acne is a result of dirt and bacteria on the skin, so eliminating these will help to heal the skin naturally.

The PimplePads are a daily toner that disinfects and deep cleans the pore to remove stubborn contaminants. To exfoliate and irrigate pores, there’s the PimplePaste.  It penetrates deeply to get rid of bacteria and smoothen your complexion. Finally, the ClearCream is great for moisturizing and returning hydration to the skin.

Acnetene is well known for not overly-drying the skin while eliminating acne.  It targets people that have acne due to bacteria on the skin.  People with acne due to hormonal imbalances may not benefit from this product, so if you find that it’s not having the desired effect, it may be a good idea to see a dermatologist.

One of the major benefits of Acnetene is that it uses natural formulations!  Instead of harsh, harmful chemicals, Acnetene works based on natural ingredients designed to heal.  Your skin will clear of pimples while acquiring a healthy, youthful glow! One of the things that I’ve found with a lot of acne formulations is that you’re essentially just putting alcohol on your skin. It may clear the blemishes temporarily, but it strips your skin of moisture and really throws off the pH of your skin, causing a lot of wrinkles and other problems later. Acnetene doesn’t do that.

If you are on the market for a natural acne treatment that works, Acnetene may be for you! It’s on sale right now for $49 (regular $78), so check it out!

Stopping Temper Tantrums Before they StartTrigger Points for Tantrums

Yesterday’s post on the trigger points for conflicts obviously struck a chord, and it’s been shared all over Pinterest!

It just occurred to me in looking at my pins on Pinterest, though, that I wrote a similar article about temper tantrums in kids. If we understand what actually causes tantrums, we can avoid many of them. So if you have toddlers, you need to read this: How to Stop Tantrums Before They Start.

Your Thought for the Day

I shared this on Facebook yesterday, and I wanted to share it here, too:

You cannot drift together; you only drift apart
Don’t drift in your marriage! Have fun together. Here are some posts on that:

There you go! Some thoughts for today. What’s going on in your life today? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Will you be in eastern or western PA? I can’t invite you to my church — we’re moving to near Pittsburgh this summer so we don’t have one yet! — but I’d love to hear you in January if you’ll be anywhere nearby!
    Christine Rebecca recently posted…Proof of tiesMy Profile

    • I’ll let you know! I don’t have anything booked for sure yet, but I’m trying to figure it out, and I’ll post where I’ll be closer to the date!

  2. I have never heard of Acnetene before. Is it not sold in the US? I’m an acne sufferer as well, with sensitive skin that turns to sandpaper if I even touch it with chemicals. So I’m very curious about it but can’t find much information except the links in your post.
    Melissa recently posted…Why I Don’t Miss Cable.My Profile

  3. I saw the preview on Facebook, and thought “New edition? She just did a blog refresh!” So there’s a book, eh? Congratulations on securing a second edition!
    Daniel recently posted…On What Planet?!?!My Profile

  4. Danielle says:

    Hello! I just wanted to comment on the Adult Acne… I am 31 and have been battling acne for many many years! When I was pregnant with my 3 children it cleared up and was fine for the years I was prego & about a year after. Well, my youngest is just 2 1/2 and my face has been CRAZY bad – I have been on all sorts of cleansers and medications and the only 2 that helped was Birth control, but that made me feel nutty and spironolactone (testosterone/androgen hormone blocker), but I started having bad hear palpitations. Anyhow – long story short – I knew it had to be hormonally related so I recently went in to get my hormone levels checked. My testosterone & estrogen levels were fine… but for the time of the month I was at I should had a high Progesterone level (around 28) and I was a 1!!! So my doctor put me on an OTC progesterone cream! Apparently your liver has a hard time absorbing the Progesterone in a pill form, but in putting the cream on your skin it processes it just fine. And I can NOT tell you how BIG of a difference it has made in just 2 months. My cystic acne has gone away almost completely away and the best part is the fact that I was feeling horrible in my moods and I just felt cloudy & foggy all of the time, which is NO fun. Anyhow – that has gone away and I just can’t tell you how I have battled this for SO many years and almost felt hopeless because it just hurts SO bad… not to mention as you are trying to fight the frump! SO all that to say it is always a good idea to also see what is going on internally b/c it might be a big indicator as to what is going on on the outside!

    Thanks for an amazing resource in your blog! SO much life giving wisdom!

  5. Danielle, thank you for sharing that. Sounds very similar to what I’ve been experiencing. What kind of doctor do you go to to have your levels checked?

  6. Danielle says:

    I went to a general doctor who is considered more of a naturopathic dr, but only because he has had many years study in nutrition. Sometimes a regular doctor will refuse hormone testing – so that was my 1st question when I called in to ask about an appointment. I was going to go to my gyno, but they didn’t want to do hormone testing. I strongly believe that when taking care of my body I want to target the root of the issue, not just cover the problem up! So I suggest going to a dr who will order that test. Also, the times that your progesterone are supposed to be the highest is the 3rd week of your period – a couple days before your period starts(you can google hormone levels & see charts) So when you do make an appointment I suggest making it right in that week so you will get a good result! I hope you find answers – I KNOW how hard it is!!! Praying for you to find answers!!!

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