Simplify Challenge 1: Declutter One Area!

If you’ve joined simplify your life month, I’m so glad to have you! This month we’ll be tackling some big things: finding your calling, paring down, organizing.

But before we do something that requires major mental or spiritual energy, I want this first challenge to actually GIVE you energy. It may not seem like that at first when I tell you what it is, but I believe, after it’s done, that you’ll feel great!

Do you have an area of your house that you’re afraid to go into? It can be a room, a drawer, a closet, or a garage. Do you know what fear does to us? It robs us of energy. It creates a horrible feeling that we’re missing out on something big. It lets us know that we can never relax, because there’s something huge we’re leaving undone.

Remember how you felt in high school, when there was always homework you should be doing? Everytime you tried to relax, you remembered that you really should be writing that essay, studying for that test, doing that assignment.

Then we graduate and we think the feeling’s gone! But it’s not. It’s still there, it just takes a different form. Everytime we have an area of our home that is terrible, we feel just like we’re 15 again, wanting to have some fun, but knowing that there’s something we “should” be doing.

Let’s take care of a “should” today. Grab just 15 minutes and tackle an area that needs decluttering–preferably something small, like a Tupperware drawer, or a stack of mail, or your dining room table.

A while back my daughter cleaned out my study (which was a mess; it had become the repository for all our junk in our home). She solved the problem, though, by moving the junk into the hallway. All over the floor.

Messy Hallway
So recently I cleaned up the hall. And I realized a lot of that junk was fabric–nice fabric–but fabric that I was never going to use. I’m a knitter, and as much as I have learned how to sew and have completed some projects, I know I’m never going to be a seamstress. So I took a deep breath, bundled that fabric up, and took it to a quilter’s group who sews for charity.

I cleaned out my hallway by chucking some stuff that, nice as it was, I was never going to use.

Can you do the same thing? Can you find an area of your home that you can declutter? Go for it! And then write a blog post with pictures and link up in the Mcklinky below! Or, if you don’t have a blog, Click “share” to put this on Facebook and add your own pictures there. Then leave the link to your decluttering photo album on Facebook in the Mcklinky (you’ll just have to have your photos not set to private)!

And then we’ll have a vote later in the week on the most amazing purge, and one winner will receive:

1. My To Love, Honor and Vacuum & Honey, I Don’t Have a Headache Tonight audio downloads


2. $10 Amazon gift card

So declutter, and win! And thanks for participating in Simplify Your Life Month with me! I know you’ll enjoy it!


  1. >I've been working to clean out my sewing room, where all the junk gets thrown. I was making a lot of progress and then had someone move into our house temporarily on short notice, so I had to move all the stuff from that room into my sewing room. Now that clutter is attracting more clutter. I've made it a goal to clean it out again this month, let's hope I stick with it!

  2. >I'm in for today. I had a couple of months worth of filing that was piling up. Done in just under 15 minutes!

    Can't figure out to add pictures, though. :(


  3. >Forgot to say that I Shared with a comment and it is posted on my Facebook profile.

  4. tgmagazine says:

    >I did declutter an area of my kitchen this afternoon, but didn't take any pictures :< We had this corner that became a repository for mail, medicines, purses, sunglasses and a few other things that just didn't belong. So I went through it and got rid of what didn't belong, cleaned the counter underneath – who knew that crumbs could travel by themselves? – and then put things back neatly. It looks so nice right now! Heather

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