Honeymoon Blues to “O”ver the Rainbow

One of my dreams for this blog is that it can be a safe place to talk about marriage–the emotional side, the spiritual side, and even the physical side.

The problem is that people are often very uncomfortable talking about sex, but at the same time, we all have a LOT of questions. And when writer Rajdeep Paulus shared her story with me recently, I knew it was one I wanted to share with you because I KNOW HER EXPERIENCE IS VERY COMMON. And yet we don’t talk about it. So I believe that this post will be very encouraging to a lot of women.

Some may find this a little personal, but I thought she handled the subject with great taste and delicacy, and I think it’s so important for us to know that what we’re not alone when we struggle in marriage! So here’s Rajdeep’s story of how she figured out how to achieve orgasm in marriage.

Making Things "Work" in the BedroomI love sex. I really do. But I didn’t always.

I happened to be a virgin when I got married. Yes. That was the goal. I wanted to give my husband one first that was saved for him. And he saved his first for me. This made for a good foundation. We’d learn this sex thing together.

But it wasn’t easy. I’m just glad someone had the wisdom to tell me shortly before we said our vows to take our time. No need to get it all figured out on the wedding night.

Looking back, that was great advice. Because even if you’re not a virgin when you get married, there’s a lot of expectations placed on that wedding night experience. It was nice to come back to our hotel, and not have the pressure to have a fairy tale and fireworks’ first.

So when we walked into our room well past one in the morning, hubby led me first to the bathroom. Where he took off my heels, turned on the bath water to warm, and while I sat on the edge of the bathtub, he washed my feet.

Thinking back to that moment, his actions spoke as loud as the vows that were spoken earlier that day. He wanted to start a life of partnership, where we both serve each other, take care of each other and strive to meet each other’s needs above our own.

In the words of the man who spoke into our life during pre-marital counseling, “Aim to outdo each other in pleasing each other.” He was referring specifically to the sex in marriage.

So that night, we took our time taking each others’ clothes off, slipped under the covers, and shared our bodies. But we didn’t have sex. We were too busy exploring and delighting in the freedom of soft skin that we could touch and caress without a grain of shame or guilt. Just pure joy and wow to the wow feelings all over.

We did have sex the next night. On our honeymoon cruise to Alaska. And the exact words out of his mouth were, “I think that’s how it works.” And mine something like, “Is that it? Is it over?” Needless to say, neither of us were impressed. Him a tad more than me. What was all the hype? Let’s hit the midnight chocolate buffet, I suggested. I’m looking for that drink everyone talks about at the bar, I’m thinking to myself...the one called, “Better than…”

Yeah, I have to admit, sex was a let down at first. It didn’t get much better for some time. For almost a year, we went on like this. Frustration growing. Especially on my part. Wondered at one point if I was missing parts, or one key part. Started thinking I was broken. Worried I had made one too many mistakes before marriage and somehow this was my due punishment. Slumped into bed many a night and pretended to be fast asleep so I wouldn’t have to face the disappointment.

Then one day, I’m standing in the living room of my landlady in Dominica, where hubby is studying medical school, and she gets a phone call. So I stand around waiting for her to finish talking to her friend and read the titles on her bookshelf just to pass the time. A title pops out at me and all I can think is, how can I sneak that book off the shelf and under my shirt and back out of here without Mrs. C. noticing. The title was simply, “The Female Orgasm.”

Chickened out that day. Couldn’t bring myself to ask. And admit that I’d never had one. Sounds so pathetic. Newly married, and not experienced the “O” yet. Wahh.

But a few days later, I gave in. I was desperate. And the book was calling my name! So I sheepishly knocked and when Mrs. C. answered, I said, “There’s a book on your shelf I’d like to borrow.”

“Sure. No problem. Which one?”

“Ummm. Yeah. That one.” And I pointed to it. So I wouldn’t have to read the title out loud.

She laughed a good hearty Caribbean laugh and pulled it off the shelf and handed it to me. “Take your time.”

“Okay. I will. Thanks.”

“No. I really mean that. Take your time.”

