Spring Reading 2008!

Callapidder Days is challenging us to get reading!
That’s not really a stretch for me. I read all the time. So I thought to myself, what have I always wanted to read but never have? And the answer came to me.
C.S. Lewis.
Oh, I’ve read the Narnia series, of course. Out loud. Four times. And by myself about eight. But I’ve never read his other books.
So I will read them all by June (they’re not that long), and post reviews here.
But that’s not my REAL spring reading challenge. Here’s my real challenge:
While I am reading novels (which I will also do, since I do all the time), I will not insist that I finish it in one day. I will put it down occasionally, and look around me, and talk to my children.
I will not get mad if they bug me while I am reading. I will actually cook a meal every now and then. I will not get angry if the phone rings (unless it’s a telemarketer). I will not refuse to tuck them in and send Keith to do it because I’m in the middle of a “good part”. I will try to stick to four or five chapters a day, and then PUT IT DOWN.
Ugh. I’m hating just writing that. But that is my real Spring Challenge: C. S. Lewis and sanity. Think I will do it?


  1. >If you’ve never read ‘Mere Christianity”, I’d say start with that one. And ‘The Screwtape Letters’ is good, too. Happy reading!

  2. >I love your blog title and banner! :)

  3. >I LOVE C.S. Lewis. He’s always on my list of “if you could have dinner with anyone who’s living or not, who would it be?” Such an incredibly smart man and talented writer!

  4. >Great goals, Sheila! I love C.S. Lewis. The Screwtape Letters is fantastic. I also really liked The Great Divorce. But I’m guessing anything by Lewis is probably excellent. Thanks for joining the SRT ’08!

  5. >Looks like a great list! Nice 2 meet you :)
    Hop on over to my blog to see my list.
    p.s. I’m also holding a silent quilt auction if you like quilts. :) http://www.nikisventures.blogspot.com

  6. >HA! Nice goals :)
    If you’re anything like me when I read Lewis (non-fiction) I can only read a very little at a time. He is such a deep writer…

  7. >My reading group just read Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis. It is his less known series (3 books). It was fun to read something of his that was not real well known! Enjoy your reading!

  8. >Your own books look fun to read. I’m going to have to check them out. And yes, your blog header is a hoot!

  9. >My husband is a big fan of C S Lewis, so we have his books all over the house. I have two of them on my list, too. Have fun reading.

  10. >Excellent choice…and I too recommend “The Screwtape Letters”…lots of wisdom in that one!

    Love your blog design…made me smile:-)

  11. Anonymous says:

    >RE: “A time to appreciate the old is new again” – Souther Exposure Living.

    Perhaps you’re confused by the inclusion of bunnies and eggs into your version of Easter because you are Christian. Bunnies and Eggs at this time of year have to do with the Pagan holiday, Ostara.

    I think there would be far less confusion amongst Christians if they would stop trying to follow pagan practices and start celebrating their own lore and religion.

    Thank you for your time.

    Love and blessings,

    A Wiccan Priestess

  12. >I agree, you will love CS Lewis. Good luck on that sanity thing! LOL. Happy Reading

  13. >If you can put The Screwtape Letters down you will be my hero! LOL!
    I love C.S. Lewis. He makes me think.

  14. I’m kind of curious if you managed to real all of the collected writings (not even counting the essays and letters) of CS Lewis in one summer. This summer I think I read 10 books by him. (not including the Narnia chronicles or the space trilogy. I’ve read those before) There’s still a bunch I haven’t read/ don’t own. I’m working on it. Miracles kind of made my brain explode and then I stopped reading Lewis for a while.

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