A Slice Into My Life…

I noticed lately I’ve been sharing a lot more about what I think about things rather than what actually happens in my home. Part of it is privacy concerns–I get a lot of people coming her to my blog who read me in the newspaper, and I’m always a little conscious of what I share about my children.

But I thought I’d share one little slice of my life with you.

My mother and I are both avid knitters. We’ve even started some micro-businesses with girls in Kenya, teaching them to knit with knitting machines.

Recently my mother decided to take a machine knitting course offered locally, and she sent this report to her sister:

Decided to take some machine knitting classes now that I have a little time. (a long story but not that interesting). Had my first class this past Tuesday. Asked the instructor how I am supposed to transport the machine to/from once assembled/clicked into place. She told me that the women use gun cases!

I then took a second look and realized that is what they were. However, never having seen one before how was I to know? So – headed to Canadian Tire yesterday and discovered a part of the store I never even knew existed.

The two guys behind the counter were more than a little amused when I said I needed the case to carry my knitting machine! One of them suggested – rather tongue in cheek – that I should paint mine pink so people didn’t get the wrong idea when they saw me carrying it around.

I thought it a good idea so headed down to the paint department. There some customer with long hair and missing teeth saw me looking at some bright wine coloured shiny paint. He warned me against shiny paint in the woods because the animals could see it. When I explained to him what I wanted the case for – well you should have seen his face! Will wait for some nicer weather before trying to paint it.

Now, full disclosure: my mother grew up in rural Manitoba, where hunting is common, and in the part of southeastern Ontario where we live, long gun ownership is probably higher than most parts of the U.S. But my mom is a city girl and hasn’t had that much exposure to it.

Anyway, this sort of thing is quite typical for my family. We’re always doing weird things. I like to tell my girls that when they grow up, at least they will never have to say their childhood was boring!


  1. >Love the title of your blog! sounds like me!

  2. Herding Grasshoppers says:

    >That's hilarious!

    Would your mom let you post a photo of her, with her pink gun/knitting machine case?!

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