“Ummm. Okay. So you don’t need the book back any time soon?”

“When you have relations with your husband.” She’s spelling it out for me. “Take your time.”

“Oh that? Yes. Okay.”

As I turn to leave, I wonder if I should ask more. Why not? I’ve already done the hardest part by admitting that I need help.

I take a deep breath and turn to face Mrs. C. “Can I ask you one more thing?”

“Sure darling. You want to sit down a minute?”

“No. just a quick question.” She did just say ‘take your time.’ I can already tell that I’m probably doing several things wrong.

“Is it just hard for women to have one when they first get married?”

“Yes….And no.”

“Hmmm.” I don’t know what else to say.

You have to concentrate. Leave the world behind. Don’t think about the dishes in the sink. What you’re making for dinner. About the phone call you need to make to your mother. You need to be totally present. Men can get away with thinking about other things, but women—they need to be all there. In the moment. And one more thing.”

“Yes.” This is the moment I get the million dollar words of wisdom that will lead to my first ever “O!” I gotta feeling…

“Don’t answer the door if someone knocks.”

“Huh? Okay.”

I leave then, closing the door behind me, thinking of the times I’ve knocked on her door and no one answered. Oh. I get it.

So I rush back and skim and skim and skim all day. Reading every page, diagram, footnote and end note. Not really, but I did dedicate a day to the book I hoped had the remaining pieces to the puzzle. The puzzle of my body.

In the end, the book helped little. What helped more was Mrs. C.’s advice. But I have to be honest, I *we, were able to get me closer, closer, closer, but not quite there. I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride, rising up to the peek, but never quite arriving. I think one afternoon, we were at it for almost an hour and in the end, nothing. Sheer disappointment. And tears. I cried. Hubby sighed. We were feeling defeated.

Then the phone call that changed my life. I called my best friend up who had been married longer than me, although not by much, and we talked about life, stuff, cooking, stuff, books, and more stuff. Then we started talking about our husbands and marriage. I broke down. “I’m broken. God forgot to give me the part.”

“What are you talking about?” My bff is very logical. Cut through the tears and tell me the facts type of gal. Exactly what an emotional basket case like myself needs many a day.

“I don’t think I have the thing, you know, the ‘c’ word, that helps a woman get her ‘O’ on. I think it’s either too small, too hard to reach, or just plain missing.”

“You’re not broken.” She assures me. “And I’m pretty sure you have it.”

“So what do I do? I can’t seem to have an orgasm.” Woah! I said the word.

“Listen. Do everything your landlady said, but do one other thing.”


Don’t stop until you get there.”

“What if it takes like three hours?”

“I don’t care if it takes 33 hours. Just tell him to keep stimulating your c [with his hands or tongue] until you have one. Then you’ll know what one feels like. And what to look for. And then, with each time, it’ll get easier. Take a shorter amount of time. And trust me, it’ll be worth it.”

“Okay.” Sounds like a plan.

“And call me to tell me you got there.”

I giggle.

“I don’t want to know the details silly. Just a verbal thumbs up is plenty!”

“I know.”

And that’s how I found the OHHHHHH!!!!! in my “O!”

And it took a very loooooooong time. Several hours. And I offered to quit a few times. But hubby said, “No. This time I’m gonna get you there. Relax. Sit back. And…”

My first O was OH so Amazing, I cried. Literally. I just couldn’t believed I worked. And Wowza! That God would create such a Wow experience for us to know and feel and share and live. The sensation took over my entire body and when it reached my head, I felt like joy rays were shooting out of my ears and music was playing somewhere in the heavens! It was Oh so wonderful to say the least.

And the best part, women can have more than one on any given occasion. These days, fourteen years of loving and loving later, my generous hubs almost always gives me three for the price of one. I kid you not. This is how we roll. In bed that is. And this is why I love sex. My husband is an unselfish lover. And I often sing this line as I rise from the sheets to clean up.

“How sweet it is to be loved by you.”

Because Sex is a sweet, special gift. So good. So good.

In marriage.

