31 Days to Great Sex is Almost Here!

I’ve been working to get it ready before Christmas, and it really looks like I’ll have it out this week–probably Thursday.

It’s the 31 Days to Great Sex!

After so many of you participated in my 29 Days to Great Sex last winter, and asked for a book form of it, I thought I really should put one together. But it took longer than I thought because I didn’t realize what a major rewrite it would be. I decided to make it for couples, not just for women, so I had to change quite a bit. And then I took out four days that were really only relevant for the blog, added a few more to make it 31, and then condensed others. So it’s quite different (and a lot better, I think!).

It will be available as an ebook, either in a .pdf file which you can download and read on any book reader or on your computer, or for the Kindle (and eventually for the other readers, too).

Today I have to make the final decision on the cover, so I’m hoping you all will help me. What do you think?

If you start clockwise at the top left, and go around, which one do you like best? For instance, top left is 1, bottom left is 4. Vote in the poll, and then leave a comment saying that you voted, and then I’ll pick two random people and they’ll win a copy! Oh, and if you’re wondering, the difference between 1 &2 and 3&4 is really the fonts.

Want to make sure you don’t miss the launch or any offers with it? Just sign up here. But I’ll be writing about it a ton on this blog, too.


In the meantime, there’s been some great discussion around here lately. On this blog we’ve been talking about grandparents who don’t honour your authority with your kids. Chime in here. And over on Facebook we’ve been asking two questions: do you explode when you’re angry, or do you give the silent treatment? And what do you think about early marriages? Check those out, too!

I really appreciate all of our discussions, and the feedback on the cover from you all. Have a wonderful Monday!

UPDATE: I picked three winners using random.org! Congratulations to Mike, Kristi, and Rachel, who have all been contacted already.

And the book is now live! Yay! You can see it here.


  1. Nancy Jane says:

    number 4 is my favorite.

  2. melanie jones says:

    Hello I liked # 4 because it was so aluring to me. It makes me want to be more sexy for my husband and God knows how we need it. I love ur blog. :)

  3. I like 1 best. My preference goes 1,2,4,3 with 3 being my least favorite.

  4. I like #4 the best, but wish it was more vibrant in color, not so yellow. The picture makes it though!

  5. Number 1 is the one I like best.

  6. I vote for number 3. That picture is great, funny and just a little bit sexy (as it should be!) and the fonts are more readable.

  7. I picked #1 Top left because I think its shows how private things in the bedroom should be but how important it really is. I also am not a huge fan of PDA and the book covers on the bottom would make it awkward for me to buy the book off the shelf.
    Lauren Goetze recently posted…Pampered Chef Product LOVE!My Profile

  8. I voted! :)

  9. I voted!
    Leanne recently posted…Tax tip for the financially disciplined: Form T1213My Profile

  10. I voted for #1!

  11. I really like #1 and I voted for it! It’s the most eye-catching one and I love the fonts.
    Lesa recently posted…Practical Products I Love: CarboniteMy Profile

  12. I voted!

  13. #1 drew my eye instantly

  14. I look at book covers a lot now, Sheila, paying attention to what’s good and what’s not. IMO, #1 is the best, #4 is a runner-up. You can’t go wrong with any of them, though. Plus, the content will be fabulous! Congrats on getting the book out soon.
    J (Hot, Holy & Humorous) recently posted…The Small Stuff Can Drive You CrazyMy Profile

  15. I voted!

  16. I voted number 3, but number 1 is my runner up. :)

  17. Mary Kathryn says:

    Number 4 is my favorite!

  18. I like cover 3, but they’re all great! :-) Thanks for writing this book. I’m three weeks married and all is wonderful; we just want it to stay that way!! God’s blessings on you and your marriage and family!

  19. I voted for #1! I found it to be the most visually pleasing to my eye. I’m not a fan of a LOT of PDA and I’m no prude but I’m not a teenager with raging hormones anymore either! Can’t wait to see the book when it’s all done!

  20. I voted – number 1 is my favorite!

  21. I voted for #3; I liked the font and the playfulness of the cover. Thanks!

  22. Sara Barnes says:

    #4 is my favorite!!

