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  1. Shonda
    December 10, 2012

    I’m giving my husband the 31 Days book that I had printed at Office Max and a box of chocolates from Trader Joes.

    • Sheila
      December 10, 2012

      Cool! You printed it out, eh? I hope it looks good!

  2. Shelli
    December 10, 2012

    My guy is going to get some nice (more expensive than usual) coffee beans in his stocking. I want to try that Wizard game too!
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  3. Rachael
    December 10, 2012

    Honestly, these are all tacky for my man and we’ve already read through 31 Days… anyone else have any ideas? I don’t have a handyman; he doesn’t like games; and the man buys more boxers and underwear than I’ve ever seen a guy buy. lol

    • Stacy
      December 10, 2012

      Just because you man doesn’t like any of those things, doesn’t mean they are tacky. My husband (and many others) would love to get some of these things. When you criticize someone’s ideas, it can be hurtful. I hope you find some gifts that your man will like.
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  4. Phil
    December 10, 2012

    As a guy, I can say the following are things one never has too many of:

    – Interchangeable bit screwdrivers
    – Small bright flashlights (the new LED ones are great)
    – Small pocket/utility knives (I keep some around the house, in my office, in my computer bag, etc.)
    – Really, most anything else found in the cheap gift section of the home improvement stores are useful

    Also, the following can be useful in a pinch as well (but some may not be in the “pocket change” price level:
    – External battery packs for a cellphone (charge it up, then it will give a few more hours of use while on the go, just know what kind of device he uses)
    – Gift cards to places like coffee shops, gas stations, etc. (nothing like a snack on the go)
    – Ear warmers or light gloves (good for walking the dog or when that cold snap hits a few hours early and the cold weather gear is still at home)
    – Decent pens (something that’s a little more special than a disposable)
    – Decent quality travel mugs for hot beverages

    Got any ideas for the women in our lives, or is that one tomorrow?

    • Stacy
      December 10, 2012

      Great ideas!
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    • Sheila
      December 10, 2012

      Thank you, Phil! I really appreciate that. The gloves and pens are a great idea I missed. Maybe I’ll add them in now!

      And I’ll try to write one up for women. What slant would you like? Ways to romance your wife in her stocking?

      • Phil
        December 10, 2012

        Romance is fine, but some more generic things are good too. I’d say a bit of variety would be helpful.

        This bigger gifts are easy to think up, it’s the stocking that gets difficult. So I guess we could say men and women are much alike in this regard.

      • ButterflyWings
        December 17, 2012

        Phil you’d like to know what to buy a woman? Go with the first half of your list… those are all great things that many women I know would love.

      • lacey
        December 18, 2012

        Bath and Body Works-
        Lotions, perfumes, lip gloss, nail polish, hair accessories, Victoria secret gift cards, Godiva Chocolates!

    • MZ
      December 12, 2012

      I snickered when I saw pens in your list. My husband asked for “a stash of pens the kids can’t get into.” Understandable! He’ll be getting many!

  5. Megan
    December 10, 2012

    For the baker: a cooking torch, measuring cups, measuring spoons, a bag of high quality spices or sugar

    Another favorite in our house: Rolos (or another favorite sweet treat) inside of a new coffee travel mug (Target has some awesome recycled plastic travelers that don’t leak and can go in the microwave and dishwasher)

  6. Corrie Anne
    December 10, 2012

    Fun ideas! I just bought my husband this dirty solid perfume from Lush: http://www.lushusa.com/Dirty-solid-perfume/03295,en_US,pd.html
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  7. Amy
    December 10, 2012

    I have to say, Phil, girls are so easy! :o) 1)Lotion, 2)if she uses body wash you could do a special kind she would never buy herself w/ a new mesh wash ball, 3)perfume, 4)gift cards to her fav. places, 5)massage/ manicure/pedicure gift card from a great spa, 6)comfy socks, 7)jewelry, 8)nail polish, 9) candles, 10) iTunes gift card, 11) some good chocolate, 12) a wad of cash so she can go shopping 13) a DVD of a movie she loves…that’s all for now. :o)

    • ladybug
      December 10, 2012

      Try telling my hubby I’m really easy to buy for! He has the hardest time even if I drop MAJOR hints or even out and out tell him! Really, I’d be happy with a promise of more O’s in the coming new year! Not to be TMI, but getting him to give me an O is like asking him to have a root canal!