That’s my black and white on making love. Don’t shortchange your spouse with cheap and artificial substitutions of online porn or erotic novels that take you on a two second thrill ride and leave you wanting. Go for the real thing. Invest your sexual energy (we only have so much) into your live lover. The one who can love the mess out of you and you him. The one who takes you to the peek, over and back up again. With the gifts of real love, true freedom, and ultimate satisfaction. You can’t get that from paper or pictures. You just can’t.

Love your lover. With all you got. And discover the depths and heights where love can take you. Together. Sex is good. Now get to it. And if someone knocks, remember…

Don’t answer the door. :)

Sheila says: If you want more help on reaching orgasm in your marriage, I have lots of strategies and information in The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex!

swimmingthroughcloudsRajdeep Paulus studied English Literature at Northwestern University, and spent over a decade as an English Teacher and SAT Tutor. She’s been married for fourteen years to her best friend, a physician. They’ve got our daughters, and a little house on a hill in the quaint town of Locust Valley, New York. She now blogs weekly and writes masala-marinated, Y.A. fiction.When Raj is not tapping on her Mac, you can find her dancing with her princesses, kayaking with her hubs, coaching basketball or eating dark chocolate while sipping a frothy, sugar-free latte. She blogs at www.insearchofwaterfalls.com and secretly hopes someday she’ll own a laptop that functions under water. You can also find her on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/rajdeeppaulus/ and on Twitter is @rajdeeppaulus.
And check out her first YA novel–Swimming Through Clouds! Sheila reviewed it here.


  1. Rajdeep did a beautiful job with her story! I just know that this will be an encouragement to some wives who struggle with climax. I have made this point as well that we wives must be able to focus on what is happening with our bodies and let go of all of the other distractions that demand space in our brains in order to have an orgasm. But Rajdeep makes a lovely point here that is so true: Once you have an orgasm, it gets easier to have the next one. You learn about your body and what your husband can do to arouse you to the point of ecstasy, and boom! there you are.

    And the absolute beauty of God’s design is that when our husbands get us there, they are really turned on themselves. Husbands often report on my blog that they think that 3 for the price of 1 is a deal they really like!
    J (Hot, Holy & Humorous) recently posted…Where to Begin with Improving Your Marital SexualityMy Profile

  2. Rajdeep, I just love your pieces! Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa recently posted…You See Dead People? I See Trains. No, I Really Do.My Profile

  3. This is a beautiful story! I love when women express their geniune love for their husbands in every area, especially sex! I wish some of my single friends could read this. I got married really young, 12 years ago, but have so many single friends who believe the lie our society says that marriage in boring and takes away your freedom. It is so aching to see hear this from my single friends because I can’t really convince them otherwise since its nothing they have experienced. I love how this blog is a big forum for Christian wives to have a voice and tell the truth, good or bad, about this beautiful thing called marriage! Thank you for posting this story!

  4. I love your story. It shows that there ARE men like your husband out there!!! And that there is hope for this thing called marriage, that it can be awesome and sexy and exciting. 😉

    My husband and I were both virgins when we got married, and yeah, our first few times having sex were like “What? That’s it?” for me. Fortunately we had done a TON of research on the subject before getting married (my husband loves to research) so we knew that’s how it would probably go. We did go through some frustrating times, but it helped to keep things in a long-term perspective. Sex gets better with time, because you grow together in intimacy on every level, not just physical. More recently we went through a period of time where a medication I’m on completely killed my sex drive for a while. That was tough. But through communication, space, and a lot of big doses of non-sexual affection, we got through it.

    I love that this is a place where we can talk about these things. So often when we’re experiencing sexual issues in marriage, we feel like there’s nobody we can talk to. It can be very lonely. But we can talk here. :-)
    Melissa recently posted…Mommy-SensesMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Melissa! That had to be so tough, what you went through, but sounds like your hubs is living out his vows, in time of sickness and in health! I think the hardest times for me *apart from newlywed blunders, were those nauseating prego weeks. Didn’t have any motivation until the morning sickness stopped. But then I loved it. Added bonus: I couldn’t get pregnant! Because I already was! 😉

      I love Sheila’s blog too! Especially because I grew up in a culture where you just don’t talk about these things, and I’m excited to raise my daughters with my new freedom to share openly about tough topics. That’s how we learn from each other. First step: Laying our cards on the table. And reminding each other, you are not alone! :) -Raj
      Rajdeep “Call me Raj” Paulus recently posted…Moved… By Moments that Press the Pause in MeMy Profile

  5. Hi. Raj here!

    I kept thinking there was one other thing that really helped which I forgot to include: Kegels. During sex. Something about contracting those muscles sort of gets the stimulation thing going.