  23. Anonymous Too says:

    I voted for the top right #2 because for one thing I think the couple holding the heart is sweeter and more genuinely intimate. But I also like that the font is simpler. It seems like a more unified cover.

  24. Number #1 is the best in my opinion. The first time I looked at number 2, I thought it said “Pays” instead of “Days.” Not good. Fonts are tricky and you really need to be careful how the eye perceives them. A few of the other comments talked about the PDA on the last two. I agree and think the first one shows how love needs to always be a part of intimacy. It also reminds me of a lot of wedding photos that are popular right now, enforcing the concept that marriage is an integral part of intimacy. I think the last two covers pander to our society’s view of sex. JMHO

  25. I voted for #3 because the picture speaks volumes.

  26. My choice would be #4. I think the picture is more along the lines of the title and the font is easier to read.

  27. I voted for #4!!!

  28. I voted! I think it looks the most modern and yet timeless.

  29. ann thompson says:

    I voted for #4!

  30. oops, voted for cover 1 :)

  31. I like # 2 thge best. They are all well done though.

  32. I voted, and looking forward to the new book!

  33. I’m not sure how a picture of a woman grabbing her husbands necktie is worldly or overly PDA. I think it is adorable. The top 2 covers give the impression of tension between the two. I half expect to see the heart with a rip in it. The couple isn’t touching at all, and it gives a very clinical vibe to me with the stark black and white, clean lines, etc. They look like a couple of engineers the way they are dressed. Not that there is anything wrong with engineers, but I probably wouldn’t be drawn to that book cover in the store. However, the last two, with her playfully grabbing her husband by the tie, and their foreheads touching make me smile and want to pull my husband close for a sweet kiss.

    • Kim, I definitely agree with you. My sweetheart and I looked at them and then looked for the tearing of the heart.

      Voted for #4

  34. I voted for #1

  35. love your blog – thanks for being real and honest.

  36. Voted for #1!

  37. forgot to say I like #4 – makes me want to read the book and apply the principles :)

  38. I voted for #2:).

  39. Voted

  40. I voted for #3 :o)

  41. Voted for #4 but #1 is a very close second.

  42. I voted! Love the idea. Thanks.
    Jenny recently posted…Entitlement vs. Waiting On and Trusting in the LordMy Profile

  43. I voted for #3

  44. I voted for #3. The first two look a little odd with the heart thing. Is that a little pillow or something? Also they’re just standing there. The bottom two actually look like they have to do with sex and romance. I especially like that the woman is actually excited about it.

  45. I voted #3. The others are fine, but I feel the playfulness of the couple really gives a better idea for what the book is about. It’s about sex so I think it should look like it’s about sex. Plus – if you want men to get interested, going with the little red heart is more *cheesy* in my opinion. One of our fave books is Sheet Music by Kevin Leman and my husband thought that cover was so clever (with the couple’s feet sticking out of the sheets of the bed). I had NO problem getting him to read the book with me!

  46. Voted! I like the clean lines of #1.

  47. I liked number two– don’t know why, but I do!!!!

  48. Michele ºÜº says:

    I voted! I like #3. I think the heart looks add but the bottom picture looks appropriate for the title. I prefer it because there is no emphasis on any particular words but if you are wanting to emphasize days then the 4th is better.

  49. I like #1. I just like the colors and simplicity of it. Can’t wait. :)

  50. I voted for #3. The flirty picture is more representative of the content and draws you in (unlike 1 & 2). The “blocky” font in #4 is a bit distracting and overpowers the mood. The font in #3 is much better in this regard… flowy… kinda like the tie. ;D

    Thanks for all your work, Sheila!

  51. Michelle B. says:

    I think #1 is the best. It’s the easiest to read and the meaning comes across better than the others.

  52. I like #2 the best

  53. voted!

  54. can’t wait for it to arrive! just voted for top left
    Margaret recently posted…7 Ways Women Damage Their LeadershipMy Profile

  55. I voted number one! I think it looks classy and fun, but also something you could carry around discreetly without people raising eyebrows. I am not married yet, but your blog and books are on the top of my resource list for when I say “I do”!

