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Today I’m got a special treat for you! I know so many of you have little ones at home, and I’ve got a chance for you to win $60 towards redoing your child’s room in these gorgeous designs.

Evgie and Ev from Evgie.com are real gals with passion and expertise in digital illustration, interior decoration and wall decals design. And they’ve created a whole collection of wall decals that you can put on your walls–and easily remove again–without messing up the paint. No more painting murals that you’re stuck with forever. Now you can decorate your child’s room as they like it, just for today.

Today they are giving away a $60 coupon to one of YOU!  Here’s what you need to do:

1) Go to Evgie.com and find your favorite products.  (Like Outer Space Wall decals, for instance)

2) Share them on facebook, twitter and/or pinterest.

3) THEN, come back and leave a comment, saying which product you liked!

That’s all!


20% Off in February for all packages (even overseas) Free shipping if it is over $150. Every package has freebies.


Monkeys, Zebras, Lions, Oh, my!

A few words About Evgie & Ev:

They write:

“Each of us liked drawing very much since childhood, so much so that it became our profession. With vinyl wall decals being the latest trend in home decor it was the perfect field to dive into. The warm response to our illustrations and design work eventually allowed us to set up a wall decal studio. Our constant personal engagement with the home and interior décor field led us to this venture.

Decals are easy to apply, easy to remove, easy to tailor to a specific wall or surface – we offer handmade large and small vinyl wall stickers with our designs and ideas for kids’ and grown-up’s rooms.


Elephants and Monkeys!

We start with an idea, a pencil and blank paper and then render our designs digitally for vinyl cutting. We view walls as backgrounds for living. We have started this decal studio in 2010 and pretty soon it became our full time job and engagement. It is a pleasure to get your feedback and one of the most enjoyable things is to see our decals on your wall or that of your toddler, in your nursery or living room. We also know that it is really fun to put our wall decals design on the wall, even if it take some time and a very little skill, this itself makes this product so attractive. If you decide to go with the whole wall decals theme you won’t regret it. It changes your walls, your space and places your little one in a world surrounded by a jungle or safari, forest or just friendly animals.”


Outer Space

And they don’t just have nursery wall decals. They have lots more–including wall decals for grown ups! (I think this one is stunning). Head on over, look around, tweet or pin one that you like, and then come back here and tell us about it! And one person will win $60 towards their order. I’ll do the draw Saturday, February 23 at 11:59 p.m. (or thereabouts :) ). One comment will win.

Remember, it’s 20% off in the month of February. So check it out, pin or Facebook the one you like, and come back here and tell me what you did (and what one you liked!).  Happy hunting!

UPDATE: Remember to tell me where you shared it for your chance to win!


  1. I pinned the birch trees. I would love to put it in our basement family room AKA: tennagers gathering space

  2. I love the castle wall decal. My daughter tells me she wants to live in a castle someday!

  3. They are all amazing! I really like the fairy tree personally, but my son would probably like the monkeys best. :)

  4. I like the dog under tree one. My daughter’s room would be perfect for this one! (Is this a US or Canada only???)

  5. I pinned the birch trees wall decal. Loved it. I would use it in our family room upstairs.

  6. I pinned the Birch tress. We have the same beige walls. I would love it in our master bedroom.

  7. Pinning the flying dandelion. I love those flowers — call them weeds if you will — and would love to blow all the fluff on the ones growing in our yard. This decal reminds me of that whimsical memory.
    Amy recently posted…Purge Your Heart, Keep the PeopleMy Profile

  8. Christina Rice says:

    I pinned the Jungle theme. We are ready to start our family and a jungle theme would be adorable for any baby!

