Nurture Your Marriage this Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

I know some of you are so excited. You’ve bought the gift, you’re planning the dinner, and everything will be perfect.

And some of you are just in a funk. Your relationship isn’t going well right now, and how can you pretend to be all lovey-dovey when you’re not? They say that Valentine’s Day is hardest for single people, but I’m not sure that’s true. I think sometimes it’s hardest for those who are married but struggling.

Ticket for Wife SOSI’d just say to those of you who are sad today, try to love anyway. I know it’s hard, but sometimes that can be the first step in a longer journey towards wholeness.

And if that’s what you’re looking for, here are three opportunities to build your marriage:

1. WifeSOS conference–TODAY!

I’m joining my friend Marnie as she hosts this WifeSOS event. It’s so much fun! You can listen free on the internet (or by phone), and it’s four hours of amazing mentoring from some of my favourite women. And interspersed there will be some great worship leaders and some chances to win books (including The Good Girls Guide to Great Sex)!

I’ll be speaking about sex in marriage, so if you’ve ever wanted to actually hear my voice, and not just read my words, now’s the time! Pam Farrel, of Men are Like Waffles, Women are Like Spaghetti, fame is up first (Pam also wrote the foreword to my book)! Vicki Tiede, who was featured on this blog a while back talking about how to handle it when you discover your husband is using pornography, will be there, as will Kathi Lipp, who is such a funny woman and who will be talking about how to pray God’s word for your husband.

And did I say it’s FREE?

It’s Free.

So head on over and sign up to get the invite!

2. A Day Together Marriage Day

Live in Alberta? I just want to do a shout out for the Day Together . Put on by FamilyLife and held at Cross Pointe church in Calgary on March 2, it’s a wonderful day to renew your marriage.

A Day TogetherAnd if you’re still looking for that perfect Valentines gift for your spouse, check out the Valentines promotion for A Day Together!  If you register by February 14, 2013, and enter “win romance” in the other category of the “how did you hear about this conference” question, you will be entered to WIN a ROMANCE Package including dinner at Earls Restaraunt, and the book “Love That Lasts” by Mike Woodard.  Only until Valentines Day!

Once you have registered, you can increase your chances of winning.  Just share this promotion with your friends and when they register tell them to put your name in the “other” category of the “how did you hear about this conference” question, and you will both be entered in the draw. It’s that easy!

3. Win a whole FamilyLife Canada conference!

Finally, if you want more than just a Day Together, you can win an entire Weekend to Remember conference–lodging included! This is an awesome deal, and since Keith and I speak at quite a few of them, you may even get us!

FamilyLife Canada Photo Contest

You have until February 25 to upload a photo–and it’s super easy to do! Need a “fabulous” family photo? Here’s one of my favourites from some friends of mine:

Awesome Family Picture

Just do something funny like that! Or take a look through Pinterest for some ideas (and follow me while you’re there!).

Weekend to Remember is held in Canada every year in the Maritimes (usually Fredericton or Halifax), in Niagara Falls, in Barrie, in Whistler, in Victoria, and in Banff. What an awesome getaway!

And now, my friends, I just want to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. May your heart be softened towards your spouse. May God give you gratitude and love for your whole family. May God work on your hearts so that you will forever be connected so intimately that nothing can come between you. Where there are big problems, remember that God is still bigger. Where there is heartache, remember that Jesus has seen it all. And may we fall more in love with God and become the people that He wants us to be, which will also make us the wives (and husbands) that we want to be, too!

(Oh, and do join me today for the WifeSOS event! Even if you can only catch part of it.)

My thanks to the Bandy family for this awesome picture, which I’m going to use in a contest of my own soon. The older girl, the one with the awesome expression on her face, is a good friend of my oldest daughter. The middle girl, on the furthest left, is a good friend of my youngest daughter. I think this is super!


  1. I think you should come live in Texas, then the stuff you share would be closer to me! 😉

    That picture is hilarious!!
    Megan G. recently posted…Happy Love Day!My Profile

  2. Absolutely LOVE that picture!!! My smile for the day :)

  3. the link for todays event is not working?

    • Really? Oh, dear. I’ll go fix it. It should be just

      • It’s working in DEEP SOUTH TEXAS (wink-wink;D
        I’ve never been able to do anything like this before; very excited! Hubby’s working so I planned my day so I could be close to my computer all afternoon! I thought I wculd get some tidying up done around here while listening BUT I’ve not been able to put down my Wifey notebook and pen YET! Looking forward to hearing you in the 2nd half!

  4. I love that picture Sheila! I have three daughters and I would love for my husband and I to gross them out in the future.
    Also just hearing about WifeSos, anyway I can listen to it after the event?

    • Hi Ollie,

      I’m pretty sure it was recorded, so if you go on over and register you may be able to access the recording even afterwards!

  5. Is the wife sos thing available belatedly?
    Jenny recently posted…I hate menMy Profile

  6. Lorraine Taylor says:

    Hi Sheila,

    Great tips for a great Valentine’s Day. Phil and I had such a good time. My goal is to also help our kids have a fun time and a date so I work hard to watch grandkids during the week. Mission was accomplished, Monday and Wed. nights were for my kids and grandkids and I actually got my big date on the 14th, 35 years celebrating with my man. Phil and I will be speaking at the Day to Remember on March 2nd, looking forward to a wonderful time. Just finished your book Sheila, tons of tips and info and I love the real stories, everything we go through can be used to help and encourage others. Keep up the good work, girl!!!

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