  56. Will there be a paper edition?

  57. I like the first cover. The picture is great and I like the larger font.

  58. It was close between 2 & 3, but I ended up voting for 3.

  59. I really like #1 — it caught my eye. So, I voted for it! I’m excited to see the changes in the eBook compared to the 29 Days on the blog.

  60. Christy S. Lube says:

    I voted for #4 😀

  61. I voted #2

  62. I love #4 but #1 is a close 2nd.
    Joyfulmomlea recently posted…Painful PraisesMy Profile

  63. I voted! Found your blog last month from Moxie Wife. Love it!!! Great and so helpful, I’ve shared w many already. :-)

  64. #1 is my first choice and #2 is my second choice. : )

  65. Voted for number 1!

  66. 3 for me! :)
    Nicole vincent recently posted…Surprising, I KnowMy Profile

  67. Voted

  68. I voted. :)

  69. I voted for #3 – really excited about this book!

  70. Most definitely the bottom right! I love it!

  71. I like #1 (and voted for it), but I kind of wish the woman was wearing a skirt/dress. I am traditional minded, and a skirt/dress seems more feminine to me :)

  72. I voted #3. I think 3 and 4 give a more intimate feeling than 1 and 2 and I liked the fonts of #3 best.

    Can’t wait for the book. I did your 29 day course and it turned my marriage around. It will be great to let my husband read the version designed for couples.

    Well done for pushing through after all the strain you’ve been under lately. You are helping so many marriages!

  73. I voted

  74. Going out on a limb here because I didn’t see too many of these but I like number 2. It just appeals.

  75. I voted for #4…I like the bottom two because of the picture and the font just seemed better on the #4 picture. Sure hope I win! :0)

  76. I would say number 2 and runner up number 1.

  77. I voted for #2. However, if #3 and #4 were more vibrant in color, my absolute favorite would be #3.

  78. The hubs and I voted for #3! Just now reading through 29 days. Very excited about the book!

  79. voted for #2 – love the white space. (And congrats and thankyou for your hard work in pulling this together.
    Emily recently posted…31 Days of Christmas Planning – the WrapUpMy Profile

  80. I voted

  81. I Voted! Can’t wait to see it. I like both but the top 2 grabbed my attention first. :) But both would be alluring to me. Thanks!

  82. I like #1. It’s different, simple and bright. :)

  83. I like #4 best – good luck with the launch!

  84. I voted for number 1.

  85. I voted for #1 – the fonts, colors, etc. all work well together! I also like the fact that it portrays that both genders are involved. Also, with them holding the heart, which is a symbol of love, it implies that sex and love are definitively linked.
    Heather recently posted…Autism Speaks Walk 2012My Profile

  86. I voted after consulting my dh, who took advertising 😉 and we both liked #1 (and we are both looking forward to the book!)

  87. I voted! :)
    Tonya recently posted…Favorite Place To BlogMy Profile

  88. I voted!

  89. I voted!
    Laura recently posted…Schoolhouse Review Crew: PALMy Profile

  90. Allison Wilson says:

    I prefer the non-heart covers. For some reason the heart ones make me think of a broken heart, or that the couple is tearing it apart. :-/ Anyway, I’m in for #4. :-)

  91. Kimberly J says:

    I voted!

  92. I voted for #1! Can’t wait to check out the new book!

  93. I own a graphic design firm, so I loved being able to vote for this. I voted for #1, because it allows the audience to picture themselves as that couple. The bottom two keep the audience at a distance because we don’t know that couple. I chose 1 over 2 simply because the fonts seemed a bit more current. Can’t wait to read the book!

  94. I commented! :)

  95. I voted for #1.

  96. I voted

  97. My Fav was #3 :)
    Stephanie recently posted…Day 187 – 192 – Halloween, Tigers, Moons, and More!My Profile

  98. I’m a graphic designer that has done a lot of book covers…not that I’m an expert or anything, hehe, but Cover #1 definitely stands out to me the most. There’s something about the way the photo is cropped that has a great hint of mystery and sexy intrigue, and I like the font choices/size.