  9. Oh, and yea, Sheila! I see the HTML for your button over there! New?
    Amy recently posted…Purge Your Heart, Keep the PeopleMy Profile

  10. My favourite is Squirrels On the Tree with Baby Deer and Birds; I pinned it and Three Owls and the Tree.
    Bobbiann recently posted…By SearchingMy Profile

  11. I love the family tree decal w/ butterflies!

  12. I love the cherry blossoms and birds!

  13. I pinned the Family Tree decal. I have a space on my wall reserved for such. I have been looking for a decal but haven’t found exactly what I wanted. Now I have. 😉

  14. I loved so many of these! The monkeys are all so cute. Love the ocean life because I’m an ocean girl. But I pinned the dinosaur themed decals for our nephew. He’s about to have his first baby and the nursery is dinosaur themed.
    Rena Gunther recently posted…Brandon {21}My Profile

  15. I loved the RED cherry blossoms! The colour contrast really adds a bit of drama to any room. It would look great over a couch, or in a bedroom.
    I am not quite at the kids stage, but their sure are some great ones for young kids and making their rooms a more magical place. What a great way to liven up their imagination!

  16. They have a ton of decals! But I think my favourite is the first one of birch trees, and the other birch tree one too. I pinned them on pinterest. I just moved my daughter into her new room in preparation for our son coming in April, so I can definitely think of a place for these!

  17. I LOVE the red cherry blossoms one. It is so gorgeous!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!!!
    Brittany Brines recently posted…FriendsMy Profile

  18. This is a great giveaway idea! I really loved the Cherry Blossom Tree with Birds. It would match perfectly in my youngest daughter’s room. I pinned it and shared on FB. =)

  19. mongupp (@mongupp) says:

    i tweeted the cherry blossoms – blossom moments. all the cherry blossom decals look delightful!

  20. Family tree decal or birch trees, so many pretty things!

  21. I love the Space wall W astronaut.I love them all but my 4 yo would be delighted w the space one:) Shared it on FB

  22. I pinned it! Would love this in my daughters room!

  23. I pinned FAIRYLAND TREE WITH FLOWERS AND STARS. Loved them all.

  24. laura panunto says:

    I pinned the fairy tree. Love it for my daughters room

  25. Loved the “Don’t forget to kiss me goodnight” that is just adorable! They were all AMAZING!

  26. I’ve looked all over or decals like the flowers and couldn’t find them. Perfect my littles’ room :)

  27. I pinned BOYS WALL DECAL – TREASURE ISLAND ART. Our first baby is coming in July….this would be so great in his nursery!
    Bonnie recently posted…Gender Reveal?My Profile

  28. I pinned the birch trees. They are beautiful and a great way to bring one of my favorite trees into the house and without the allergies. :-)

  29. Love them all! The outer space is one of my favorites :)

  30. I pinned the Shelving Tree design! All the designs are so neat!

  31. Love the cherry blossoms and monkeys!!

  32. We’re HUGE ocean lovers and the ‘underwater/sea theme’ would be adorable in our daughters playroom!! And also, Thanks for being awesome Sheila!

  33. We love the multicolored wild flowers and the blossom trees. I have a 4 year old who would love new room decor.

  34. Couldn’t decide between the birch trees and the trees with birdcages and birds. Finally ended up pinning the trees with birdcages decal. I would love to do somethingk like this in my guest room.

  35. I pinned the monkeys and giraffe. My toddler loves monkeys.

  36. They are all so beautiful and bold! I pinned the Elegant Cherry Blossom decal… it would be a lovely way to add a pop of color to a bedroom or living room. I’m a classical girl, so red and black are always a favorite!
    Antoinette recently posted…A Sister’s LoveMy Profile

  37. So fun! My favorite is the multicolored abstract wild flowers. My girls would love those around their room!

  38. Love the monkeys & giraffes for my little guy!

  39. Oooo I’ll play! I love the red cherry blossoms and I pinned it. I want it for my bedroom… trying to make it a sanctuary for me and my man! Thanks for the chance to win.
    Mary Newman recently posted…New kitchen counters, sink & faucetMy Profile

  40. amy bishop says:

    I shared the “Tree with Owls” on Facebook. My best girl friend just adopted a nb boy & she’s planning on doing his nursery in owls. I tagged her knowing that she’d love it!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. My kids are grown, but my grandson would adore the DINOSAURS BY THE LAKE. I posted it on my facebook page

  42. Melissa Swientoniowski says:

    Love the cherry blossoms:-) pinned and shared

  43. Nora Beylerian says:

    I pinned the family tree one with butterflies.