      • Anonymous
        December 11, 2012

        That is so sad! Hasn’t he figured out that a satisfied wife will want sex more, which is beneficial for him too? Not to mention all the posts on here about loving & serving each other…

      • amanda
        December 13, 2012

        i’d like to ask for more o’s too! glad i’m not the only one who has thought of this. ;)

    • Sonia Irwin
      August 27, 2013

      And a small bouquet (or two) of flowers always works for me!

    • Laura
      September 23, 2013

      Maybe most girls are easy in that sense, aside from the gift cards/cash, DVD’s and comfy socks I wouldn’t want anything else you listed.

      However, I’m still quite easy. If it’s something I can use in my garden or for my horse, I’ll love it. That and hair ties/bobby pins, because for whatever reason those disappear into the abyss all the time.

  8. Caroline
    December 10, 2012

    LOL, I always do the beef jerky idea — so easy and he always loves it. Often I will put in a tube of foot cream because he loooooves to have his feet rubbed. I usually put in cans of blue diamond almonds that he can nosh on in the truck or at work. He’s getting undies probably too this year though they won’t fit in the stocking ….

  9. Rhonda Coleman
    December 10, 2012

    Items that will be in my hubby’s stocking: Chapstick! His own personal sticky note pads (golf theme); Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar (KING SIZE – his favorite); Bath & Body Works Body Wash (men’s fragrance of course); ANYTHING golf-gadgety (tees, a sleeve of his favorite golf balls, divot tool, ball marker, etc). This year – his own ear buds so I can have mine back!! And, a “special” stuffer this year – coupon for a round of golf at the Greenbrier. Special because he had shoulder surgery earlier this year and will FINALLY be able to play again when spring hits West Virginia!!

  10. Cherawa
    December 10, 2012

    How about a nice container of coconut oil? It makes a great massage oil and more.

  11. Danielle
    December 10, 2012

    My husband and I have a tradition for stocking stuffers. We go to the dollar store and we have five minutes and five dollars to find something for each other. It has to have some kind of meaning and not just a random thing we picked up. It’s a fun activity that we do and funny to hear what he thinks would be meaningful for me. I did score a bath tub pillow one year that made me very happy! It’s cheap and fun!

  12. Hannah Williams
    December 11, 2012

    Great ideas, Sheila. I happen to love the scent of Old Spice, as does my husband. For Christmas, we exchange our favorite candies in our stockings and last year we gave each other different card games (I gave him Star Wars playing cards and he gave me Phase 10). But I like the boxers idea ;o) for a private Christmas stocking like Lori over at The Generous Wife suggested. Gave him Star Trek boxers on our wedding night, and we got married right after Christmas. Think I might have to try that again.
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  13. L
    December 11, 2012

    My husband LOVES getting snacks in his stocking – chocolate; pumpkin or sunflower seeds; wasabi peas; nuts; weird jerky like buffalo or alligator; beverages like kombucha or frappuccinos; chocolate-covered espresso beans; and anything else he wouldn’t normally get!

    Other things I put in there: pens and mechanical pencils; a new yearly planner; a homemade gift certificate of an album I sneakily downloaded on his iPhone; hand salve: unscented, non-shiny (i.e. manly :-) Chapstick; a new toothbrush or razor; etc.

    I personally think stockings are the easiest and funnest part!! :-)

  14. L
    December 11, 2012

    And my suggestions for stocking stuffers for women:

    – Anything pampering like lotion, chapstick, nail polish, perfume, body wash, lip gloss, etc.
    – Chocolate!! {duh :-) }
    – Sonic happy hour gift card
    – Kindle gift card
    – Pretty notepads, blank cards, or stationary
    – Sharpie pens (not the markers, they make colored pens now!)
    – Kitchen gadgets like measuring spoons, a new knife, a nice spatula, cookie scoop, etc.
    – Pretty new comfy undies
    – Homemade coupons for a back/foot rub
    – Yummy-smelling votive candles
    – Favorite mascara, eyeshadow, powder, etc.
    – New phone case
    – Journal or planner
    – DVD of a favorite movie
    – Car charger for phone or wall charger for work
    – Travel brush
    – Keychain
    – Jewelry of course! :-)
    – Pretty scarf or gloves

    • Sheila
      December 11, 2012

      Great list! Thanks!

