Girl Talk–Coming Near You!

Girl Talk backdrop

Last week I flew to Minneapolis for two events: a Girl Talk night in Willmar, MN (where I give my signature talk on sex), and then a Saturday event in Hastings where I spoke first on To Love, Honor and Vacuum, and then repeated the Girl Talk talks.

Girl Talk women's event--coming near you!

(Look at the AMAZING setup they did on the stage! It looks just like my book cover):

Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex

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It was very physically stressful–I caught a horrendous stomach bug the night before I was supposed to start, and let’s just say I felt quite terrible. But a ton of people prayed and by the evening I was well enough to go on and nobody noticed (more about that in my column that’s coming out on Friday).

Sheila Wray Gregoire gives her Girl Talk event

Sheila Wray Gregoire gives her Girl Talk event

But it was really satisfying in lots of other ways, because it was just so much FUN! I love speaking on sex because it’s something that women honestly really want to talk about, and most churches don’t do a good job of covering it. I’m not shy, either; I don’t stay away from the “taboo” words that we don’t say in Christian circles (though I do it very tastefully, and not rudely). And in the second half I do a Q&A where I read through everyone’s anonymous questions and then answer them, before finishing with the rest of my talk.

The talk is divided into two parts. In the first half I talk about how God designed sex and why He made men and women so differently. We also cover how society has messed sex up, and how our culture invades our own sexuality and often messes US up.

In the second half I focus on how to improve our marriages in the three areas of intimacy in the bedroom: emotional intimacy, physical intimacy, and spiritual intimacy. And then we look at how to put it all together.

Girl Talk women's event--coming near you!


I use a lot of humor, and yet I also tell some touching stories about what it really means to make love and not just have sex.



In Willmar, when the women’s ministry committee first went to the leadership at their church, the leadership was a little hesitant. They weren’t sure they would get women out to an event like this. But the committee pressed on, certain that women really did want to talk about this. And sure enough, they had 320 women out (125 is the norm for a women’s event). And they had tons of community women, not just church women, because it’s a really easy event to bring friends to. It doesn’t sound like it’s going to be “churchy” (and it isn’t), and seekers want to hear about sex.

Girl Talk women's event--coming near you!

In Hastings, one of the organizers, who brought along a 30-something friend, said that it was just so great how I could deal with real issues and still bring it right back to God, without sounding preachy.

That was the biggest compliment anyone could give me.

I’d love to bring a Girl Talk event to your church! I get questions all the time–can you come to Ohio? Can you come to Sioux Falls? Can you come to Atlanta?

And the answer is, YES! I would gladly try to arrange a tour near you.


But I need to start somewhere, and the place that I’m mostly likely to start is a place where a church has hired me. So if you want me to come to your area, why not ask for a package of info to send to your church? I can send it directly to you, but if you’re not the women’s ministry leader, and you know the women’s ministry leader’s email address (or the marriage pastor’s email, or whomever would be the right one in your church), let me know that, too, and I can send it to them, saying that you requested it.

I’m looking at booking two tours next fall, and potentially one this June if I can arrange it in time, so I have three potential states/provinces I can get to. But it’s really whoever responds first and actually books me that determines where I go.

Finally, if you’re in NASHVILLE–I’m COMING in April (my husband’s at a conference, so I’m tagging along) and my days are quite free. I’d love to stop by your Bible study group, or MOPS group, or maybe even set up an impromptu night event. Let me know, because you wouldn’t have to pay travel expenses or my usual fee since I’m already there.

I’d love to join you.

And remember–if you want to go even DEEPER than a Girl Talk night, you can sign up for my 6-week, indepth online class on The Good Girls Guide to Great Sex, where we’ll cover even more!


  1. Amanda Goodfellow says:

    I am interested in having you come speak to our ladies. I am a team leader of our women’s ministry and my husband and I lead our marriage ministry. Please send me an information packet.

    Thank you!

  2. I am also interested in receiving an information packet I can take to the church board. Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much for coming to Willmar. It was awesome and I have had many come up to me since Friday saying how it was just what they needed to hear. :-)

  4. Sandra Houtz says:

    I’d love to see you in PA! We have visited TN two years in a row … such a nice area … we go to the Pigeon Forge area and rent a cabin … great times! But we won’t be there in April … we dairy farm and don’t “vaca” until late fall :( Any chance of a workbook or something like that to companion your book?

  5. I went to your talk in Willmar, you did a fantastic job! You were the talk of the town on Saturday (in a good way). It was great meeting you after reading your blog.

  6. Had a wonderful time on Friday in Willmar. Perfect girls night out. Now enjoying your books too. Thank you for saying just what I needed to hear. God bless :)

  7. i am so excited to to see you touching so many lives in this area. I know you already do on your blog but it is great to see the pics of you speaking, I will be e-mailing you for a packet…
    kimberly amici recently posted…Memory Verse – Week of March 18thMy Profile

  8. Kristi Winings says:

    Your talks look amazing. Your online conference looks awesome as well. There is no way on earth I could afford such a thing but am eating up your blog articles as fast as I can. We have really struggled in this topic since we were married in 1996. I’m finally to a point of being ready to work on it. Your information is direct, funny, non-gory and very helpful. Thank you for all you do. Keep up the good work.

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