    Do you guys remember that game “Perfection” where the timer is going and you have this pressure to match all the pieces before they all pop up into the air? I equate sex to that! I feel like, for me, there are all these little things that have to be in place and working together to reach my first “o.” So find those things for yourself. And let your hubby give you the gift of the time it takes to get you there. That’s what marriage is about!

    Rajdeep “Call me Raj” Paulus recently posted…Moved… By Moments that Press the Pause in MeMy Profile

  6. Thanks for sharing. I think so many women feel selfish when they first (or even think about) spend time to figure out what sends them over the edge, but it is so worth it. I remind women they are not being selfish but rather they are giving their husbands a gift. Many men find their wife’s orgasm more pleasurable than their own. And yes, 3 for the price of one is never selfish in my husband’s opinion!

    Megan @DoNotDisturb recently posted…Read With Us: The Meaning of Marriage – Week #3My Profile

    • So true!! Well said. :) -Raj
      Rajdeep “Call me Raj” Paulus recently posted…Moved… By Moments that Press the Pause in MeMy Profile

    • Megan,
      You are so right. When my wife does not have an orgasm I feel as if I am using her. She insists I have my orgasm but it gives me a purely physical release. When she does have an orgasm I feel 10 feet tall and can enjoy my orgasm to the full as God intends. I feel completely “one flesh” with her physically, emotionally and spiritually. There is no experience to match that feeling. Marriage is truly a wonderful gift from God.

      • Yeah for the brave husband/man who was willing to comment!! Thanks for affirming the importance of both the man and woman arriving in bed! I think there’s something invisible and spiritual that happens when a husband and wife unite… That will have to be a blog for another day! :) -Raj
        Rajdeep “Call me Raj” Paulus recently posted…Moved… By Moments that Press the Pause in MeMy Profile

      • I pray for the day my husband feels as you do about giving me an orgasm. To him, it is a chore or obligation rather than something he loves giving to and sharing with me.

        • Katd,

          I am so sorry that you are having an unsatisfatory intimate relationship with your husband. If only he knew the joy and thrill of giving you what you need from him he would never again react the way he does. As Megan said often husbands enjoy their wife’s orgasm more than their own. This is so true for me. It gives me the freedom to really “let myself go” and enjoy my wife to the full. God intends sex to be wonderful and it can be when both husband and wife give themselves unselfishly. I believe that couples should make love WITH each other not TO each other.

          Eph 5:25-33 is a good place to start for him. God can do anything, no problem is beyond His ability to solve. I pray that your problem will be solved.

  7. I think for anyone still struggling in this area I would say this:

    1) Don’t leave the onus all on your husband to give you an orgasm. You need to put a bit of welly into it too! (Raj’s husband obviously has endurance, but some could not cope with hours and hours of it: it could make them feel inadequate. Some men can hold an erection for that long, and using fingers for long periods of time can get very tiring for them)

    2) Take responsibility for your own sexuality – do whatever it takes to turn yourself on (within your own conscience). Don’t rely totally on your husband for arousal – get yourself aroused by the response to your husband and the act of sex.

    3) Give it some movement – moving your groin is very arousing; also any little fantasy which might take you over the edge can help (such as you are giving your husband an erotic massage or something to bring him great pleasure);

    4) Try a different position – go on top and control the rubbing: forward and back is better than up and down (though you might want high energy up and down after you have climaxed because deep penetrative sex is always more pleasurable after an orgasm – or change position to missionary).

    5) Don’t be afraid of some “sexy sex” – enjoying sex with your spouse for sex sake: for example “paintbrushing” (where the penis gently brushes the vagina) is very arousing.

