A Witness to Our Lives: Why People Get Married

Tomorrow will be my 21st anniversary. I married at 21, so we’ve been married for half of our lives!

And as I was thinking about marriage, I was reminded of one of my favourite movie clips:

God is always a witness to our lives, but it is such a blessing to have a human witness as well.

So looking forward to celebrating with my hubby!

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  1. Awwww….happy anniversary! How awesome to say you have been married half your life! I was married at 21 too, so the stats will be the same for me. Have a great day with your hubby!

  2. Happy anniversary!!!! I’ve always loved that movie scene too. I thought of that movie a lot recently because we recently took some ballroom dance classes. :)
    Corrie Anne recently posted…Maple Nut Goodie Bars + Snowed In WODMy Profile

  3. Wow! I haven’t seen that movie, so this scene was new to me. It is absolutely beautiful. thanks so much for sharing it.

    And Happy Anniversary!
    Rosemary recently posted…Cleaning Out My Closet – Pink ShoesMy Profile

  4. That is an amazing quote. It is so true!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I’ll only be 38 when I’ll have been married for half my life–our 19th anniversary. :) And I absolutely love that movie, and that scene is one of my favorites. Susan Sarandon is just great!

    God’s blessings to you and your hubby–may you have many more years together!
    Jaimie recently posted…living in AdventMy Profile

  6. I was over 71 before I had been married half my life. My wife is, for me, the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world. Our anniversay is next week. She gets more wonderful every year. I tell her often that I am glad we are married and that she had made me so very happy. By the way we ‘do it’ more often now than ever before!

  7. What a beautiful definition of marriage. Happy Anniversary!
    Lori recently posted…A Culture Of DeathMy Profile

  8. Thanks, everybody! The movie itself was a little strange–I was worried through most of it about what Richard Gere’s character was going to do. But the ending was lovely.

  9. Sheila,
    Happy Anniversary!
    Thank you for sharing your marriage and passion to see family thrive on this blog. I have taken so much of what you teach and applied it to my own marriage and we are doing really good because of it. God blesses our obedience!
    Hope you guys have a wonderful day celebrating!
    Laura recently posted…The Lonely Military Spouse {10 Tips}My Profile

  10. dlightful grace says:

    Soooo love this movie! What a testament to sticking around and finding the best in each other…especially the things that are “new”, at least to your partner. A real eye opener to more intentional open conversation!

    Happy, Happy Anniversary! Celebrated our 23rd in September. In January of 2012, I wouldn’t have thought we would reach that landmark…”more open conversations” opened a new chapter in our lives…some rough days yet, but there is light in our relationship now. It had been some years in the shadows. We were just too blind to see there was a way “out” together…out of the shadows and into the light of what a more intentional relationship could bring to the table. God is so gracious in our blindness!!

  11. Happy Anniversary! I think I need to see that movie again. :)

  12. Happy Anniversary and Best Wishes. The quote from the movie is beautiful. It was filmed here in Winnipeg and I was able to see some of the filming.

  13. Congratulations and Happy anniversary. Wish you many more fruitful years and pray you will continue to be a blessing to loads of people and their marriage.

  14. Happy Anniversary!

  15. Happy 21st Anniversary! May God continue to bless you and your husband as you grow together in Him.

  16. Happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing this wonderful scene. I have never seen the movie before, but am blown away by the truth of the observation. Thanks again.

  17. I haven’t seen this film in several years and I had completely forgotten about this scene. It’s such a beautiful message we forget to recall in our daily lives. We can all remember that we’ve married the ones we love because we are going to be partners in life, through the hard time and the good times. To be supportive and caring. But another lens is that we will be witness to their lives and their lives to our own. That’s very peaceful. It allows for a certain independence and someone willing to witness it. Marriage can be difficult at times, but it’s remembering that there are very unique and special reasons why we each have chosen the ones we’re to spend our lives with that can be reassuring. Life is beautiful as it is, but to know that someone is there willing to witness mine makes it so much better.
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