  15. Jamie
    December 11, 2012

    Other good ones that win big:
    *Scratch offs*whisky rocks*paperback*mini speaker for MP3/Iphone*Andes Mints*LivingSocial/Groupn/Restaurant.com deals*More Scratch Offs :)

  16. David
    December 12, 2012

    Honestly, if DW gave me a coupon booklet for some “treats” in the bedroom on each gift-giving occasion, she would never need to spend a penny. That’s all I really want from her.

  17. Chrissy
    December 13, 2012

    Well, not all girls are the same. For the tomboys in your life:

    -A couple boxes of her favorite rounds.
    -New EO Tech sight for a Semi- Automatic/Rifle.
    -Any kind of the LED compact lights that runson regular batteries instead of special-sized lithium batteries that only that specific company makes.
    -Pink shooting glasses.
    -A new pair of shades, Coach are nice but so are Oakley ;)
    -Flavored chapstick
    -Manicures/Pedicures are nice, but are also a scary place to pick up a fungus. I will not go to those places. I do my own nails and they look so much better.
    -A really comfy set of expensive high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. I cannot afford the $400 comforter but what touches my skin will feel awesome.
    -A new really thick bathrobe, because you always steal mine outside the shower door.
    -For girls with sensitive skin or their face is always breaking out, expect to pay over $150 to get the Lancome starter kit for ultra sensitive skin that does not turn them into a strawberry. Buying cheap skin stuff is like buying cheap beer. Quality matters.
    -Walk into a sporting goods store, turn to her and tell her…”We are here to shop for you today, not me. You cannot pick out ANYTHING for me, not even a stocking stuffer.” Total turn on if she is a tom-boy! Make sure to have a limit either by pieces or amount, otherwise you will go broke.
    -I have jewelry, but I brake it so easily that is just sits in a pretty box and looks…..well…..pretty. To me, that is like buying you a tye, aftershave, a leather wallet or a damn ascot, way too bland. Realize I have had to reset my wedding ring four times due to breakage.
    -Running shoes!!!!!!
    -Not all women like smelly lotions, candles beyond a campground, or stripping naked to have someone else rub oil on them (almost as bad as a gyno visit).

    • Sheila
      December 13, 2012

      That’s awesome! And it made me laugh. Key thought, guys: KNOW YOUR WIFE!!!

    • ButterflyWings
      December 17, 2012

      Love your post Chrissy!

      Anything shooting related sounds cool – for now though I’d settle for a few lessons and a membership of the local club – gun laws here in Australia are too strict so owning one’s own gun is too complicated.

      I’d love if my husband took me to a sports store – I need weightlifting gloves, some MMA gloves, and some other gear as well for training. And there are heaps of stuff I’d love to get just for fun too.

      lol like you, my husband steals my bathrobe – a big furry purple girly one which he runs off with because it’s so comfortable.

      like you, I have sensitive skin and hate lotions with a passion.

      I’ve been thinking all night I’d love to suggest to hubby to buy me the weightlifting gloves for christmas. At $25 it’s a lot more than he’d usually spend, but it’s half the price of what he bought for himself, so he might go for it.

      • Kristina
        August 27, 2013

        it’s not just me?! My robe is fuzzy with big polka dots.
        -I think last year I got a package of party poppers. It was kinda fun. Sometimes it’s just fun to laugh

        -GOOD chocolate. And no, Hershey’s doesn’t count. (for some women this is butterscotch or another sweet)

        -Mints: For the woman who loves chocolate AND mints http://www.worldsfinestchocolate.com/ has chocolate mints (Mint Meltaways) that are super yummy.

        -Maybe a gift certificate to learn something you like to do, that she’s shown an interest in…but is clueless about and hasn’t fully tried. She may feel too intimidated to jump into an activity with you-and you MAY not be the best to teach her. (gun safety/hunting class, ski lessons, motorcycle riding lessons, football 101) again KNOW your wife. Getting her lessons for something YOU want her to do, that she doesn’t WANT to know more about…not smart ;) We want to be able to enjoy SOME of the things you enjoy WITH you. But some things we are quite happy to sit out on.