    5) Get visual. Watch yourself make love with your husband with a mirror if visuals help to turn you on. Men are very visual and like to watch – but some women can enjoy the visual side of sex too and find it very arousing.

    6) Try masturbating so that you get to know your own body and what helps to stimulate if your conscience allows this. Or masturbate with your spouse if you prefer that.

    Just a few tips – don’t deprive yourself of experiencing that physical joy of sex because you feel it is all down to your husband.

    YOU are your biggest arousal mechanism – you will climax more easily if you put a bit of welly into it mentally and physcially!

  8. What a great post, love it! You gotta tell it personally in order to help people, thank you for sharing.
    Jessica recently posted…More SexMy Profile

  9. ….oh and I forgot:

    7) If both you and your spouse like it, talk to each other during sex – describe what you’re doing to each other using names of body parts (and other talk you are both happy with that, but make sure you’re both happy with the language used). This too is very arousing if you like it, and it can help you to orgasm more easily without hours of hard work for hubby :)

    8) Let yourself go and enjoy your own and your husband’s sex noises, this too helps you to find sexual release.

    9) Stop seeing an orgasm as something you have to “achieve” (like it’s some kind of exam) – if it doesn’t happen, then relax, your time will come :)

  10. In the interests of cross-fertilisation (if it’s allowed and Sheila is happy with it), this blog might be of some interest to explore: http://monogabliss.com/welcome-to-monogabliss/

    I found it a while back when my sex drive soared wanting sex three or more times a day and I became really orgasmic with my husband (we got a second honeymoon out of it which has lasted a long time!) and I was worried my new found sexual awakening might be somewhat sinful as I just didn’t know where it came from (somehwere deep within!) – so imagine my relief when I found a site called “Christian Nymphos” (now a blog called “Monogabliss”) where other Christian women had also experienced a sexual awakening deep from within themselves.

    There are also some other Christian sites linked on there which might be of interest to help connect women with their sexuality :)

  11. KEEP SHARING STORIES LIKE THIS!!! It makes me so incredibly sad that I was years…years into my marriage before I had any idea that it was ok to enjoy sex. It saddens me that many of our churches ignore this topic entirely. I had even heard a women’s bible teacher joke during a seminar about slipping into bed quietly and trying to avoid sex with her husband. And I thought that was just normal…. I am forever thankful for some of the blogs I’ve found (“J” you’re another one I love to read) just within the past year that have given me the freedom to understand my body, my husband, and God’s will that we should enjoy each other sexually! Thank you ladies so very much.

  12. Thank you for being so open in sharing your story. I know it will be an encouragement to many women – to those who are frustrated by trying to achieve an orgasm, for sure, but also to women who may have “forgotten” how important it is to pursue sexual pleasure with their husbands.
    Gaye @ Calm.Healthy.Sexy. recently posted…Once in a While, Your Husband Needs a GirlfriendMy Profile

  13. Wow Raj, you hit the nail right on the head! Just that am not 14 years into marriage , just four :)

    But I so identify. Sometimes in the early days we can feel so broken and feel like all is lost because the fireworks are not there – there’s so much pressure!

    But i can testify that it does get better – if we faint not, continue to pray and seek answers.

    Thanks for sharing this, i know it helps many people. Sure encourages me!
    Ngina Otiende recently posted…Marriage: Building a Life After that First CarrotMy Profile

  14. Tears for you, sister. I’m glad you had the mentors to ask, the husband with the love and patience, and the courage to share. Thank you for that. Thanks for reminding me that sex used to be wonderful and God can restore that.