  44. I love the tree with owls decor. So cute!!!

  45. Vibrant abstract wall flowers is my favorite!!

  46. Thanks for a chance to win:) I really like the white family tree decal – beautiful!

  47. Elephants and Monkeys would be perfect for my son’s jungle themed room!

  48. I shared the cherry blossoms on fb. We just moved, and this would look perfect with my daughter’s bedding. The blank walls are driving me nuts! The underwater one would be awesome in our schoolroom, too. :)

  49. Really like the family tree w/ butterflies decal. So pretty

  50. michelle mccormack says:

    Love the birtch trees!!!

  51. I really enjoyed all of them but I did paste it on fb, pinterest and tweeter The Vinyl Polka Dots Decal for living room or hallway but I have two little boys that love bright colors :)

  52. April Howard says:

    I posted the safari theme on facebook. I am 33 weeks pregnant with a girl, but will be switching rooms around with my 2 year old boy and 4 year old girl. Not sure how we are going to decorate what and I think this would be cute for a girl or boy.

  53. I wasn’t going to enter…until I saw the Dinosaurs by the Lake. My boys would LOVE that! Thanks for a great giveaway! :)

  54. I love them all but most especially the red cherry blossoms with birds AND the forest creatures. I pinned them. Thank you.

  55. I love the decals! The best I think for my little lady would be the cherry blossom. So pretty. Thanks for the opportunity :) Oh, I pinned that chioce.

  56. Forest Animals and I liked it on facebook!

  57. Jennifer Roberts says:

    I really like both the cherry blossom tree and the “Don’t Forget to Kiss Me Goodnight” quote-I shared both of these on Facebook. These would be wonderful over our master bed. We moved into our house this past July, and we don’t have anything over our bed yet. Wall decals are actually exactly what we have been considering!

  58. Our town is known for it’s big game ranches and wild deer, so I really liked the buck in the forest. I liked how the one hallway split the trees- I think I’d do that!

  59. Rhonda Rhoades says:

    I love them all, but I picked the Tree Shelf because it would work with decorating boy or girl rooms and allows you to put keepsakes right on the “tree”. Adorable

  60. Pinned the beautiful birch trees http://pinterest.com/pin/112238215685582094/

  61. Oh my! How to choose just one! I see one my DH would love – wild life silouette, my DD would love the magic princess castle, the safari ones would be great for the younger boys and I’m imagining the family tree one on my livingroom wall with three scrapbook pages hanging from it. Shared the site with my scrappy forum friends at “Sisterhood of Scrap”.

  62. Michele Tully says:

    LOVE the safari ones and we’re actually shopping for wall decals for a room makeover for our toddler right now!

  63. I love the forest animals for the nursery for our little one on the way!

  64. So many great ones! It’s hard to choose, but I love…
    Dragonflies Sakura Cherry Tree Branch Children Wall Sticker –
    Don’t forget to kiss me good night quote,
    Once Upon a Time quote and the
    Safari Growth Chart Sticker
    My two youngest share a room since we moved to be closer to family, and they would love any of these.

  65. shari steel says:

    Deer Silhouette in the Forest is the one my 5 year old grandson loved. He said it reminds him of camping at night with us….

  66. I pinned the “Don’t forget to kiss me good night” wall quote. Would be so great to have something “new” for baby #5.

  67. Would love the trees with the birds for our bedroom.

  68. We just bought our fist house and it’s a fixer-upper to say the least. These would be so fun and great, easy too, to beautify our spaces.
    I’m pinning these now.
    Jamie recently posted…Healthy Kids- cold weather activites.My Profile

  69. My daughter has just moved into a new home and in the last home her son’s room and bathroom was decorated in monkeys. I would love to have the one of “Monkeys” with the growth chart. Wall Decals are the only way to decorate now with how easy they are to put up and take down.

  70. Blessie Nelson says:

    Totally loved the bambi decal! Shared on Pinterest!

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