    • Hippie4ever
      December 21, 2013

      Ahh. I too broke all my jewelry till I was introduced to James Avery designs, jewelry (most pieces) that can take a tomboy’s abuse. Love the line : ” like buying you a tie”. http://www.jamesavery.com/

  18. amanda
    December 13, 2012

    my husband loves tabasco sauce on everything, so he’ll be getting a bottle of that in his stocking and probably some beef jerky, too. i don’t like either of those things, so there is no chance that i’ll end up sharing with him. i’d love it if he’d pick out some new panties for me, because i can never seem to buy any that actually turn him on and it would be fun to know that i’m wearing something he likes.

  19. Laura B
    December 17, 2012

    I just bought my son a tube of camoflauge chapstick from Walmart. Maybe a good idea for hunters in the family?

  20. MamaC
    December 25, 2012

    So I ended up buying 31 Days… for my husband and I. I printed off and gave him your love coupons and the ‘voucher’ saying I want to work through the 31 Days book with him as one of his Christmas presents.
    Anybody else have it backfire on them? He sees it as basically me telling him we don’t have enough sex. We’ve had some ‘dry spells’ except for the past few weeks. I did not give it coming from that place – I told him it was meant to help us grow closer together.
    Any ideas? I did not expect this outcome at all…

  21. Ms.T
    August 27, 2013

    MamaC – I know your post was 8 months ago but it saddened me to see his response to your gift. I hope you were able to show him that the gift was heartfelt and he accepted that. I am guessing that he, too, was feeling the pressure of the difference in intimacy. It’s hard to acknowledge sometimes, and intimacy is definitely something that a couple must both work on together. I just wanted to send you some support, and good thoughts. I hope you guys worked it and it worked for you! Blessings. Ms. T

    • MamaC
      August 27, 2013

      Hi Ms.T-
      I just got a notification that there was a new comment :)
      Well it turns out that my husband cheated on me last summer (didn’t know about it at Christmas) and I found out about it this year. I decided to give him a second chance and we’ve been going to marriage counseling for 6 months. But this summer I found out he has a drug abuse problem. And that, combined with the behaviors he’s still exhibiting and choices he’s still making to seek relationships outside of our marriage have lead me to end the marriage. Plus, he’s not really trying to recover from the addiction and I think is still using. I’m sad that it’s come to this, but I cannot change him and continually hurts me.

      • Laura
        September 23, 2013

        :-( So sorry for you…but, it sounds like you really deserve better. Sending virtual hugs!

  22. Sandy in Los Angeles
    August 27, 2013

    It is interesting that you mentioned the card game Euchre. I grew up on Ohio and played Euchre a lot! I moved to California and nobody knows how to play. I have found that most people in the US who play live in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. I guess the game went North also (or perhaps came south).

  23. Mindy K
    September 21, 2013

    Some of the best things I’ve ever put in my husband’s stocking are:
    Drill bits
    Batteries (the kids always use them up, so more is better, no?)
    Pez dispensers, or a similar dose of silliness, such as a Hot Wheels car
    Brach’s pick a mix candy
    MAG Lights. (I stuffed one in a stocking one year with 3 lbs of candy rammed around it!)
    Coffee samples
    Money…plain old cash… inside a pair of socks
    Leathermen’s or Gerber tools
    Mini photo holders with the kids’ pictures in them (these were sent to him while he was deployed)
    See’s Candies. Guys like chocolate, too!
    Sappy little tiny cards- the kind you put on a flower arrangement, with words just “for him”
    Pen & pencil set
    Gift card to his favorite store, with a “night off” coupon
    However, I’ve done all these, so your ideas are a great help! Thanks for helping me out this year!

    • Sheila
      September 21, 2013

      Those are awesome ideas! I’ll add those to the list. I want to update this anyway, so these are great!

  24. Emily
    September 23, 2013

    Loved all these ideas! I am planning my Christmas gifts early and these are definitely going to help.

    Last Christmas I gave my husband a few “different” things that he still uses months later:
    – knife sharpener
    – wall mounted bottle opener
    – work/yard gloves
    – high quality sketch pencils
    – a mini sketch pad to bring to work
    – my husband loves the feeling of new socks
    – foot salve for dry, cracked heels
    – mighty wallet

    My husband is Infantry in the Army so I like to buy him useful things for work
    – Fox River military socks (his FAVORITE socks)
    – extra name tape
    – a new PC
    – extra rank patches

  25. Heather
    November 2, 2013

    I’ve thought about doing a sexy stocking (see the one at The Dating Divas), but am at a loss for what to put in it. I don’t want to spend much, but hubby doesn’t like love coupons because he forgets to use them. Any inexpensive ideas?

