Interesting Stuff…

I’ve seen some interesting stuff around the internet lately, and I thought I’d link to some of it for you!

1. TV makes kids fat; computers don’t. A new study shows that if you put a TV in a child’s room, they’re far more likely to become obese, but computers have little impact. The thought is that kids tend to eat in front of the TV, but they don’t in front of computers.

I’m still in favour, personally, of having kids hang out in a family room!

2. Do you know what drowning looks like?

We often assume that kids will flail their arms and that it will be obvious if our child is in trouble. This lifeguard explains how that’s not true–and why parents’ misunderstandings about drownings often mean that their children can drown right in front of them. A VERY important read!

3. 50 Reasons to Breast Feed Anywhere

I have to admit before my babies were born I could never picture breastfeeding in public. But eventually I got tired of hanging out in the bathroom and decided to let Rebecca eat where she wanted. And it didn’t bother me one bit. I covered up with a baby blanket and was perfectly modest, but we were all much happier. It just got a little bit awkward when they slurped loudly or sighed a little too happily. Nevertheless, see if you agree with all of these reasons!

4. Israel Does Security Totally Differently

If you’re sick of the scan vs. pat down debate, this will make you even more mad. See how Israel does security (with a dose of common sense).

5. Is College Worth It?

I collect articles, it seems, on the economic problems with college. Here’s a good overview on why, for some, a degree doesn’t pay.

6. A Very Quick Explanation of Why Men Hate it When Lights are Left on

A picture is worth a thousand words.

That’s it for now! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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