    Really appreciate your blog!

  99. I love #4. Fun, playful, and bolder “days” works.

    Looks like a cover husbands could go for!
    Marc A Pitman, FundraisingCoach.com recently posted…A 2-step fundraising letter auditMy Profile

  100. Voted!

  101. I voted for #3. I definitely like the pic on covers 3 and 4 better – it seems to really express what the 31 days is about better. The top two could be about anything romance related.

  102. I voted for #3 but they all look great!

  103. I voted for #1.

  104. I voted with the hope of freebies;)

  105. I voted for number 3!

  106. I voted for #3 but I also like #1.

  107. I voted #1, runner up #4.

  108. I voted for my favourite cover, Sheila! (and as I haven’t commented before, thanks for all you write on the blog!)

  109. Looking forward to the new book. I like cover #1.

  110. Michelle Pulley says:

    I voted!

  111. I voted for the bottom left!
    Lois recently posted…Thanksgiving with the cousinsMy Profile

  112. I voted — #4 caught my eye… though #1 would be my 2nd choice. I do get what some people said about they might find it awkward to pick up that book with others around (say, at a bookstore), but my thinking was that it was an e-book and I’d be reading it away from little eyes anyway! Definitely not a coffee table book! :)

  113. I voted for number 2.
    Congrats on the new book!

  114. voted-thanks! (:

  115. Christine D says:

    Shelia, love the covers. I like 1 & 3 and had a hard time picking one, but settled on number 3. It really pulls me in. Thank you for your wonderful ministry. It is really helping my husband and I get back to focusing on ourselves. Can’t wait for 31 Day to come out!

    Thanks again!

  116. I voted for #1. I like the symbol of the heart. And the name of the book in larger print. I think it seems lost in 3 & 4. But I do like the picture in those.

  117. Love this! Can’t wait! I voted for #3, but I love #1 also.

  118. I voted for 1. I agree that number 4 is also good, but only if the colours were edited to be more vibrant and similar to the “feel” of number 1.

  119. I like 4 best.:o) I don’t like 1 or 2 because I don’t like the pants on the woman. If we’re talking sex then the difference between which is which should be more noticeable. I’d like 2 if the woman had a skirt on. Then it would just really show the man/woman idea.

  120. #1 & #4 are my two favourites… But I’m thinking #1.

  121. I voted for #1!

  122. Congrats to you for a hard and great job almost completed. Can’t wait to read. Love all pics, but voted for #3.

    Abundant Blessings to you,

  123. Dear Mrs. Gregoire,

    I voted for the book whick looked most pleasing to the eye!
    I am a young unmarried gent that has been reading your blogs about sex. Starting off like that sounds weird but I was raised in a good Christian family and I find what you right and put together to be valuable information. I know sex is a gift from God and I want to properly share that with my wife, and that is why I have been reading your postings! It is nice to see a positive and Christian outlook on marriage on the Internet. Do keep up the good work! God bless.

  124. I like #4 the best! Can’t wait to get he book. :)

  125. i voted for 3

  126. I voted. Thanks for all the work you do! The Lord knows, we could certainly use some tips on 31 days to great sex. I can’t even imagine what that would look like in reality. I love my husband though. He is sweet and really does try.

  127. I voted for #3 but also really liked #1, which is winning so far:)

  128. I like three and four the best. Think the overall design is cuter

  129. Love all the covers but 3 &4 capture marriage

  130. One and two are great – for a book about courtship. For a book with the word “sex” in the title, three and four made more sense to me. My husband agrees with me, so we voted for #4. Maybe you could put “for married couples” in the little circle, though. Just a thought…

  131. I liked the white space on #2.

  132. I voted for number 1!

  133. Pamela Travis says:

    I voted #3, but #4 was a close second… I really like the picture, it enticed me to want to know more.

  134. I voted for #3, Bottom right.

  135. Donna Adams says:

    I voted #3, but #2 is my second choice! Looking forwrd to the book! I just discovered your blog recently, so I am not familiar with the version you did last winter.

