It’s Survivor Christmas Tree Challenge at my house! Every week we’re voting off one hideous decoration off of the tree. Today I need you to vote something else off! I’m in the middle of a major writing project, so I don’t have time to write a really important post today, but I think it’s still an important work I am doing by ridding my tree of ugliness.

So far you all have helped get rid of the two pictured in the top of this post.

But my husband has just nominated these three for our next batch. First up is a wooden stocking, painted, with odd pom poms affixed in strange places:

Next up is a strange star, made by we’re not sure at this point, out of plastic rings.

Finally we have my husband’s pick, though you are free to disagree. I believe this is supposed to be peppermint or something, but it’s made of glass, and looks really odd.

Here’s another angle:

So what will it be? What goes off of the tree today?