  15. I just started following this blog a few days ago, and I am beside myself with excitement to see this post today! I just turned 21 and married my 22 year old husband in January. We were both virgins and actually had pretty good wedding night sex, but I haven’t had an orgasm in 9 months of marriage. I’ve heard some people say that I may be too young to even be physically capable of having one (?) and since we actually have pretty splendid sex, I have felt a little selfish for wanting to have an orgasm so bad. My best friend got married in August – she was also a virgin – and started having multiple orgasms right away (though she is 24), so though I try not to compare, I’m certainly feeling a little insecure. I got pregnant on our honeymoon and I know some people say that it can be harder to have an orgasm (or easier!) when pregnant, but I’ve struggled with wondering if my body is broken too. I’m so very relieved to have this information you posted and some new ideas to try. I know I need to just be patient, but I’m so glad to hear that maybe I can have one if we just stick at it (maybe for a few hours!) until I have one. I’ve done a fair amount of searching on the internet and information about the female orgasm seems so mixed… does it come from stimulating the “c” on the outside or a place on the inside? Or both? Sorry this is kind of graphic and somewhat naive. Trying to figure it all out and not feel defeated in the mean time – I definitely need to work on focusing on just my husband and sex during sex too. Sometimes it takes me an hour just to focus. I know I need to be patient too, considering I haven’t been having sex for that long! One final question… do barrier methods of contraception make having an orgasm harder?

    • Karissa, I’ve got quite a lot about this topic in The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, so that may help! As for what works, usually it’s the “C” as you put it on the outside, but a lot of women enjoy other things, too. Honestly, I’d just focus on what feels good. Focus on what you’re feeling, rather than trying to have an orgasm. And if you notice that something wants to be touched, tell him. No, condoms usually don’t make it harder for a woman, though they can slow a guy down!

    • Christine C. says:

      Your age has nothing to do with it! Physiologically speaking, infants are capable of orgasm (I think that babies in utero have even been observed masturbating.)

      Have you ever considered just touching yourself (with or without your husband present)? I know that a lot of Christians seem to think that masturbation is a form of adultery, but if you don’t believe that, I’d highly recommend it. Just getting used to your body and its reactions can be immensely helpful, and for some women, once you know how to have an orgasm on your own, it’s easier to have one with a partner.

  16. Great post! I’m so glad to know that I’m not alone in finding it hard to reach O. I usually get to a peak pleasure where my head turns from side to side and my muscles tense up but I don’t feel the vaginal contractions. Does that mean I haven’t reached the Big O? Thanks!

    • Hi Unsure!

      Thanks for being brave enough to ask! It sounds like you are close, closer, and enjoying the process… but your uterus definitely contracts during an orgasm, sometimes more, sometimes less. I think I was at that same place for many months during that newlywed year. Enjoying, stimulated, but never quite arriving. Sheila, do you have anything to add? -Raj
      Rajdeep “Call me Raj” Paulus recently posted…Moved… By Moments that Press the Pause in MeMy Profile

      • Wow! I have to say that I am amazed at all the information I am learning from this particular post! My hubby and I have a lot of sex and we both really enjoy it. We have been married 7 amazing months and were both virgins when we got married. As I am reading this, I find that I’m beginning to doubt whether or not I’ve ever had an orgasm, though like Unsure, I’ve at least come very close. I’ve thought many times that I have reached an orgasm. My hubby us very happy stimulating me in different ways and is good at it too 😉 I guess I will just continue to enjoy the closeness with Hubby and see what comes next!

  17. Raj, you did a great job of writing this so clearly and empathizing-ly! Nice to know we’re not alone!! I have gotten to the “O” but it is a challenge to shut off the world. It’s also a challenge for my husband and I to take our time. :) I think that’s part of it. Thank you for writing this to all of us. It’s really encouraging!
    Jasanna recently posted…Cantaloupe Mini Pies RecipeMy Profile

    • Your so welcome Jasanna! I have to be honest. I was a little nervous putting this out there! My blog is about my crazy life, but I never quite tackled this part of it! So I asked Sheila to take a peek. And she decided it fit with her site, so we went with it! ALL the comments and feedback have definitely been affirming. We all have struggles. And making time for our marriages is right there on the top of many of our lists. -Raj
      Rajdeep “Call me Raj” Paulus recently posted…Moved… By Moments that Press the Pause in MeMy Profile

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Raj, for sharing!! I had my first “O” several months ago after 17 years of marriage (orgasmic massage did the trick). Currently I’m in a “slump” of no “O”s for a few months. I, just today, confessed a sexually related sin to my husband that I had been hiding and am praying that that frees me to fully enjoy sex with him again soon. Your idea of doing it until it happens is a good one – I usually call it quits when I get frustrated but I think my husband would be happy to continue if I would suggest that. Thank you, Sheila, for having Raj post this — it obviously was needed (by all the comments) and it was a great encouragement to me and perfectly timed for me personally.

