What a Beautiful Obituary–and I mean that!

My mother’s cousin died last week. They were quite close as children, but she’s out of the country on a missions trip to Kenya, and so she doesn’t actually know about it now. I guess I will have to tell her when she arrives home. I didn’t see the point in emailing her while she’s over there.

Anyway, I didn’t know him well. I only ever met him once at my grandparents’ memorial service, because he lived across the country from me. But after reading this obituary, I wish I had known him better!

He lived and died in a small town, where everybody knows your name, and you’re allowed to write really, really long obituaries! So this one was full of fun and interesting facts.

I won’t copy the whole thing, but here’s the last bit:

Mark always listened to people, never left anyone out and had a real passion for serving his community. This translated into years of volunteer service, including Prison Fellowship at Milner Ridge Correctional Center, the Winnipeg Flying Club and Open Doorways Haitian Orphanage. Mark was well known and respected in the local community. He was a very caring and compassionate person, and always put the needs of others before his own. A very descriptive and great story teller, he was able to command anyone’s attention and was a natural born leader. Mark was an avid pilot, enjoying numerous flying adventurers; including soaring through the mountains of BC.

Over the past two years, Mark’s second home became Lake Wanipigow. It was here he was able to spend countless weekends with his sons and favourite dog Maggie, building cottages, fishing and enjoying the beauties of nature. He had a true appreciation for the outdoors and loved to wake up early at the Lake. He would sit with his Bible at the water’s edge and write in his log book about the activities of the birds and beavers and how wonderful life was. He loved to watch the sunrise and make the most of each day.

It was the simple things around him in life that he never took for granted, commenting daily how fortunate and thankful he was. Above all, Mark was absolutely devoted to his wife and sons. He was a father who always involved himself in every detail of his son’s lives and supported, respected and loved his wife unconditionally. He was a man of strong faith, believing in the power and strength of Jesus Christ’s love and the beauty and peace that would await him after his passing.

Isn’t that lovely? I am so looking forward to spending a million years or so in heaven beside Mark, at the water’s edge, and catching up on life. I hope my obituary will be that beautiful one day, though I am sad that he left this earth when he was only 62, and never really knew his grandchildren. But at least he is safe and secure with his Saviour.


  1. >Isn’t it wonderful that as Christians we don’t have to mourn as those that have no hope? I attended a funeral last week held on the day that would have been the deceased’s birthday. The family made a real point of making it a celebration. Because the lady knew she was dying she had planned her own funeral, including musical items, Scripture readings, and a letter that she’d written to her family and friends. I’ve attended a number of Christian funerals, but this would’ve had to have been the most beautiful. It’s just so great that we know we will see loved ones again. Your ‘cousin’ Mark sounds like a special person and what a legacy he has left for his family and those that come after.

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