On Submission, Wedding Showers, and Choosing a Mate

Friday Roundup on To Love, Honor and Vacuum
It’s Friday, so it’s time for my weekly round-up, where I share what was #1 on the blog and social media this week. And I tell you a bit about what’s going on in my life–and some extra thoughts I’ve had about some of the posts this week.

So here goes!

What’s Number 1 This Week:

I love sharing these because often older posts make it on to the list; I end up sharing them somewhere (or someone else does) and they go a little bit nuts. And so you may find some gems that you’ve never actually read yet!

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What’s Up in My Life:

My youngest daughter went to stay with my oldest daughter for three days this week, so I was by myself during the day. And I had a little taste of what the empty nest will be like next year.

Here’s what I realized: even though Katie and I don’t work in the same room, just having her in the house makes me work. I don’t skip breakfast. I get up and get my stuff done. I make my bed. Because there’s someone who will see.

It was a lot harder to motivate myself when I was alone!

Why Do Teenagers Rebel? A 19-year-old explains how it doesn't HAVE to happen!Plus it was gorgeous outside and I wanted to go for a walk, but that’s something Katie and I always do together.

I think I’ll miss her terribly.

But right now both girls are home because Rebecca and I are finishing up her book proposal today (she’s turning her viral blog post Why I Didn’t Rebel into a book), and then tomorrow we have a wedding shower for her at our church.

Good Girls Guide My SiteI think I’m finally going to give her a copy of The Good Girls Guide to Great Sex. It’s funny, because SHE’S given copies of it to tons of friends who have been married. But neither daughter really wants to read it. Who wants to learn about that stuff from their mom? And we do talk about it a lot. But I think it’s time. So I’ll wrap it up. And I do recommend that every engaged woman read it when their wedding is 2-3 months away. And that’s where we’re at!

A Few More Thoughts About Submission

I was really nervous about yesterday’s post about womanhood. I even posted on Wednesday night that I was afraid about how it was going to be received! But the reception was surprisingly positive. I usually have a whole ton of commenters that are quite vitriolic that women should stay silent, and I have to delete all of those because they’re so harsh they’d turn people off of God if non-Christians saw them. And they didn’t show up yesterday.

But here’s something I want to say, and I may try to work it into a post when my new book comes out.

There’s an intellectual problem with the idea: we are to submit to our husbands, EXCEPT in cases of abuse and alcoholism and weird sex stuff. Either the Bible is true or it’s not.

Except that we know that women aren’t supposed to go along with sin.

So how do we reconcile it?

I think the problem is that we define submission wrong. We define submission as in going along with someone’s WILL. Letting him make the decisions, and following him in that. But that makes no sense as the definition of submission because of the verse immediately before, in Ephesians 5:21: Submit to one another. How can we all be letting someone else make the decisions? Then no one would make decisions!

Perhaps we should take this to heart:

Maybe submission is about something else. Maybe submission means that we consider other’s welfare before our own. If that’s the case, then we DO always submit–even in cases of alcoholism or adultery or abuse.

Just something to chew on. I’ll make it into a longer post later.

True Godly Submission

What if God Lets You Choose Your Spouse?

I shared this article by Gary Thomas this week on Facebook and it generated a ton of discussion!

Here’s the gist of it: Gary is saying that too often we believe that God tells us to marry someone, and then we do, and ten years later when he’s abusive or he’s had affairs or he’s lazy we blame God. But what if we didn’t really hear from God? What if we just thought we did, and we didn’t do our due diligence to choose someone good?

What if God actually lets us choose? And then, if things go badly, we can go to God and say, “Can you help me make this marriage the best it can be, given these circumstances?” We’re not mad at God; we need Him.

Read the whole thing here.

I agree with Gary, though I do think that there are times God definitely nudges us towards a certain person. But He wouldn’t do so and He wouldn’t tell us to marry someone before we were able to do due diligence: to make sure that he has a good character and that he loves God. God always wants us to be wise.

Anyway, I’m going to come back to this soon because I have several Reader Questions waiting where the answer is a rather sombre one: you just chose a spouse who isn’t that good. And now you have to figure out how to live with your choice. That’s a rather depressing thing to think, but I also think that realizing you chose someone is incredibly empowering. If I chose my husband, then if the attraction goes, I have a responsibility to get it back because I promised him. If I don’t feel love anymore, I had better get my butt in gear and figure out what to do, because of all people in the world, I chose him. So I owe him.

And that’s the truth.

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Have a great weekend everybody! I’m about to go enjoy being with my girls again!


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