To Love, Honor and Vacuum Quote: A Life of Your Own

Quick thought from To Love, Honor and Vacuum:

To Love, Honor and VacuumDon’t let your life completely revolve around your husband. If you don’t talk with anyone else, socialize with anyone else, or go anywhere without him, there is no mystery in the relationship. Instead of a lover, you become an obligation because you pressure him to fulfill all your emotional and relational needs. That’s why you need to keep a life of your own. God made you uniquely you. It’s okay to pursue your gifts, interests, or hobbies and to expand your horizons. Don’t wait for your husband to fill all the space in your life; ask God to help you fill it with the things He wants to grow in you!


  1. Growing in God's Grace says:

    >I agree with this completely, but I do have a question. How do you balance it? I mean, I have teenagers now, so I can leave them to do their school work and such. But how do you balance the time away from kids and hubby to pursue your own interests? Even if the 'time away' is in your own home? I'm really starting to pursue photography, and we like to go out together when I take pictures. But then when it comes to editing them and such, I feel like I'm neglecting my family. He hasn't said I have, and would tell me if he thinks I am. But that's always a fear/guilt of mine. That my hobbies take me away from my family. Just wondering your thoughts. :)


  2. Jennifer Sikora says:

    >I have a really big problem with this. It has caused me to feel like I cannot drive very far on a trip because he is not the one driving and I cannot do it alone.

    How can I break myself away and actually feel like he is my friend and me not feel so co-dependent?

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