    • Kate
      November 18, 2013

      A pair of sexy underwear for him, and for you ;) Chocolate syrup, a few different kinds of back massagers (I found ones identical to $10 versions at the dollar store!), a blindfold, and a cd with sultry music to make love to. A nice set of sheets that feel great. And candles– tea lights and little holders at the dollar store, and you can put them all around the room. A set of sexy dice (you can make your own even) that tell you what the other person gets next. A gift certificate for dinner out to start the evening off!

  26. Kristine
    November 11, 2013

    Guitar strings & picks for the music guy!! Guitar center has all kinds of neat things!!

  27. A Ranch Mom
    November 12, 2013

    I love Old Spice – unfortunately my Man is allergic to it. :( but still – great idea!
    We’ve never done stockings, just one gift under the tree – but this post makes me want to hang some up this year! :) My Husband loves reading your blog, btw. :D
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  28. Veronica
    November 12, 2013

    Sheila, I love these ideas thank you for sharing!

    Unfortunately I keep getting a 404 page when I try to get the free love coupons though, any chance you can update the link so I can get ahold of those, I would love to have them since money is tight for us this year!

    Thank you again, it’s going to be a very Merry Christmas for sure!


    • Sheila
      November 12, 2013

      Sorry! I’ll fix it now.

      • Veronica
        November 12, 2013

        Thank you, got it!

  29. CC07
    November 15, 2013

    We love music so a cd is a great stocking stuffer in our house. I have made my husband mixed cds with songs with special meaning to us, too. I like to get my husband deodorant for his stocking. Socks are great. Shaving cream. cologne. Gift certificate for a massage. Drill bits. He loves wood working etc so little tools (laser level, flexible screwdriver…). Tickets to a concert or game. Pencils. Safety goggles. Gloves (working or winter). Hot chocolate, coffee, or cider packets. Gift card to a favorite store or restaurant. A wallet. Just a few ideas.

  30. Cat
    November 18, 2013

    Liquor Mini’s… nuff said…

  31. tina
    December 3, 2013

    original jars of carmex are always appreciated too.

  32. Jed
    December 10, 2013

    I know I would love any of these in my Stocking! Speaking of stockings, I wish my wife would put a pair of sexy stockings under the tree for me with a note that she will wear them for me on such a such a night.
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    • Danielle
      December 12, 2013

      what a great idea!

  33. MomA
    December 12, 2013

    I appreciate the post…and enjoyed looking at it. Unfortunately, I agree with one poster that NONE of these will work for me. Yes, everyone can use chapstick. Yes, everyone can use chocolate. Yes, men wear undies. But, in my case, we buy these anyway and aren’t really fair game for stockings. My guy of 15 years doesn’t golf, isn’t handy around the house (so no drill bits), doesn’t have use for a flashlight (mini or not, we have about 12 laying around our house), doesn’t “pamper” himself, and doesn’t play games or isn’t into sports. Most of these are out of the question. Thanks for the post and will keep coming back…in the mean time, I am on to more posts, to see if I can find anything “unique” for him…

  34. Roberta
    December 15, 2013

    I usually buy my hubby a nascar race ticket for his stocking. I try to switch up which race it is every year. It gives him plenty of time to plan for it too.

  35. Charl’e
    July 20, 2014

    Make a mixed CD with songs that remind you of the other person or songs that have special meaning.

  36. Kelly
    September 23, 2014

    Wife to one, mom to three grown sons… here are some ideas I’ve come up with in the past few years that seemed to be hits:

    Razor refills (3 or 6 pack)
    bottles of specialty/craft beer
    bottles of specialty sauces (hot sauces mostly)
    funky bottle openers
    instant lottery cards
    gift cards to guy-friendly fast food restaurants (Sub*way, Buffalo WW)
    Warm gloves (we live in a northern state)

  37. Dana
    October 6, 2014

    Actually my husband loves to cook and has really gotten into making his own sushi. Was thinking some good wraps and toppings. Also some kayaking small kayaking items hemight need in a pinch. His two new interests.

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