  136. Denise Brown says:

    I voted! I think #2 is the best. That one stood out to me when I looked at all 4 together. #1 would be my next choice, but I think the font is to large.

  137. I picked #3 because I like the visual of a happy couple :)

  138. Celia Myers-Hunnicutt says:

    Def #1, I voted.

  139. I voted for #4 and hope I win a copy!! :)

  140. #1 got my vote. I love it’s simplicity and it just seems to “pop”. Congrats on the new book!
    Vanessa recently posted…Recipe: Healthy{er} Pumpkin FudgeMy Profile

  141. Voted for #1
    Kristina recently posted…Vegetarian Pumpkin ChiliMy Profile

  142. Lori Meglino says:

    Voted! #1 is my favorite!

  143. I voted for #1 because I liked the picture and the boldness of the font.

  144. I voted for bottom right because even though the top 2 are cute, they look too much like a cheesy Christian marriage book you’d see in a bookstore and not actually buy. I feel like the difference in your series is the fresh and frank look at having really good sex (and thus, intimacy and marriage). That’s what the lower two images say to me. And I just prefer the fonts on the right :)

  145. I like #1 & #3

  146. Mrs. Murphy says:

    Voted – My favorite is number 1!

  147. Voted for #1.
    I like the first two because I can insert myself and my husband into the picture because no faces are showing. The pictures make me want to compare, and particularly for women who aren’t as beautiful or thin as the woman on the cover, it can be a discouragement, “If I don’t look like her, I can’t be sexy.”

  148. I voted for #1. The graphics made it stand out. Thank you for doing this as a book!

  149. I voted!! (#1)

  150. i vote number 3!! when will it be out????

  151. I voted! :) I can’t wait to read it!!!

  152. I voted! Thanks for the chance to win!

  153. I voted for #3. It just looks sexy to me!
    Rosemary recently posted…Do it For the KidsMy Profile

  154. I voted for left #1! So excited for this book, I’ve been waiting so long!! Lord knows we need this.

  155. i voted :)

  156. Voted # 1

  157. I liked #3. I think it’s more personable than the top two. It seems to be a more likeable and friendly approach to the topic. Seeing the couples faces as they look at each other seems more in tune with you and your message.

  158. I voted for #1 (left side)!! I would love to win a copy of your book! I like the photo of the hands, it’s more neutral and can apply to any couple, whereas I think that the photo of the young beautiful couple makes it look like it’s a book for young people…..I also like the red heart pillow…cute and effective!
    Denna recently posted…The GraverobberMy Profile

  159. Susan Little says:

    I also voted for #1…

    the books with the picture of the couple
    looks like a romance novel to me…. :(

  160. #1 immediately caught my attention. It was definitely the easiest for me to read. Looking forward to getting this in pdf format. Thanks!

  161. Number 3

  162. # 1 jumped out at me. Looking forward to it. will it be availiable on Nook? keep up the good work Sheila!

    • I will eventually have it on Nook, it just won’t be this week! I haven’t figured out how to submit it to B&N yet, but I will!

  163. I voted!

  164. i voted for number 3!

  165. New to your blog.. And I’m loving every inch of it!!

  166. i like #1 the best! love the blog and your frankness.

  167. I like the font for #2 best.

  168. I voted, and I think many voted without realizing this is an ebook. Perhaps the PDA issue for some wouldn’t be as much of a bother knowing they won’t have it on their shelf. Personally I wouldn’t mind adding #3 or 4 to our “bedroom books.” :)

    The only thing I’m not a fan of is actually the blocky font “SEX” is in…just looks really dated to me.

  169. I voted – I’m excited to read this book!

  170. I voted! I like # 2
    Melissa Parker recently posted…Love Him Like His Dog Does?My Profile

  171. I voted and I LOVE LOVE LOVE #3!!! Love the pose and the fact that they both look excited about what’s to come – perfect for the cover!

  172. I voted!!!

  173. I voted #2 but I like #1 almost as much, then 3 then 4:)

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