  19. Rajdeep, that was such an encouraging read. I am a new bride, waited for sex, and was almost 30 when I got married. Hubby and I spent several night of the honeymoon working on – and I actually had my first o in our own bed at home…. sex is now the joy I know God intended it to be… thank you for being so much truth- I think too many women give grace in this area, because they don’t want to invest time into their love life…. Thanks again!
    amanda kelly recently posted…In my next 30 years….My Profile

    • Thanks Amanda! So happy to hear you’re married to a hubby who’s willing to work on it. I always tell my unmarried friends and cousins, wait for the guy who doesn’t think he has it all together but rather a guy who is dedicated to and “willing to work at it” in every aspect of a relationship! Especially the communication part! To many more! :) -Raj
      Rajdeep “Call me Raj” Paulus recently posted…Pink Boxing Gloves … 3 Years Later.My Profile

  20. 3 for 1…?? Wow! Trying to wrap my mind around that one. How is that possible?

    • Well, what I’ve found is the first “O” takes a bit of time to arrive at, especially in those early stages of understanding your body, for a woman, that is. But the second and third come much faster, almost effortlessly some days, and they can be even more enjoyable than the first because the pressure’s off that you won’t get there. You already did. Make sense?
      Rajdeep Paulus recently posted…Mommy, What’s Twerk Mean?My Profile

  21. Raj,

    Thank you so much for this story. I am getting married in about three weeks and I’ve been getting nervous about that time. Your words really put me at peace. I’ll most likely read it a few more (dozen) times before then. Thank you for your honesty. They really help.

    God Bless,

  22. That’s exactly where I’m at now, constantly being disappointed because we get so close to a climax and then nothing, even after an hour or two of trying with all sorts of methods and positions. It’s rather depressing to hear so many people say that sex helps them relax and sleep better because it totally doesn’t for me. I’m wound up and frustrated for hours or even days after every attempt, and it doesn’t really make either of us want to try again very often even though he enjoys it for himself.

    I’d been looking for someone who’s gone through this and it actually seemed very difficult to find someone who was willing to describe their solution. I’m grateful for the example that it can be overcome, but it sounds like it takes a lot of patience on both sides. I really hope it’s still possible for me.

    You know, if the solution is to just keep at it all day if that’s what it takes, that means you have to set aside that day so you aren’t rushed. Seems like ideally this should happen during the honeymoon because you’ve already set aside that time to be with your spouse. Why doesn’t anyone ever mention that before marriage? I wish I’d had this post to read several years ago. (What about getting sore from too much physical use in one day, though?)

    • Great question, on the soreness. I find that at the very start, my ‘c’ is very sensative, even to the slightest touch, and even hurts at times. But as time goes on, it goes from pain to rising pleasure. The whole journey still puzzles me, to be quite honest. And I find that the method that includes some kind of lubrication (saliva works) tends to hurt less when the process can take time. And I’m sure there’s some tiredness and soreness involved for the guy too, but I think the challenge of finding that moment is worth the effort. But that’s just me. And I think I speak for most women, the time factor goes down considerably once you sort of find your zone and how you arrive there. Hope that helps. -raj
      Rajdeep Paulus recently posted…Mommy, What’s Twerk Mean?My Profile

  23. This post has been really encouraging to me the multiple times I’ve read it! I’m so glad someone else struggles with orgasm and so glad to hear that there’s hope. Sometimes it feels like running at a wall–and KNOWING that I’m running at a wall. I’ve begun to let go in new ways and not let myself get beat up emotionally from expectations that I can’t hold to–I can’t *promise* myself climax. It’s something that happens when you let go, not when you hold on. Also learning how to work on it and ask my husband for the stimulation I need (he loves giving it!). I pray every wife can take this journey and learn how to climax regularly during sex!
    SL recently posted…On the Road to Climax: Intimacy Runs Deeper Than ThatMy Profile

  24. Thank you so much for this post Raj! I only recently stumbled upon Sheila’s blog and am still taking everything in. I have been married for 14 years and have never experienced an orgasm. I feel like we have made a good effort, but I grew kind of despondent after the first year or so. Hub does try and really does want this for me. We have a pleasurable sex life for the most part. I think another commenter asked and I will reiterate, what about fatigue in hubs hand, mouth, etc… from trying for what could be hours? and what about the soreness and irritation in my area if we go for too long? I would love to hear other experiences. I know my hub would be open to a longer “session,” but I don’t know if I can stand any more disappointment. And I just have a hard time envisioning going for several hours as is mentioned in this post. What would that look like? All “C” stimulation? I would hurt… Would hub “O” before, during or after this effort???

    • Hi! Thanks so much for all the questions. I do not have all the answers, but I will tell you that each couple is unique. I think communication is key. There are times, I tell hubs, with a gentle hand on his shoulder, to slow down, and other times, I’ll say, “almost there” which kinda means to speed up (on the stimulation, if that makes sense) and although you rarely hear people converse on a Hollywood love scene, I think it’s okay to talk a bit more in the beginning through the process to affirm what works and what doesn’t, what feels great and what feels even better than great. For both parties. And in general, a guy needs a bit more time to “reset” so we go with let the girl get her “O” first. But I know couples who have mastered the art of simultaneous climax. Now that’s one I’d like some advice on. :)
      Rajdeep Paulus recently posted…Mommy, What’s Twerk Mean?My Profile

  25. I’ve never really had an issue with orgasming.
    But now I have an issue with not being aroused at all. It was never much of a problem for me but now its irritating to be touched down there, and its like my C had no good feelings anymore.
    I am so frustrated and I have no idea what to do…Is this normal? Will my body return to normal? Am I all burnt out down there?
    Any advice would be greatly greatly appreciated!

    • I’d go and see a doctor, honestly. I’ve heard of women whose libido changes prior and after pregnancy, but after time, most have resolved back to mostly normal. Best to ask a physician and get a couple of opinions, in case the first doesn’t know a thing about this apart from the drugs on the market. Just sayin… -raj
      Rajdeep Paulus recently posted…Mommy, What’s Twerk Mean?My Profile

  26. I am in the same boat and can’t help but think maybe its not meant for me because I didn’t save myself for marriage or my husband but we both repented to the Lord.
    we are both servers of Christ and I recently just started praying about intimacy in our marriage. It’s at times hard because I feel a bit embarrassed. . But anyway ive had orgasms before on my own and when ive exercised and in my sleep which is weird I know..but I want to with my husband so bad I want to feel that connection with him and I know he wants me to and feels down that I dont. Do you think there’s a place for something like a vibrator so hubby fingers dont hurt or is that a sin we have never used or thought of one but I feel im looking at all angles. We both take care of ourselves and exercise because for me I feel happier in my skin when i do but with pregnancy and nursing I dont feel as sexy as I once did and my hubby and I are tired more often than not with a waking toddler with just normal toddler behavior. My hubby and I our best friends but I think we may need more spice back and more romance for me. Any tips for me and advice? Thanks so much so feeling excited to have found this and feeling hopeful! God bless

  27. I’ve read this post multiple times now–it’s the one I keep coming back to when I’m discouraged. I’ve been married for almost 8 months now, I was a virgin when we got married, and our honeymoon, while fun and relaxing, was honestly not that great as far as sex went. (At least not for me–super painful, took 4 tries over multiple nights to even really do it, etc). It’s less painful now, but still not comfortable, and definitely not pleasurable for the most part–I sometimes get a little stimulated, but it goes away very quickly. My husband is super-patient, but it’s still really frustrating for me, and I’ve definitely complained about being physically “broken” more than once. I’m hoping that someday I can look back on this and have a story more like yours.
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